Kim Spradlin Interview


Our 9th different winner and the most recent, Kim Spradlin’s win on the 24th season of One World has already been ranked as one of the best. Through control, manipulation and everything else in between, few an fault Kim for an outstanding game. Life for Kim certainly has changed since her win, and she is quick to say she isn’t a ‘superfan’ and finds it ‘awkward’ when people label her as ‘one of the greats’.


Forming a strong alliance on day 1 that would see her get to the end, Kim managed to make very strong alliances with numerous other people in the game that never really saw her become much of a target. Despite her ‘devious’ ways and the thought that some on the jury would be ‘against her’, she found herself in a great position with only 2 people not voting for her and being declared the sole Survivor and $1 million winner.

In our chat with Kim, she talks about her cast being so close, the last year being ‘the coolest year of her life’, getting feedback from right around the world, how many times she had applied for the show, not wanting to be referred to as a ‘superfan’ why things were so ‘bitchy’, living in ‘the worst shelter in Survivor history’, why she would’ve kept Chelsea no matter what, what makes her so good, her eyes, why her edit made some of her alliances seem more important than others, her relationship with Kat as well as talking about her engagement, the ‘awkwardness’ of being labelled an all time great and giving us a secret about Jeff Probst!

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