Rudy Boesch Interview


When it comes to the big names in the history of Survivor, few come bigger than Rudy Boesch. A two time player from the 1st season of Borneo and the 8th season of All-Stars, Rudy was part of the first season surge of popularity and found himself an instant celebrity after his time on the show. As the oldest contestant to ever play the game, Rudy is never short of an opinion, and even has a special guest with him during our chat.


Often targeted early for his age in Borneo, he struck up an unlikely friendship with eventual winner Richard as well as being part of the first ever ‘alliance’ in the history of the show. Making it to the final 3 he was unlucky not to have made it to the final tribal council after his hand slipped during the final challenge, and Rudy was voted out in 3rd place.

On his return for All-Stars Rudy never made an impact, going home 2nd after injuring himself in the game.

In our chat with Rudy, he speaks about still being recognised, his friendship with Richard and the reaction from his friends when he got home, getting t-shirts made up and giving one to Rosie O’Donnell, his thoughts on Richard and the tax drama, losing weight and what he thinks about the contestants today ‘putting on weight’, why he wants to play again as well as who he still keeps in touch with and meeting Russell at the 10 year reunion.

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