Ace Gordon Interview


Given most people talk only about his accent and lack of hair, Ace Gordon’s time on the 17th season in Gabon is somewhat overlooked, especially given such a strong game he played so early on. Aligning with Sugar aside, he had a strong sense of strategy and awareness that perhaps wasn’t shown, and nearly saw him return for another shot. He also has a varying degree of opinion when it comes to Porsche's and Penis size.


Forming strong bonds from the outset, Ace looked to be in a good position in the game. Well liked by most and strong in challenges, it took a blindside just before the jury to see Ace leave the game and narrowly miss out on his chance to be involved in the final tribal council.

In our interview with Ace, he talks about filming videos for this very show, his life running a jewellery store, being recognised, how most of his gameplay wasn’t necessarily shown on camera, the switches in his season being frustrating, having no issues getting involved in fights with people, why he really picked Sugar first in the tribe pick-em, his thoughts on Sugar and Randy on Heroes vs Villains, whether or not he has been asked back to play again, why people think he wants to ‘steal their children and eat them for breakfast’ as well as why such an issue was made about his accent and ‘flirting without realising it’.

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  1. connor rowe // October 6, 2015 at 4:07 pm // Reply

    The link is a dud, can you help a brotha out?

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