Darrah Johnson Sparacino Interview

DarrahJohnsonSparacinoWebCard An incredibly underrated player, Darrah started off her time in the Pearl Islands very slowly before fast becoming one of the most dominant women in challenges in the history of Survivor. Being dubbed the ‘sexiest mortician’ in the history of the game, Darrah’s likeable personality and challenge strengths were very unlucky not to get her $1 million. That and her boyfriend at the time also not knowing more about her than he should.


Darrah started off on a tribe that didn’t have much luck when it came to winning, and after the dreaded ‘outcast’ twist made her a sitting duck after the merge, she soon managed to win several crucial immunities and looked very likely to find herself in the final 3. However with one of the ‘weirdest’ challenges seeing the jury win immunity, Darrah just missed out on the final 3 and went home in 4th place.

In our chat with Darrah, she talks about still getting recognised, making her husband ‘jealous’ that she gets more attention than he does, her friendship with Osten post game, how she should’ve been on The Amazing Race instead of Survivor, wanting to go home right from the start of the game, her annoyance at Jonny Fairplay, which contestant she believes is ‘terrible’ and ‘awful’, her thoughts on Rupert, her admiration of Russell as well as why her boyfriend at the time failed so miserably during the family reward challenge and being close to a former All-Stars son.

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2 Comments on Darrah Johnson Sparacino Interview

  1. Brent Rossiter // December 17, 2016 at 1:20 pm // Reply

    The Interview download is “Not Available”. Id really love to hear it. Is it available anywhere else, that’s accessible? Thanks.

  2. Brent Rossiter // December 17, 2016 at 1:23 pm // Reply

    I also just tried to Right Click it, and “SaveTarget as…” But, it said “This file couldn’t be downloaded. 😦

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