Monica Culpepper Interview


Being on the outs from the start, Monica Culpepper still worked her butt off around camp on the 24th season of One World and became a very underrated competitor. Being married to a former NFL player, she believes that the contestants family members go through a harder ordeal than the actual contestants out on the show, and she also believes that the ‘Colton buzz saw’ was something she never saw coming.


Monica wasn’t part of the women’s 5 alliance that was formed from the very start but still never gave in and worked hard around the camp. Making in roads with eventual winner Kim was the next goal until the tribal switch threw her plans out the window, and she was blindsided 2 votes before the jury.

In our interview with Monica, she talks about Hearts of Reality, giving her Survivor earnings away to the fans and charity, how being on the show is harder for family members than the contestants, the ‘Colton buzz saw’, the hard wait to watch her show, people thinking her and her husband were ‘on the rocks’ during her time filming the show, why the Governor of Florida publically declared his support for her when she was on the show, talking Colton and others out of quitting, the new Selani tribe being like the ‘bold and the beautiful’ as well as the real reason behind Colton going home ‘sick’ and why she would’ve given Kim a run for her money in the individual challenges.

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