oJud ‘Fabio’ Birza Interview


Many people have called it the ‘most surprising’ win in Survivor history, but there can be no doubting that ‘Fabio’s’ win in Nicaragua was well deserved. Clearly painting his strategy from day one, he swept through to the most unlikely of victories on the back of a winning streak that landed him on the final tribal council and came up against two players who although may have been considered ‘favourites’ to win, held his nerve and walked away a millionaire. Since his time on the show a lot has been said about what he actually did with the money, and finally Fabio opens up about it, and a few other things as well.


People referred to him from the outset as ‘goofy’ and by no means was Fabio ever going to be the master strategist that others during Nicaragua were. However by ensuring everybody liked him, helping out around camp, being strong in challenges and always being around, he made it very deep in the game until he was ever considered a threat and by that stage he was too physically strong compared to everyone else for them to do something about it. In the end he narrowly beat Chase to walk away as the winner of the 21st season.

In our chat with Fabio, he talks about his time since winning the show, not being much of a fan before going on, his theatre experience and how it helped him, always trying to be well liked, being excited over the last 4 or 5 days, how he feels he would’ve gone against returning players, defending his win against the critics, what he did with his money, being arrested and hanging out with TMZ, his music career, whether or not he actually believed Marty was a chess champion as well as becoming a father, getting married and answering our listeners questions about going on dates with them!

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