GC Brown Interview


GC’s journey on the 17th season in Gabon was certainly an interesting one. He went from winning immunity and being appointed tribe leader, to giving up his leadership and wanting to go home. Through various conflicts, GC found himself in an uncomfortable position actually wanting to physically assault another contestant which weighed heavily on him during the game. Post Survivor he has gone on to a great music career, and finds himself getting various comments by other Survivor alumni.

Survivor: Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

In the first challenge, GC secured individual immunity and got himself off to a great start, and soon was appointed leader of his tribe after much debate. However after having conflict with members such as Randy and Crystal, he soon stood down as ‘leader’ and asked to be voted out, something which his tribe went along with and GC was sent home.

In our chat with GC, he talks about which former contestant he related to before going on the show, winning individual immunity, his relationship with Crystal, his time as leader and people telling him what to do, his passion for his music career after the show, his thoughts on ‘Koala bears’, which contestant he wanted to punch and why he wanted to go home because of it as well as his real thoughts on wanting to get voted out as well as what other Survivor alumni say to him at events after his time on the show.

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