Erinn Lobdell Interview


Finishing third in a season of Survivor is no mean feat, and the fact that Erinn managed to do so despite heading into a final 4 as the only remaining Timbira member on the 18th season of Tocantins speaks volumes for her character. Especially given that she was a target very early on in the game. Since her time on the show she still gets recognised, and her boyfriend seemed to excite Ben a little bit more than talking to Erinn did.


Starting off on the outs after an incident with Candice that never really happened, Erinn found herself working extra hard to get to the end and was part of the ‘Exile Island Alliance’ that never really got a chance to come about. With her Timbira tribemates dropping around her, she found herself in the final 4 and still managed to finish 3rd ahead of Timbira member Taj.

In our interview with Erinn, she talks about her life being different since the show, getting recognised to this day, not thinking she would do as well as she did, watching the show with her parents, Coach and her parents thoughts on him in later seasons, being a surprise that she was targeted so early, her ‘bitch’ face, her ability to learn during her time on the show, her big move against Tyson, as well as why she gave such amazing confessionals and getting Ben excited over her famous boyfriend.

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