Survivor Philippines–Episode 3 Recap featuring Yau-Man Chan!


Philippines continues with episode 3 this week, and time to once again have a closer look at the episode and give our ‘expert’ opinions from not only Jarryd in another amazing recap, but also hear from Ben & Lancey as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in another good friend of ours and last minute ‘life saver’ Yau-Man Chan from the 14th season of Fiji and 16th season of Micronesia!

(For the Australian viewers who haven’t watched episode 3 yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of the next season, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to our Survivor: Philippines recap! Episode three provided us with plenty off flashbacks to previous seasons of Survivor, as well as giving us a preview of the American Presidential Debate!

Before we begin breaking down the episode, we’d just like to note that the intro was included in tonight’s episode. It was good to see it make a return to an episode that’s not the premiere or finale! It might seem trivial, but it takes us back to the golden days of Survivor.

Once again we begin with Matsing returning from tribal council. Everyone comments on how horrible it was, yet Angie is smiling? Well, okay, she did escape getting voted out and she did cop a lot of heat from Roxy and Jeff… but smiling? Your tribes down to four members! You’ve been to back to back tribal councils and if you lose another challenge you’re the prime candidate to go home! – Who knows what she’s thinking, my guess is that she’s just imagining those cookies she so desperately wants.

We now cross over to Tandang where we find R.C. and Abi-Maria attempting to mend the wounds in their relationship. Unfortunately for R.C., Abi is more concerned about resting her twisted knee than what R.C. has to say. Once again, the pair argues and once again we have to admire R.C.’s ability to remain calm around the bold Brazilian. Fed up with Abi’s behaviour, a frustrated R.C. gives up on trying to talk to her and heads out into the water with Skupin to chat about Abi’s insecurities.

At this point you have to wonder why Abi is so paranoid. She’s part of a four person alliance in a six person tribe and one tribe member, (Lisa), has been on the chopping block since day one. Abi runs off to Pete and confides in him that she and R.C. found the clue to the hidden immunity idol, then rattles off the clue to him. Being a big R.C. fan, I’m hating on Abi at this point. Pete shows some strategic promise as he suggests that Abi looks for the idol in the rice container. Being a good little girl, Abi heads off to have a poke around and Pete pulls aside Lisa to recruit another pawn in the alliance.

Lisa jumps straight into Pete’s pocket without hesitation – with very little going for her, she doesn’t have much choice. Pete assures her security in the game as long as she follows his lead and votes for Skupin at the first possible chance. Yes, you read that correctly, he wants Skupin out. Now Pete, I know we haven’t seen much of you, but surely you’ve woken up to the fact that R.C. is a better strategic player than Skupin? If you have the power to vote off anyone, you vote off the strategic threat off first!
We now go to the only tribe we haven’t heard from during the episode, Kalabaw… and based on the discussion they are having (about how sore Penner’s ass is), its little wonder we haven’t seen much of them.
All this discussion does lead to something however, because when Dana goes to use the rice container as a chair, she notices the “symbol” on the lid is missing. Kalabaw quickly come to the realisation that it must be an immunity idol and that Penner must have it. Jeff is particularly frustrated about this, especially because the idol was right under his nose. He has enough brains to compliment Penner’s “veteran move,” – which makes me wonder, if you’re so smart why didn’t you look for the idol first? we have to give Jeff some credit here though, he doesn’t confront Penner, instead he vents his frustration to Carter (remember him?) and Dawson.

Back to Matsing, (or should we say Chuay Gahn?), we see their raft floating out to sea. These guys aren’t having much luck, first they’re trying to replicate what happened to Ulong in Survivor: Palau, and now they take a leaf out of Chuay Gahn’s book (Survivor: Thailand) and lose their raft. Luckily, Matsing don’t need their raft like Chuay Gahn did to collect water, so all is not lost. Malcolm and Denise talk about what will happen should they lose the next immunity challenge. They agree that either Russell or Angie will be next to go. After some bragging about their position in the game, Denise tells Malcolm that he’s become “Malcolm in the Middle” in the Matsing tribe.


Denise and Malcolm share a laugh (Image credit CBS)

Now we’re off to the challenge. For the first time since Survivor: Micronesia, we have a deep sea challenge!

Once again, we have a combined immunity and reward challenge, up for grabs this time is fishing gear. First place receives a massive fishing kit, including a fishing line, net, bait and a canoe, whilst second place receives a smaller fishing kit.

