25 Hottest Survivor Female Contestants of All Time!


Yesterday we brought you the hottest male contestants of all time as voted by you, now it’s time to get into the top 25 hottest female contestants of all time, once again voted by you!

25. Erinn Lobdell (Tocantins) – 5 Votes


Tocantins had a few sexy women, and lucky for Erinn she manages to just sneak in to the top 25! Whether it is her ‘bitch face’ (listen to the interview) that appeals to the viewers, her body, or the fact she is capable of pulling a professional sportsman as a boyfriend, 5 of you thought she was sexy enough to appear on this list. Guess we have to agree with you don’t we?!


24. Jerri Manthey (Australian Outback, All-Stars & Heroes vs Villains) – 5 Votes


The original ‘villainess’ of Reality TV, Jerri has made 3 appearances on Survivor and each time has looked just as good as the other. The first ever Survivor contestant to appear in Playboy probably gives Survivor viewers some good feelings, but we think it’s her tough female persona mixed with a great body and stunning features that are a big drawcard to Jerri! Shame she recently got married, single guys and gals are sad now!


23. Danielle DiLorenzo (Panama & Heroes vs Villains) – 6 Votes

Danielle DiLorenzo

The Panama runner-up and ‘third wheel’ in the Parvati/Russell alliance in Heroes vs Villains, Danielle brought attention for her amazing pair of…eyes. She also was a feisty character who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind as well as being physically dominant in challenges. Oh, and getting into cat fights with other women over hidden immunity idol clues whilst the sexiest male contestant of all time watches is also another appeal.


22. Darrah Johnson (Pearl Islands) – 6 Votes


‘The sexiest mortician in Survivor history’, Darrah proves once again that the southern charm is a big drawcard to viewers when it comes to Survivor. And this girl isn’t just eye candy, no no no! She is also a physical beast capable of going on an immunity run and surprising many whilst doing so. Now that she is married and a mother, there will be no mistakes from potential suitors when it comes to not knowing more about her than they should in family reward challenges.


21. Courtney Yates (China & Heroes vs Villains) – 6 Votes


What words can you use to describe the lovable Courtney? Sarcastic? Snarky? Honest? Well for 6 of you, the word is HOT! Courtney may be small in size, but it was enough for you to vote her just outside the top 20. And we don’t ever argue with your choices, and we aren’t going to now, as we feel Courtney oozes enough sex appeal to warrant inclusion on this list!


20. Ashley Trainer (Samoa) – 6 Votes


When it comes to blonde women on the 19th season of Samoa, you might be forgiven in assuming a certain $1 million winner would make this list. Well sorry Natalie fans, she just missed out on the top 25, so it’s up to Ashley Trainer to save the day and represent Samoa. One of the many who were duped by Russell, she still was memorable and sexy enough for 6 of you to make her enter the top 20!


19. Kelly Sharbaugh (Samoa) – 7 Votes


Ashley isn’t the only blonde from Samoa to appear on the list. Kelly Sharbaugh, or as some on this show have referred to her as ‘the blonde Kelly in Russell’s season and the dreadlocks’, enters in the top 20 with 7 of you drooling over the prospect to see a picture of her on our site. So stare away and gawk at the sexiest Sharbaugh there is around!


18. Kelly Goldsmith (Africa) – 8 Votes


Kelly was one fiery character. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and went out in a blaze of glory on the third season of Africa. She wasn’t afraid to flirt, and being extremely confident in her ability certainly was appealing to 8 of you. And she is in high demand to appear on this show too! All we can say is watch this space, and watch her picture above!


17. Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau, Guatemala & Heroes vs Villains) – 8 Votes


Oh Stephenie. You are a polarising character when it comes to the Survivor world. One thing that at least 8 of you agree on is that you are HOT! And yes, let’s not deny her sexy factor. From the tough girl we all felt sorry for in Palau to the Guatemala transformation that left a few people turned off, right through to the Heroes vs Villains ‘I’m going to plug my restaurant in the reunion’ contestant who never got a real chance to shine. Stephenie is one of the toughest and greatest female contestants in the history of the show, and clearly one of the sexiest.


