Top 23 Survivor Winners of All Time – Rankings from 23 to 1!


The second last set of results and are down to the big 2, as we bring you the rankings for all 23 winners as chosen by you the listener, the Survivor Oz team and the Survivor’s themselves!

As with the rankings of the seasons, these rankings were compiled from the total number of votes from the public, combined with the total number of votes from the Survivor guests. We then asked each of the Survivor Oz teams to rank the winners from 1 to 23 (1 being the best, 23 being the worst) and gave each winner points based on their ranking (1st ranked winner with 23 points, 2nd ranked winner with 22 points and so on). Winners would then lose points based on the percentage of votes they received in the ‘worst winner’ poll, as well as the winners voted as the ‘worst/most undeserving’ by the Survivor guests.


23. Natalie White – Total Score -2

Survivor Samoa Season 19 Finale NG5TfXv50m3l
Survivor Rank: 23rd (15% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 22nd
Poll Rank: 21st (13% negative)

Oh Natalie. The only result to score a negative in any of our categories, and unfortunately take out the title of ‘least deserving winner’. The only ‘saving grace’ for Natalie came in not coming last amongst our listener poll or even amongst Survivor Oz, but it wasn’t enough to get her off the bottom. We all know the story with Natalie, but we do remember that she did win so you can’t take that away form her. Well, some people might want to (Russell fans) but you can’t, so deal with it. Better luck next year Miss White.


22. Amber Brkich/Mariano – Total Score 1

Amber Brkich

Survivor Rank: 18th (6% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 23rd
Poll Rank: 22nd (12% negative)

It seemed like it would be a close race for the bottom sport and ultimately it was only decided by 3 votes. Amber is often seen fighting it out with Natalie in terms of most undeserving winner, and it was the case again this time. 18th amongst Survivor contestants saw her do enough to scrape ahead, and getting 1% less in the negative vote in the listener poll too helped her out. Did she win due to a bitter jury? It’s often a heated debate amongst Survivor fans, but whatever the opinion may be, she remains in the bottom area of the results.


21. Vecepia Towery/Robinson – Total Score 27

Survivor Rank: 17th (6% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 21st
Poll Rank: 20th (7% negative)

Why do so many people find bad things to say about Vecepia’s win? She overcame so much from various positions in the game to beat somebody who people could perceive as being ‘too nice’ and not really having done anything wrong. Whatever that case, Vecepia finds herself sitting outside the top 20. Not finishing in last in any of the polls but still finding herself on the end of negative votes, Vecepia never has gotten credit for her victory and as this poll shows, doesn’t look like getting credit anytime soon.


20. Sophie Clarke – Total Score 30

Survivor Rank: 20th (7% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 20th
Poll Rank: 23rd (6% negative)

Is Sophie that most underestimated winner in the history of the show? Or is she really the most ‘invisible’ winner? To many her win was a ‘surprise’ in a final tribal council that people expected Coach to walk away as a millionaire. But he didn’t, and Sophie took the crown. And despite being on the second most recent season, she still hasn’t done enough to really get a lot of credit for her victory. Amongst the listeners she came in dead last, and a fitting 20th equal between the Survivor’s and Survivor Oz crew. You can’t overlook her physical game, and the fact that she beat the enigmatic Coach. Definitely a winner who needs to be observed from day 1 on any South Pacific re-watch.


19. Jud ‘Fabio’ Birza – Total Score 30

Survivor Rank: 19th (7% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 19th
Poll Rank: 13th (15% negative)

Fabio could possibly be the biggest surprise in terms of winners in the history of the show. Did anyone predict the aloof male model to win the game from early on? Probably not. So many heavy hitters were gone early in Nicaragua, and even sitting next to two people who were considered strategically stronger, Fabio’s likeable personality and the fact he hadn’t really pissed anyone off worked to his advantage. And don’t overlook his physical ability either. He was only one win away from equalling the record for most immunity wins in a season, and his late immunity streak definitely saved his skin. He did finish 13th amongst the listeners too, despite received 15% negative votes.


