Jane Bright Interview


A popular contestant who won the vote of the fans, Jane Bright’s game in Nicaragua started off slow, peaked in the middle and was unlucky not to take her to the end. A self confessed ‘redneck’, Jane relished the chance to fish all the time and made sure she knew how to make a fire, but came away disappointed there weren’t enough good naked people to look at.


Jane started off slowly and was on the outs from the start with Marty & Jill, but the tribal switch certainly worked in her favour and she soon found a close bond with Chase among others. Unfortunately for her though Chase would go back on his word, and Jane would go out with a bang, literally, before joining the jury.

In our interview with Jane, she talks about it taking her 10 years to get on the show, the camera people getting used to being around, the toilet factor on Survivor, younger people not knowing as much as older people, being stung by a scorpion, not eating rice for a year after her time on the show, the tirade she went on when she found out she was being voted out, being a ‘redneck’, Chase making a million dollar mistake, her relationship with NaOnka, Hearts of Reality, her winning the fan favourite awards as well as the naked issue of people on her season and thinking contestants with the name Rob are hot.

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