Andrew Savage Interview

AndrewSavageWebCard Andrew was one of the most physical and strategic players on the 7th season of Pearl Islands who never really got to show his true potential. A victim of the dreaded outcast twist, Andrew to this day is still upset about how it all went down, but has moved on to a successful career away from the show. He also has a very good friend in Jeff Probst, and even went to his wedding.


A dominant figure on the Morgan tribe, Andrew was the ‘leader’ of the gang who helped them come back from a devastating losing streak to even the numbers up getting close to the merge. However after the outcast twist his name was on the chopping block, and he was voted out just before the jury.

In our interview with Andrew, he talks about still getting recognised to this day, being able to tell how much of a hit his season would be, why he was happy to see Ulong lose on Palau, getting things turned around, thanking Jonny Fairplay for things going well for his tribe, his thoughts on Sandra, being upset to this day about leaving the game, the abuse that was hurled at Jeff Probst & Mark Burnett after the Outcast twist, his friendship with Jeff Probst after the game as well as working for Yahoo and his thoughts on Lil being runner-up

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