18. Bob Crowley – Total Score 49

Survivor Gabon Earth Last Eden Finale Reunion V6TLCQY7HUFl

Survivor Rank: 9th (1% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 18th
Poll Rank: 16th (6% negative)

The oldest winner in the history of the show, Bob can’t unfortunately crank it higher than 18th. According to his fellow Survivor’s he is worthy to be listed in the top 10 greatest winners of all time, but not to our listeners or even our Survivor Oz crew. There was outrage that his season of Gabon was listed so low on our season’s rankings, so we’re sure to receive just as much criticism for him being low on this list as well. And considering the odds he overcame to walk away with the $1 million, there should be no doubting his ability in terms of playing the game. But it still isn’t enough to get him any higher in our poll.


17. Tina Wesson – Total Score 52

Tina Wesson

Survivor Rank: 15th (4% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 17th
Poll Rank: 19th (1% negative)

Narrowly the only person older than her to win the game, Tina may be the first female winner in the history of the show but that doesn’t’ amount too much when it comes to ranking her amongst her fellow winners. To many she is simply a winner due to Colby picking her to take to the final tribal council over Keith, but that loyalty vote from him says more about the relationship formed between the two of them than anything else. In a season that people claim has ‘no strategy’, Tina was influential in numerous votes that got her far in the game, and her tight 3 way alliance with Keith & Colby can’t be overlooked as ‘un-strategic’. But whatever may be said here, she still ranks in the bottom half of our poll.


16. Jenna Morasca – Total Score 57


Survivor Rank: 14th (4% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 15th
Poll Rank: 14th (4% negative)

Jenna’s game has never seemingly gotten any credit in a season that was dominated by a certain podcast hosting Rob. To be fair to the future Mr.Zohn, she formed strong bonds with many people, positioned herself always towards the prominent groups and even when her back was against the wall still stood strong and ended up in a final tribal council against a guy everyone didn’t really like. So what’s so bad about that? It’s a question that obviously hasn’t been answered when it comes to this poll and sees her just miss out on a top 15 place.


15. Danni Boatwright – Total Score 57


Survivor Rank: 12th (2% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 16th
Poll Rank: 15th (2% negative)

Equal on points with Jenna but sneaks into 15th due to less negativity towards her, Danni Boatwright is another winner who can be perceived as ‘underrated’. Starting off in a power position, she soon had her back against the wall after the merge, and with everyone’s minds on seeing their family when it came to an auction, she bought a vital advantage in the next immunity challenge which had her in a perfect position for the final portion of the game. Obviously not showing off how you are playing the game to the cameras can attribute a lot to why she is so low, but anyone who goes back and watches Guatemala and overlooks it’s flaws should pay attention to just how underrated Danni is as a winner in Survivor.


14. Aras Baskauskas – Total Score 61


Survivor Rank: 6th (0% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 14th
Poll Rank: 18th (3% negative)

Does anybody know another person in the world called Aras? Well amongst Survivor fans probably not, and we’re sure if we were to hold the ‘most unique name in Survivor’ poll he might come out on top! But just like his season of Panama, Aras always finds himself in the middle of the pack when it comes to winners rankings. He was part of probably the biggest rivalry in the history of the show against Terry, and when push came to shove he came out on top and found himself in the final tribal council. Very much overlooked for his strategic game compared to his physical, Aras perhaps gets ranked so low due to being surrounded by some bigger personalities such as Shane and Cirie on an underrated season, and probably doesn’t help when it comes to these polls. Amongst Survivor’s though, he is a top 10 winner, so maybe in the future other people will see the light.


13. Earl Cole – Total Score 72


Survivor Rank: 5th (0% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 13th
Poll Rank: 17th (0% negative)

Is Earl always ranked so low because his season is universally panned? Who knows, but the man who took out the first ever clean sweep at the final tribal council never seems to get much recognition for his win. One thing that should be noted with Earl is that early on, the man seemed to know what he was doing. And what he was doing worked, as well, he is a millionaire today right? Had Yau-Man been sitting next to him then things probably would’ve worked out differently, but can anyone name another player on Fiji that deserved to win it more than Mr.Cole? Similar to Aras, his fellow Survivor contestants rank him highly.


12. Ethan Zohn – Total Score 90


Survivor Rank: 4th (0% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 12th
Poll Rank: 11th (0% negative)

One of the nicest Survivor winners in the history of the show, Ethan has gone on to become a true survivor in every sense of the word since his win back in season 3. But let’s look at his gameplay. Always working with the majority alliance, always the ‘nice guy’ in situations who was strong in challenges and never really had a target on his back. He ended up in the final tribal council with somebody who it turns out wasn’t liked by most people, so is there anything to look down on from his win? Not really. He also was the longest lasting winner on All-Stars that saw pretty much every person wanting all the winners gone early. 4th amongst Survivor contestants goes to show the respect he has. Oh, and he also beats his long-time girlfriend in Jenna, so we know who is getting the extra piece of cake in their household!


