Kourtney Moon Interview


Kourtney Moon may have been the first person to leave the 24th season of One World but she wasn’t the first voted out. In fact, she became the first person in the history of the show to leave the show first after injuring herself. Despite her short time on the show, she still manages to get recognised which surprises her. She also has a LOT to say on her time on the show as well as everything that happened from it.


Kourtney initially was on the outs of her tribe at the start but continued to work hard around camp, building part of the shelter as well as getting palm frons together for baskets. However at the first challenge she landed awkwardly on her wrist, injuring it, and she was medically evacuated from the game.

In our interview with Kourtney, she talks about meeting fans after the show, why she did the show for the money, getting recruited from Facebook, who would’ve been the first person to be voted out, not trusting people as a life reaction, being able to tell Kim was a threat early on, who her inspiration was on the show after having to catch up on it quickly, as well as holding Survivor records and continuing her ‘sexy French lessons’.

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