Chet Welch Interview

ChetWelchWebCard Receiving one of the most unflattering edits in the history of the show, Chet Welch’s time on the 16th season of Micronesia never really seemed like it brought him much fun. As a huge fan of the show and living his dream in playing it, he found excitement in getting to play against some of his favourite players and also found that there were definitely some contestants that he would have a hard time being a beauty pageant coach to.


Being apart of the fans tribe, Chet struggled from the outset and was on the outs with Kathy and Tracy. Separating themselves from the rest of the group seemed like a death note, however he soon stuck in there longer than most people anticipated, and was eventually voted out just prior to the jury.

In our interview with Chet, he talks about his fandom of the show, not being prepared for the experience, Ozzy being a let down, his friendship with Kathy and Tracy, his edit and thoughts of it, his dislike and ‘hatred’ of Jason, his injury that would’ve cost him a spot on the season, the truth behind the shark and Amanda as well as life as pageant coach and an interesting tie that was never aired during the season.

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