16. Danni Boatwright (Guatemala) – 8 Votes


While 6 male winners appeared on the sexiest male list, only 5 make the female list. Not a bad feat to consider that 11 winners are considered amongst the 50 sexiest contestants of all time. The first such contestant is the beautiful Danni Boatwright, who recently made a rare appearance on this very show. The former Miss USA runner-up and Miss Teen USA third runner-up has always had beauty, and while some of you may struggle to remember her win in the 11th season of Guatemala, you certainly remember her beauty!


15. Christina Cha (One World) – 8 Votes

Christina Cha of Survivor One World copy

One World had its beautiful people, one of whom was easily the stunning Christina Cha. Whether it is telling people to ‘shut up’ or being the victim of abuse by certain contestants, the appeal of Christina is enough for you to vote her in at number 15 on the list. The offers for her to appear in magazines are flying in, and even possibly Playboy is calling. Whatever happens, we know you want to keep looking at Christina!


14. Colleen Haskell (Borneo) – 12 Votes


The first ever Survivor ‘hot chick’, Colleen was the girl next door personified and her ‘fling’ with Greg will go down as one of the most memorable in the show’s history. Her looks and appeal landed her a role in the (forgettable) movie The Animal alongside Rob Schneider, and since then she has been harder to find than Osama Bin Laden. Easily one of our most requested guests, the hunt is on for Miss Haskell, and we just hope we won’t end up in Pakistan looking for her.


13. Kelly Shinn (Nicaragua) – 13 Votes


Kelly who? Oh, Purple Kelly! Probably one of the most ripped-off contestants in terms of an edit, Kelly wasn’t given a single confessional till episode 7 of Nicaragua and barely made much more of an appearance till she quit the game. Which is sad, because there is so much to this bubbly Hawaiian that people missed out on! Her interview with us is one of the most popular we have ever done, and let’s face it, the chick is absolutely stunning! We vote for more Purple Kelly!


12. Julie Berry (Vanuatu) – 14 Votes


You can call Julie many things, but just don’t call her the ex-Mrs Probst! Known more probably for dating the host than her game play, her looks and charm certainly suckered in our favourite Emmy award winning master of ceremonies and for 14 of you, there is no doubting that you wish you were Jeff for the few years they were together. Julie is also heavily requested for this show; let’s just hope that we can make it happen for you!


11. Andrea Boehlke (Redemption Island) – 14 Votes

Survivor: Redemption Island

Some contestants get ‘cult status’ for obvious reasons, others, well we have no idea why. Andrea is one such contestant who, let’s face it, is revered for so many reasons outside of the game. And on a season that is considered quite rubbish, it’s great to have her on this list, despite just missing out on the top 10. She is gorgeous, we aren’t denying that. The rest is all up to you!


10. Amber Brkich/Mariano (Australian Outback & All-Stars) – 14 Votes


So what if people consider her a terrible winner? Or that she didn’t deserve a spot on All-Stars? Or that her and Rob are so OTT? She is HOT! We aren’t ever going to take that away from her! She was named the hottest Survivor contestant from the first 8 seasons on the All-Stars reunion, and while she has only just scraped into the top 10 on our list, she still stands the test of time as one of the hottest women the show has ever seen. Just make sure Boston Rob is out in Samoa or Nicaragua for 39 days before attempting a move on her.


9. Elisabeth Filarski/Hasselbeck (Australian Outback) – 15 Votes


Only 15 votes? Let’s just say that Ben isn’t happy! But Elisabeth still cracks the top 10, and was the personification of the girl every guy wanted to marry in 2001 during the second season. Arguably the most successful contestant to ever come out of the show, you can switch on your TV nearly every day to see the now married Elisabeth as one of the co-hosts of The View. And while she may not exactly appeal to a lot of viewers on that show, she certainly had that appeal during her time on Survivor. The day she comes on the show, is the day Ben will lose his mind!


