Lincoln Howes Interview

Many of our US listeners may not be aware of the very short lived Australian version of Survivor that aired in 2002. Let’s not beat around the bush: it wasn’t very good.In fact it only ever lasted one season and really has fallen into the landscape in terms of TV shows in this country. It’s host was Lincoln Howes who was a relatively unknown TV host at the time, and actually still is. And it wasn’t the viewers who were shocked he was selected to be the host, he was just as shocked as everyone else, and believes the show wasn’t as bad as it is often perceived to be.


The Australian version of Survivor was made due to contractual agreements that saw a local version having to be produced if a network was to screen the US version. The Australian version started off badly with the first challenge failing and the first person to leave willingly voting for themselves in the first tribal council. Despite an amazing ending the show never recovered in the ratings, and has seen a ‘curse’ on it’s players, with the winner of the show Rob Dickson sadly dying in a car accident as well as third place finisher Joel Betts landing in jail for the attempted murder of his girlfriend.

In our interview with Lincoln, he talks about about being a fan of the show before going on it, why he wanted to compete rather than be a host, how he was even selected ahead of several big names, the ‘spot Lincoln in Lincoln’ competition that was held during filming of the show, the budget being smaller than the US version, the differences in Australian’s playing compared to Americans, not being allowed to be inspired by Jeff Probst, his wardrobe as host, him getting hyperthermia and being in ‘worse conditions’ than the contestants, the decision not to award $1 million as well as his career post Survivor and his thoughts on Eddie McGuire hosting the reunion show.

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