11. James ‘J.T’ Thomas – Total Score 95

Survivor Tocantins Brazilian Highlands Finale TL-4yupL3ccl

Survivor Rank: 3rd (0% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 9th
Poll Rank: 12th (1% negative)

Only 8 points away from cracking the top 10, ‘Mr.Perfect’ as we like to call him J.T really had almost a ‘cult’ following amongst his tribemates in Tocantins. An almost ‘Jesus’ quality to him that saw him waltz to a victory and a million dollar prize. 3rd amongst Survivor’s, 9th amongst us here at Survivor Oz but only 12th amongst our listeners, there is very little to find about J.T in terms of negative comments. Oh, except maybe a certain letter incident in Heroes vs Villains? Who knows, but we’re sure he would be disappointed not to crack the top 10 of our list.


10. Tom Westman – Total Score 103


Survivor Rank: 8th (1% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 11th
Poll Rank: 8th (0% negative)

The lovable fireman who was touted as an early favourite to win in Palau, Tom Westman had everyone in love with him (with the exception of a few hairdressers) on his season and very nearly took out the first clean sweep in the final tribal council. Working closely with Ian, Tom really didn’t have to do much along the way to becoming a millionaire, and his physical strength shows with his equal record of immunity wins in a season. Returning for Heroes vs Villains after turning down the chance to play again in Micronesia, Tom wasn’t able to make much of an impact a second time around and never could live up to his first appearance. But he did enough during his win to make the top 10 of our list.


9. Yul Kwon – Total Score 109

Yul Kwon Entertainment Pictures Week 2006 b-h1vMcEhtZl

Survivor Rank: 11th (2% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 7th
Poll Rank: 9th (1% negative)

Let’s not deny that Yul is popular. Cracking the top 10 amongst Survivor Oz and our listeners and just missing out on the top 10 amongst his fellow Survivor contestants, Yul perhaps goes down as ‘underrated’ when it comes to his win. Considering he maybe isn’t a bold personality like many of the winners around him, Yul still does enough to land in a respectable 9th place on our winners ranking list. And considering he beat who you voted as the 4th greatest player never to have won in Ozzy, he sure as hell worked for his victory. And only 3 points off finishing in 8th place. A strong result for Yul.


8. Chris Daugherty – Total Score 112


Survivor Rank: 2nd (0% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 5th
Poll Rank: 10th (0% negative)

When it comes to underrated winners, does Chris Daugherty take the prize? Look at the odds the man overcame to win: him vs 6 women on a game divided by gender. Surely that speaks volumes at how thoroughly deserved his win was. A well timed visit from his then fiancé saw other tribemates take sympathy in him and keep him around for ‘one more vote’, which then would turn into another, then another and then before they could say “what have we done” he was in the final tribal council in one of the most emotional and heated endings the show has ever seen. Given the fact too he has never been asked back (not even a phone call!) has caused significant outrage amongst the Survivor fans, and Chris certainly deserves his spot in the top 10. Can we mention he was 2nd amongst his fellow Survivor contestants as well? Enough said.


7. Brian Heidik – Total Score 121

Brian Heidik

Survivor Rank: 10th (2% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 10th
Poll Rank: 6th (2% negative)

Is Brian the Osama Bin Laden of Survivor? So revered for one moment in history and seemingly missing for many years since has seen Brian go down in infamy in the Survivor world. We are by no means claiming Brian is as evil as Bin Laden, but the fact the US could find Bin Laden and nobody seems to know where Brian is speaks volumes. His win though surely has to be one of the most strategic and brilliant games ever played. From claiming it was nothing more than a ‘business trip’ to somehow keeping the fact he was a former porn star from the CBS fraternity, Brian was a master of deception and manipulation that had everyone fooled. Being the first player to since Richard Hatch to be openly cocky and arrogant about the way he was playing AND win, Brian could possibly deserve a higher spot than 7th. But shooting puppies will never endear you too much to the public. Hopefully by next years poll, we will know where the mysterious Brian Heidik has gone so he can come back full force and show the world he is still as amazing as he was in Thailand.