8. Kim Spradlin (One World) – 17 Votes


Let’s face it. Everytime a Survivor poll is held right now, you’ll always have Kim appear on the list. Be it great player, great winner or in this case a hot contestant, the newly crowned millionaire has so much beauty it’s almost not fair. Those eyes are a key factor, and just like they did for everybody on One World, you’ll be agreeing with every command she ever makes to you. Ignore the fact she just got engaged and dream!


7. Jenna Morasca (Amazon & All-Stars) – 17 Votes


We love Survivor couples don’t we? Rob & Amber, Jamie & Erik, Joel & Chet and of course Jenna & Ethan. This beautiful Amazonian winner complained that being beautiful is almost like having a disability, and well, maybe it is? We at least know that she is a stunner, and unfortunately she can’t quite reach the heights Ethan did on the sexiest male pole. Whatever the case, Jenna enters our list at number 7. Now you’ll be Googling the Playboy images to refresh your memory even more.


6. Brenda Lowe (Nicaragua) – 18 Votes

Survivor: Nicaragua

Brenda the fighter. Brenda the beauty. Just not Brenda the scrambler. Miss Lowe was a tough as nails character on Nicaragua and for a large portion of the game seemed like she was in control. But it wasn’t to be for Brenda, so we’re sure she’ll accept 6th place on the sexiest women poll as somewhat of a victory. Is it her mixed race looks, her beautiful eyes or that smoking body? Maybe 18 of you need to send this in to us while we just stare!


5. Natalie Tenerelli (Redemption Island) – 27 Votes


Far more than a ‘Boston Rob puppet’, Natalie was one of the main reasons to keep watching Redemption Island each week. You could put the TV on mute, not care about the game and just pay attention everytime she walked on screen in that yellow bikini. Probably the most entertaining aspect of the entire 22nd season. Sad really, well, actually no. We’ll take decent eye candy of a Boston Rob cake walk any day!


4. Chelsea Meisner (One World) – 28 Votes


This vote actually surprised the team here at Survivor Oz. We actually thought Chelsea would easily make the top 3 just like she did in One World. In fact many people were picking her as an underdog to even take the victory. But alas, she couldn’t quite make the final tribal council on our list, but 4th is still no mean feat for a new player! Chelsea was a physical presence and loyal to the bone, and of course, something amazing to keep staring at each week! It’s that southern charm again!


3. Sydney Wheeler (Tocantins) – 29 Votes


Far more than being named after Australia’s largest city, Sydney definitely appealed to 29 of you to make her take out the bronze in our search for the sexiest female contestant of all time. Do you even remember her strategy? Do you remember her game play? We don’t either, but we do remember how hot the girl was and how great she is to look at. Don’t believe us? Look up and be the judge.


2. Amanda Kimmel (China, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – 32 Votes


Amanda. Is it a surprise to see her taking the silver medal? She quite possibly could be the greatest runner-up in the history of Survivor. Sure, she was third in China, but still making it so close to the end is enough to almost laugh. Well we won’t, because she gets a fair share of ‘hate’ amongst a lot of the fans and Survivor’s themselves so it’s time to give her some love! You can’t deny the woman is stunning. She has the allure of so many different beauties and being a former beauty queen just adds to the appeal. Just make sure she improves on any final dinner date speeches before deciding where you will go with her. And also ensure Ozzy is being jungle boy somewhere.


1. Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – 101 Votes


Never in doubt. Never in question. Hell, we’re not even going to deny we didn’t think this would happen. The quintessential Survivor hottie, this millionaire is also considered one of the all time greatest players in the history of the show so can be considered as pretty much the ultimate Survivor package. It’s that body isn’t it? Those eyes? Or maybe just the fact she will flirt with anything around her. Whatever it is, everyone loves Parvati. And for 101 of you, you easily vote her as the hottest contestant in the history of Survivor. Much better than a Miss Survivor crown correct?


