Jenny Guzon-Bae Interview

JennyGuzonBaeWebCard On a season divided by race, Jenny Guzon-Bae was surprised that there was so much reaction to her game on the 13th season on Cook Islands, particularly by the Asian community. Well known for her flipping off her tribe as she was voted out as well as her little drawings she would do on her parchments as she voted, Jenny’s time on the show forged a career for her after her time in the Cook Islands. She also still stands by voting for Ozzy, and doesn’t really appreciate the way Yul went about getting to the end.


Forming strong friendships and bonds with her tribe from the outset, Jenny found herself in an interesting position as the tribes went from 4 into 2. After it looked like she would be in a strong position for the merge, she found herself the victim of one of the strangest twists in the history of the game as a surprise double boot at tribal council occurred and a furious Jenny was sent to the jury.

In our chat with Jenny, she talks about still getting constant messages on Facebook from her fans, the randomness of getting recognised, why she was deliberately quiet to the surprise of her friends, why she voted for Ozzy and the reaction that occurred from within the Asian community because of it, the twist that sent her home and who she was flipping off as well as the ‘brains vs brawns’ of Yul vs Ozzy and which former contestant she feels is ‘creepy’ and ‘slimy’.

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