6. Rob Mariano – Total Score 131


Survivor Rank: 21st (10% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 8th
Poll Rank: 4th (10% negative)

Let’s not deny that Boston Rob is one of the greatest players to ever play Survivor. He is also easily one of the most famous faces to have come from the show. But taking 4 times to win a game on a season that is universally panned by everyone has to surely put even his strongest defenders a little uneasy at his position on this list. Being ranked 21st by his fellow Survivor’s and getting 10% negative against him from our listeners (his wife only got 2% more negative votes than him) affected his overall position, and had he taken out All-Stars instead of the dreadful Redemption Island, then he easily would be top 5 on this list without a doubt. But no matter what you say about him, Boston Rob is loved, and highly respected in the Survivor community, for the most part. And he misses out on the top 5 by only 13 points.


5. Todd Herzog – Total Score 144


Survivor Rank: 1st (0% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 2nd
Poll Rank: 7th (1% negative)

Todd at 5? Surely he should be higher right? Well considering those who are ahead of him, it is a hard ask to find any room for him higher than he is. A masterful game and the first ‘super fan’ to ever win the show, Todd used manipulation, lies and everything else in between to waltz to a victory that many people didn’t see coming. When it comes to Todd though you mention three words and you go weak at the knees: final tribal council. Easily the greatest single performance ever seen in the game, Todd showed that you can stand up to your moves and be as brazen and brash about what you did and still have the jury vote for you to win $1 million. He also won the only season to see every single one of the final 3 get a vote as well. Why he has never played again surely has to be one of the biggest tragedies in the history of the show, and if there ever is to be an all-winners season then he would easily be a good bet to go for victory number 2. 1st amongst his fellow Survivor contestants is a very important fact to take out of his ranking as well.


4. Parvati Shallow – Total Score 158

Survivor Micronesia Finale Reunion Show mhnjzzg1ivDl

Survivor Rank: 13th (3% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 6th
Poll Rank: 3rd (2% negative)

The sexiest female to ever play the game has far more than looks going for her when it comes to ranking the winners. Coming off a fairly average performance in the Cook Islands, Parvati worked her magic in Micronesia after being an early target and came out on top against the perennial runner-up in Amanda. Forming strong bonds with pretty much everyone around her and flirting with everything with a pulse, Parvati’s manipulation tactics and physical strength put her high up on the rankings when it comes to great Survivor players. She missed out on the top 3 by only 10 votes, and she missed out on being a 2 time Survivor winner in Heroes vs Villains by 3. Amongst Survivor contestants she doesn’t even crack the top 10, but her overall pulling power is enough to land her comfortably in the top 5.


3. Sandra Diaz-Twine – Total Score 168


Survivor Rank: 22nd (14% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 4th
Poll Rank: 1st (7% negative)

So you can win a game such as Survivor twice and only finish in third place when it comes to the greatest winners in the history of Survivor? We know this is going to cause outrage amongst our listeners and readers, but apparently that is the case! But don’t blame us! Blame her fellow Survivor contestants, as they only ranked her 22nd out of 23 winners with a whopping 14% worth of negative votes against her. But when it came to the listeners and 7% worth of negative votes against her, she still took the title amongst that group. Statistically speaking she is the greatest winner, given she is the only player to win twice as well as being the only player to play twice and never be voted out. Sandra’s ‘as long as it’s not me’ attitude works. You can’t deny it. Even if you don’t like her strategy, it works. And we’ve seen many players in a post Sandra Survivor try and use the same tactics. One thing is for sure, you ask her if she agrees with this placing, we KNOW she is going to disagree! ‘The Queen’ may be contacting us very soon…


2. Richard Hatch – Total Score 171


Survivor Rank: 16th (5% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 1st
Poll Rank: 5th (2% negative)

Wow, just wow. The first ever winner of the show, the man that many people say created the way to play the game and easily one of the most recognisable faces in the history of the game can only win the silver medal. Incredible. More outrage will surely follow this result, and we’re sure that this show will be swiftly cancelled as Richard hunts each one of us down and makes sure we are never to be seen from again. But in our defence Richard, we did put you as 1st amongst the Survivor Oz expert panel, so blame the listeners and Survivor’s! 16th amongst his fellow players and only 5th amongst the listeners,. The fact that Richard is in 2nd is pretty good considering he won the very first season of the show. But how differently would the game have turned out if say Kelly had of won? It would’ve been a completely different game, and some of the best players we have seen since might not ever have had as big of an impact as we saw. His return for All-Stars was never going to get him far, and the big ‘what if’ scenario of him returning for a third time was something that unfortunately we didn’t get to see. But words really cannot express how much of an impact he had on the game, and probably how much of a shock it is to see him at only 2nd on this poll!


