Paloma Soto Bemis Interview


Just because somebody doesn’t last as long in Survivor as they would want to, doesn’t mean they aren’t a memorable contestant, and this is clearly the case with Gabon’s Paloma Bemis. Already touted by numerous of our listeners as the ‘cutest Survivor ever’, Paloma is happy to admit she was ‘useless’ and that the edit showing her that way was fair. Now living in Japan, she has numerous friends from the show and wants to see more of them having babies and getting married. Ask her the wrong thing though, and she may just call you a jerk.


Paloma wasn’t exactly the biggest worker around her camp and she made some early clashes with Ace. She was unable to find enough votes for her either to remain in the game, and unfortunately for Paloma she was the third person to go home.

In our chat with Paloma, she talks about her reason for moving to Japan and the recent birth of her child, which Survivor pairing would end up in domestic abuse, eating termites, how her time on the show would’ve been different had she made just one more vote, wanting a copy of her season on DVD and her husband never seeing it, Sugar being ‘up Ace’s butt’, Corinne having ‘no filter’ and ‘words coming out of her mouth like vomit’ as well as who she talks to from the show still and pronunciation of words and accents in Africa.

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