Jamie Newton Interview

JamieNewtonWebCard Considered to be paranoid yet bold and strong, Jamie Newton’s time on the 11th season of Guatemala was an exciting ride from start to finish, and given he was never meant to be on the season it all worked out well for him. Between defecating in the camp and wanting to hold guns, Jamie had a lot more excitement to give the viewers than ever really was shown, and yes, he does remember that platypus conversation with Brian.


Working his way into strong alliances both before and after the tribal switch, Jamie’s bonds were tight and his strong physical presence on his tribes helped them in challenges. However his constant paranoia worked against him, and eventually he was blindsided and sent to the jury.

In our chat with Jamie, he talks about how Hurricane Katrina affected his season, his desire to win everything, why they didn’t want to get rid of Steph, being given tablets and vitamins during their time in the jungle as well as the truth behind condoms in a box, doing a poo in the wrong area, being guarded by the same guy who guarded Princess Diana, his prize money, not being picked for the season until last minute as well as which contestant was asked back to play again but turned it down and THAT conversation about platypus’s with Brian.

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