Alicia Rosa Interview


As one of the most memorable and entertaining characters from the 24th season of One World, Alicia Rosa was never backwards in coming forward with what she wanted and how she would go about getting it. Forming a strong bond with Kim, Sabrina, Kat & Chelsea, she also managed to work her ‘evil’ with Colton after the tribal switch. As somebody who admits they are a flirt, our interview soon turned from a chat about all things Survivor to strip poker, hot Aussie accents and getting logos on nipples.


Declaring on the very first episode that the 5 ladies would remain strong till the very end, Alicia certainly rubbed a few people up the wrong way but was always well liked that she wasn’t perceived as much of a threat. After the tribal switch saw her working with Colton to survive, she found herself part of the historic women’s final 5, where she would ultimately be the first to go and finish the game in 5th place.

In our interview with Alicia, she talks about hot Aussie accents, whether or not she still has a job after her comments on the show, the cast all being very close, the Kat incident at Ponderosa, having a ‘bitch edit’, making sure Kim would get the votes to win the game, Kim being a ‘copier’ in challenges, strip poker at Ponderosa and who she has incriminating photos of, the amazing amount of paranoia around camp, her bad girl evil stance with Colton, Hearts of Reality, getting a Survivor Oz logo on her nipple as well as her ass constantly being blurred and her flirting ways with Jeff Probst

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