Chase Rice Interview


Getting one vote away from winning a million dollars is frustrating, but for Chase Rice in Nicaragua it’s frustrating knowing that one potential move in the game could’ve cost him that extra vote. But for this country singer who is doing amazing things with his music post Survivor, it’s not something he dwells on too much. He has more important things to worry about, including potentially doing a duet with another musically talented Survivor alumni who just happens to be signed to the same record label.

Survivor: Nicaragua

Initially starting off as a ‘swing vote’ who soon found himself imbedded in the power alliances, Chase formed strong bonds with older members Holly and Jane after the tribal switch and merge and his move against Jane could ultimately have been his downfall. In a close fought out final tribal council, Chase narrowly missed out on being a millionaire as he lost to eventual winner Fabio by only one vote.

In our chat with Chase, he talks about Fabio ‘falling off the map’, not having spoken to many people from his season in a while, getting Jane up on stage at one of his concerts to dance, his amazing music career, whether or not Survivor helped or hindered his musical career, getting recognised, his relationship with Jane and Holly, basing some of his gameplay on Russell after watching Samoa and Heroes vs Villains as well as his thoughts on Fabio’s win and which Survivor alumni he wants to duet with and getting him in to trouble with a fellow Nicaragua contestant!

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