Alexis Jones Interview


As a fan of the show who is now getting used to having fans, Alexis Jones had a blast on the 16th season of Micronesia. Starting off ‘slowly’ and then having her game really take off, it was a blindside that sealed her fate and took her a while to get over. It also saw her come very close to killing a certain host of the show that we all know and love.


As editing showed there wasn’t a whole lot to Alexis at the start of the game, but as soon as the tribes began to be mixed up with the ‘favourites’ Alexis’s game soon took off. Working closely with the strong female alliance, she soon had a strong path till the end until Amanda played a hidden immunity idol and Alexis was blindsided and on the jury.

In our chat with Alexis, she talks about her season’s cast being close, having crazed fans come up to them when they are all out and ‘geeking out’, who she was most excited to see return on her season, why the editing plays such a key factor, her injury and just how bad it was, trying to get rid of Parvati, why she would change her gameplay if she ever was to return, why all former cast members love to ‘razz’ each other, meeting the fans as well as getting recognised in Australia as well as what made her want to kill Jeff Probst

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