Bill Posley Interview


Bill was the centre of attention during the early parts of One World but for more of the wrong reasons than the right ones. As the target of Colton’s ‘wrath’ he was booted early after his tribe decided it would be a good idea to give up immunity to cut him loose. Ultimately it would backfire on them, and Bill would really love to be able to put Colton over his knee as punishment.


As part of the ‘muscle alliance’ early on, Bill thought he would be part of a strong group who would go far. Unfortunately for him he rubbed Colton the wrong way, and soon faced the evil ‘wrath’ that was Colton Cumbie. Despite trying to reason with him and make good, he was the target and promptly voted out after his tribe gave up immunity to vote him out of the game.

In our interview with Bill, he talks about the closeness of the entire One World cast, getting more comedy gigs out of Survivor, his fandom of the show, the predictable nature of the show after Colton left, standing up to Colton, whether or not he got an apology from him as well as everything to do with Tarzan!

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