Tomorrow we bring you the top 24 Survivor seasons as voted by you, and combined with the votes of the Survivor Oz team and the Survivor guests on this very show!

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43 Comments on 25 Hottest Survivor Female Contestants of All Time!

  1. Where is HEIDI ?!

  2. Heidi strobel???? where is’??

  3. Not surprised to see a recency bias in this list. More than half the list appeared on season 20 or later. I think Kim would drop a little to the low-to-mid teen range a few years from now. Chelsea would be in the 20 range a few years from now. Chrisina Cha wouldn’t be anywhere near this list if her season wasn’t the most recent. Glad to see some of the old school players get some love like Colleen, Elisabeth (well at least pre-View), and Darrah. I think players like Shawna, Jessie, Monica, Jenn Lyon, Michellle Yi (just to name a few) over players such as Courtney, Ashley, Christina, Double D, and Purple Kelly (though self-admittedly I am biased against her due to the whole quitting fiasco).

    • Uhhh Philly Steve has got the Gay baaaaad!! Christina Cha shouldn’t be on the list?!?!? Dude she shoulda been in the top three, maybe even best of all time. Did you see her bod by the end of her season? Perfection. And yeah Heidi Strobel being left off and Sarah Jones are both crimes.

  4. Oh yeah and Kim Powers!! Who voted on this anyhow? Terrible oversights.

  5. Heidi Strobel cleans up great she looked almost skeletal a in the Amazon episodes so I disagree with those who think of her as being an omission. Even though there is a recent season “bias” that could have to do more with the fact earlier seasons used to have a lot more regular looking girls and you also had a lot more older females per cast whereas recent seasons there are usually multiple females who look like they came right out of modeling catalogs..

  6. How about Erin Collins? One of the nicest bodies in Survivor history.

    • Parvati at number 1 and dead-eyed Amanda at number 2? Well, at least w Parvati she has charm and personality.

      And I know Candice might not be considered the traditional “hot,” but she is still gorgeous. She’s gotta crack the top 25…

    • Oops, didn’t realize I was just replying to your comment. But still, I agree w you re. Erin in Marquesas…she was smoking. Luckily Boston Rob got to meet her and tap that before Survivor AS.

  7. This is a pretty good list in terms of inclusions, other than Christina. I wouldn’t have Andrea from RI that high up on the list, and I def wouldn’t have Amanda as high as number 2 and Parvati at number 1. Parv could be top ten, maybe, bc of her charm, but no further.

    I’d also have Candice on this list and I agree w you that Heidi from Amazon was way overrated.

    Honestly, for my money, Brenda struck me as maybe the most gorgeous Survivor woman I’ve ever seen. I wish she had a little more meat on her, bc I’m not really into petite girls, but that’s just a testament to how gorgeous she really is.

  8. I thot this list was for the hottest-not a bunch of flat-chested skinny skanks with ‘CHARM’ Heidy and purple kelly got it all over jerry skank and parvati phony.

  9. Angie from the new seasons pretty good-looking

  10. 1. Amanda Kimmel
    2. Colleen Hazkell
    3. Natalie Tenerelli
    4. Brenda Lowe
    5. Chelsea Meisner

  11. Oh i forgot

    6. Alicia Rosa

  12. Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // February 19, 2013 at 3:40 pm // Reply

    No candice? No sarah? No heidi?

  13. Me personally brenda lowe @ 1 and Christina cha shouldn’t be on the list she’s really not all that appealing her vs brenda I take brenda every day I take Chelsea or Parvati over Christina so definitely not top 5!!! I don’t even know about her being here at all idk my personal opinion is brenda higher because she is gorgeous

  14. Natalie Tenerelli #1 in my books. Check out her Instagram profile. My gosh. #megababe

    Ami Cusak has major cougar action going on. She’s got some nice curvy lady lumps. Plus she posed in playboy, and hot damn she looked good.

