Susie Smith Interview


As the runner-up of the 17th season in Gabon, one would expect Susie Smith to be proud of her achievements and defend her gameplay against the negative criticisms it often receives. However Susie doesn’t care too much about the things said against her, and believes that her gameplay was fine and getting 2nd was a great achievement. She also has a fondness for men in stripper movies.


Susie was constantly on the outs on her season and worked along with the majority alliances to get her far. She was key to the big power play against Marcus and was the swing vote in getting him gone. She was also called out many times for ‘riding coattails’ and openly admitted to doing so along the way. In the end it very nearly worked for her as she just lost out to Bob to finish in 2nd place and as Gabon’s runner-up.

In our interview with Susie, she talks about seeing male stripper movies, the entire experience in Gabon being special, why Gillian giving her a pair of socks was so special, getting recognised and being compared to Tom Cruise & Julia Roberts, the edit and why it didn’t bother her, never talking strategy, not being afraid when playing it, winning two immunities and being proud of it, the paranoia of the last few days as well as the Kardashian’s and what she did with the money she won from the show.

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