Steve Wright Interview


As somebody probably more famous outside of his stint on Survivor than on it, Steve Wright went into the 22nd of Redemption Island not being the biggest fan of the show. He was still ‘smart’ enough to get rid of one of the biggest threats in the history of the show Russell straight away, and to this day considers him a ‘scumball’. And we haven’t even mentioned what he thinks about Phillip yet either after all the drama that happened with him. It could be considered ‘crazy’…


Starting off clashing heads with Russell, Steve was part of the plan to deliberately lose the challenge to get Russell voted out of the game. While it worked and Russell was gone, come the merge he had the numbers stacked against him. Despite trying to get people to work against Boston Rob’s unbreakable alliance, he was unsuccessful and was voted out and joined the jury.

In our interview with Steve, he talks about still being close with some members of the cast, never wanting to have to see a stick again in his life, why he toured Australia, his amazing NFL career, why he wanted Rob not Russell on his tribe, everything (and we do mean everything) about Russell, why his season isn’t ranked highly amongst the fans, his entrepreneur skills after the show as well as why the producers potentially were made at the Zapatera 6 as well as not caring for Phillip still to this day.

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