    RC Saint Amour – nicest rack in survivor history.

    Parvati is damn sexy. Amazing body in Mocronesia. A real Cutie with a booty.

    Sugar. She has a few nude scenes in the show Weeds. Lets just say I’ve got a sweet tooth.

    Amanda. Bomb.

    Corrine. Amazing booty.

    Brenda is cute, but she’s got a wack accent.

  15. Im shocked!! How the hell is brenda not the CLEAR winner here!!?? And parvati #1???? Pppfffttt!!! Not a chance. As far as face and figure, brenda stands alone! She makes the others look like 6’s. Idk ,some of these are very suspect!

  16. Bump Cha, add Holly to #1 and move Poverty to #2. and Brenda # 3 and I’m good. Forget the rest.

  17. I want hope in here

  18. Where redemption island ashley and krystal?

  19. Wheres Cochran!?

  20. Bobby Who // May 8, 2013 at 11:04 pm // Reply

    in my humble opinion andrea should be 1

  21. Bill Waite // May 25, 2013 at 3:27 am // Reply

    No love for Mikayla Wingle? Maybe the best body in Survivor history that asshole Brandon wanted out so bad because he got a boner?

  22. Alex Kimble // June 3, 2013 at 10:39 am // Reply

    Why is Jaime from China not on here? She’s hot as hell!

  23. Horrible list/ranking. Jerry Manthey? You have Parvati and Kim ahead of Andrea…who the hell made this list? Where’s Krista from Redemption Island? She was an Auburn head cheerleader and looks like a swimsuit model…. just watching her wiggle her hips in the tiny bikini makes you angry at that Zapatera tribe for voting her off. There are also a lot of hot model looking contestant girls that were quiet, but actual beauties. A lot of the ones voted on this list were more “personalities” that mugged for the camera…. but if we’re voting on actual beauty, then the rankings need to be reshuffled.

    • Eric I suggest you read the introduction of these posts where we explain how they were decided and voted upon. If you disagree with it so much then I suggest you get involved in next years Ozcars and help get your favourites in the list the way you want them to be!

  24. Candace Smith?????? One of the hottest if you look at her modelling photos, unforunate that no African American women are represented, especially when Tijuana is far more gorgeous than Darrah.

    • Why is it “unfortunate no African-American” women Are represented? Are we supposed to handicap for color now? Affirmative-action quotas for beauty?

  25. Heidi is overrated as a hot contestant everyone is complaining that she isn’t on here. Without makeup she looked horrd

  26. Where’s Mikayla Wingle. The girl that Brandon was struggling not to lust for. I’m surprised she’s not number one with Chelsea being number 2.

  27. where is Amy Cuzac and Heidi ? IMO the top 2 !!!!!!

  28. Heidi? barf

    Colleen Haskel and Julie Berry are the two hottest for me.

    I liked the chick from this past season as well, Alexis Maxwell. She seems so sweet and adorable.
    and i liked Dolly from that season when Chris Daughterty won the game and beat the lesbian alliance

    Parvati doesn’t appeal to me at all

  29. Andrew Presser // July 31, 2014 at 10:32 am // Reply

    Ashley M from China? And I dont find Amanda attractive at all

  30. Chelsea should be 3rd or 2nd HANDS DOWN

  31. For me Chelsea Meisner was the hottest woman to ever play this game

  32. Monica Padilla was the hottest contestant out of all.

  33. Should have been Amanda, Sydney, Elizabeth…1, 2, 3

  34. Man this list is awful. I don’t think I’d put a single one of these girls where you’ve got them on the list. Parvati at #1? Seriously?? She should take Courtney’s place and you can just take Courtney off the list.

  35. Who put this list together? No way it was a heterosexual male!

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