Kelly Czarnecki Interview


Kelly Czarnecki looked likely to struggle in the initial phases of the 17th season in Gabon, but despite a few conflicts here and there she lasted a lot longer than people gave her credit for. Clashing with Ace a lot in those early days, she still proved what she had and even had a lot of people talking about her boobs and everything in between. Let’s not forget too Jeff Probst and apparently him being ‘mean’ to her, which could’ve been code for something else.


Kelly was an early target from the start and was usually always mentioned as a possible vote out during each tribal council she visited. However she survived through many and then looked highly likely to make it to the merge, however fell just short and was voted out of Gabon.

In our chat with Kelly, she talks about the pronunciation of her last name, how different the experience is on TV compared to living it, not being as loud and out there as she is in real life, Sugar being different in the game and out of it, cuddling nice and close to Bob and his ‘wandering hands’, Jeff’s true feelings for her and why he defended her on a blog, Fang ‘sucking’ badly, why people thought her boobs were fake and how she went about proving them wrong as well as her current career working on another TV show and having Jeff Probst on ‘speed dial’.

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