Dawn Meehan Interview


As one of the most likeable contestants on the 23rd season in the South Pacific, Dawn suffered a roller coaster of emotions from the very first episode. Struggling from the start, she soon found her footing and saved her tribe in a crucial immunity, and even walked away with an individual immunity herself. She has remained close with everyone outside of the show, and even has some things to say about Cochran and his love life since their season.


Dawn struggled from the outset, having an emotional breakdown in the first few days. However due to the help of Ozzy, she soon regained her composure and was crucial in winning immunity for her tribe and even won an individual immunity herself. However despite being on the outs, she didn’t flip after the merge, and when Cochran did she soon had her fate sealed and joined the jury after losing on Redemption Island.

In our chat with Dawn, she talks about getting her last name mispronounced, liking having returning players come back to compete against, being a natural leader and having that taken away from her with Coach & Ozzy returning, the breakdown and getting through it, her thoughts on Ozzy, whether or not she has forgiven Cochran or not, living off the grid, why it was the ‘loneliest’ she has ever felt as well as how proud she was to win individual immunity and giving us an insight into Cochran’s love life since her season!

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