Danni Boatwright Interview

DanniBoatwrightWebCard As a winner of Survivor, you would expect Danni Boatwright to be held up highly in terms of the ‘all time greats’ for her win in Guatemala, but just like the season she won, there is often mystery and negativity surrounding her. Overcoming numerous odds to get far in the game, Danni survived some big moves and moments and became the first ‘new’ person in the history of the show to defeat a returning player. There are also those rumours that she deliberately hid her strategy from the producers as well.


Danni suffered a roller coaster ride throughout, going from a power position to a underdog position before finding herself in the best position possibly with immunity around her neck at the final tribal council. Up against the returning Stephenie, she dominated the final tribal council and was only one vote away from scoring the first clean sweep in Survivor history before walking away with the $1 million prize.

I spoke to Danni about why she feels she was ‘boring’, the dominance of airtime given to Bobby Jon & Stephenie, being the ‘velvet steamroller’, how her parents knew she had made it far, believing it not to be fair that returning players were allowed to play against new contestants, her true thoughts on the ‘spoilt brat’ that was Stephenie, which contestant from her season was ‘the funniest person ever’, what season would be the only season she would return for and why she turned down Heroes vs Villains, the truth behind the situation with Rafe, how she met her husband, why the jury cheered at the final tribal council for her as well as the numerous opportunities after Survivor and what quote she said that really pissed Jeff Probst off.

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4 Comments on Danni Boatwright Interview

  1. good job danni. more than seven years after your win, to this day, the price you pay for winning a game won by only 25 people is the popularity of your final two opponent. danni, don’t ever let anyone tell you your win was undeserving or unfortunate. don’t let anyone tell you that the six out of seven jurors who voted for you to win did so out of grudges and bitterness. you and your original allies know in truth the player that you were and that you didn’t just skate to the end. they know the moves you made. though your true supporters seem to be few, we know you. we are who truly matter. we know you’re not boring. and we know you’re not the quiet floater you were so wrongly edited to look like to casual viewers. keep booking those speaking events, the world needs to hear more of you.

  2. Danni is awesome! One of my favorite winners.

  3. Please get JENNA MORASCO she’s my all time favorite and such a underrated player!

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