1. Kim Spradlin – Total Score 178


Survivor Rank: 7th (1% negative)
S-Oz Rank: 3rd
Poll Rank: 2nd (3% negative)

Wow, just wow. The biggest shock easily of all of our results is right in front of your eyes. The greatest winner in terms of combining the results from us, the contestants and our listeners is the most recent winner of Kim Spradlin. Is that a big factor to look at with her taking out this poll? Possibly. But let’s not forget that One World only ranked 20th in the seasons ranking. Looking at the results from each of our voters, she ranked 7th amongst her fellow Survivor contestants, 3rd amongst us and 2nd amongst the listeners. So she didn’t even take out 1st in any separate polls. But the law of averages and the lack of negative votes saw her take the title by 7 votes. There is no way though really of taking away from her win if you look at it. Sure, people thought of One World as ‘predictable’ from a certain point, but the fact that everyone ‘knew’ Kim was going to win just showed how great of a player she was. She ticked all the boxes: strategy, physical and well liked, it didn’t matter what Kim did, people just wanted to keep her around and help her win $1 million. Will she be first on this poll next year? Who knows. But we have to congratulate the impressive Miss Spradlin for taking out the award of greatest ever winner in the history of Survivor!


5 results down, the big one to go! Tomorrow we bring you the results from who you, the Survivor Oz team as well as the Survivor’s think are the 25 greatest Survivor contestants of all time!

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11 Comments on Top 23 Survivor Winners of All Time – Rankings from 23 to 1!

  1. Kim and Sophie played very similar games. So why does Kim get credit for it but Sophie doesn’t?


    Shame on every idiot who voted in this thing for falling for the way the edit tries to manipulate viewers.

  2. I gotta say, Sophie is ridiculously low. I’m not sure if I’d advocate a top 10 placing for her, but she should not be mentioned in the same breath as Fabio, Bob, Vecepia or Ambuh.

    Also surprised to see Tom and Yul so low – they should both at least leap frog Boston Rob to sit near the top five.

    • Squire Whitney // February 11, 2013 at 9:45 am // Reply

      How in the heck did Bob, Fabio, Tina, and Sophie (some of my favorite winners) rank lower than Jenna, Danni, and Aras!? I don’t really get what people see in those guys. Bob played perhaps the most clean cut and honorable game in Survivor history; Sophie’s game was brilliant in her own right; Tina is a survivor legend, and was probably the first strategical player ever besides Hatch; and Fabio did something that Survivor has never seen before. Jenna, on the other hand, sun bathed he way too the million. As for Danni and Aras, neither of them ever really did much to leave an impression on me

  3. Natalie last? are you kidding me? she had the perfect social strategy and she was conscious of how to interact properly with people so they may vote for her at the end. that in itself is VERY good gameplay. for me it should be someone like jenna or fabio who NEEDED to rely on winning challenges at their end game in order to win to be last on the list; not someone who was always safe in every episode like Natalie was.

    • Natalie was only safe because Russell protected her and carried her to the end. Jenna and Fabio didn’t have to be protected or carried by anyone.

      • Just like all winners. To say that you got to the end and won by yourself is conceited and misguided. Every winner had help.

  4. if people really looked at the game and how each of them played it, you would realize Danni is by far the best OVERALL player…but Sandra still did win TWICE…these 2 ladies shouldve been the top 2!

  5. I don’t think you’ll be seeing Todd again on Survivor considering he’s become such a heavy alcoholic, he can’t even walk anymore. Its also pretty pathetic that he’s so high up on the list even though he went to spend much of his winnings on the alcohol that is killing him.

    • To be fair Frank this list was done well before that even came to light, and also it’s judged on their time on the show not out of it. We know the issues Richard Hatch had after the show with his winnings yet he is ranked usually as one of the greatest of all time. It shouldn’t matter what somebody does with their money after the show

  6. ok i seriously need to stop reading these, they make me so mad this is so stupid. all of these are wrong. kim did not play that good of a game she doesnt deserve the win she doesnt deserve this list.

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