For the challenge, tribes have to dive down and release and retrieve puzzle wheels. There are eight in total and every wheel is attached deeper below the surface. The tribes then need to place the wheels on their puzzle board and solve the word puzzle (“Treasure”) by rotating the wheels.

No pre-challenge strategy is shown this time, only the castaways sitting out. For Kalabaw its Katie and Dawson, for Tandang, Lisa and Abi, who informs everyone of her knee injury but nobody cares enough to respond.

We get underway and once again Matsing fall behind early. Dana and Artis manage to unhook the first puzzle wheel easily enough however Angie struggles to do so. Things go from bad to worse for Matsing, Russell is also struggling in the challenge, he loses time when he has difficultly climbing the ladder and fails to retrieve a puzzle wheel on his second time out, resulting in him taking a ‘back seat role’ in the challenge. Back on the platform, Angie once again confesses to Malcolm and Denise that she can’t complete anymore of the challenge, leaving Denise and Malcolm to collect the remaining puzzle pieces.

Meanwhile, the two powerhouse tribes (Kalabaw and Tandang) pull away from Matsing and are in a close race. Skupin cuts his face when the tribe’s mask shatters when he dives into the water, however, it doesn’t stop him returning to the water again. R.C. shows her worth in the water collecting three successive puzzle wheels before returning to collect Tandang’s eighth piece later in the challenge.

clip_image002[6]Skupin picks up more war wounds (Image credit CBS)

For Kalabaw, Penner, Jeff, Carter and Dana make light work collecting the puzzle wheels and once again go into the puzzle section of the challenge with a bit of a lead over Tandang, and a healthy lead of Matsing.

Matsing are bought back into the challenge by spirited performances from Denise and Malcolm (who each collect three puzzle wheels). Matsing manage to start their puzzle whilst Kalabaw and Tandang are still working on their puzzles.

However, once again Matsing fall agonizingly short, with Kalabaw finishing in first place and Tandang grabbing second place. After the challenge, Penner congratulates Tandang, with Artis acknowledging him – just a friendly gesture or is it something to read into?


For the third consecutive time, Tandang (top) and Kalabaw (bottom) win immunity (Image credit CBS)

After the challenge, we go back to Kalabaw camp where we see Penner confiding in Jeff. Penner tells Jeff he has the idol and that if they were to work together they could be a force to be reckoned with. Penner telling Jeff about the idol is a smart move, Penner hasn’t got a strong alliance within his tribe and he needs to win over some people so he has a fighting chance to stay alive in the game. Penner is a very strategic player, he would have had his eye on Jeff for a while, he confided in him for a reason, so keep on eye on how it plays out.

We have to give some credit to Jeff to, he’s wary of Penner, though he agrees to Penner’s plan and shakes his hand, he does it using a “four-fingered handshake.” (In Jeff’s words, “If it’s not a manly handshake, it’s not going to count”).

Back to Tandang where Skupin tells his tribe what caused his injury. After explain what happened, we cut to a confessional of Artis (remember him? He’s the other Africa-American male competing this season). Artis criticizes Skupin for telling him how to not break the mask, when Skupin did exactly what he told Artis not to do.
Skupin, R.C. and Lisa then go clam hunting, leaving Abi free to go idol hunting. After tearing the camp apart, she rips off the symbol on top of the rice container and becomes the second castaway to hold a hidden immunity idol (following Penner finding an idol last episode).


Abi-Maria finds the hidden immunity idol (Image credit CBS)

After shouting out so loudly that members of Kalabaw and Matsing will probably be aware she has found the idol, Abi shows it to Pete and the pair place it, unburied in a pile of dirt in the jungle? (Surely they didn’t leave it there?)

Before we move on, we’re starting to wonder if Abi can think for herself. In a lot of the screen time she’s had, she’s always asking others (notably R.C. and Pete) what to do in terms of strategy. My speculation is only heightened when she tells Pete – “I knew that’s what it was… the whole time I knew it” – Abi please, it was the last place you looked, if you knew it was there the entire time, you would have found the idol on day one!

That’s the last we see of the two immune tribes this episode, as we return to Matsing and witness some serious scrambling before tribal council. That’s a lie. Angie, knowing her position in the tribe is in danger, does her best to convince Denise and Malcolm that she’s worthy of keeping around. Russell on the other hand isn’t talking to anyone, or looking for an idol! Instead, hes sitting around camp, praying to God and drawing on strength from his ancestors so that he doesn’t throw in the towel.

Once again we go off to tribal council not entirely sure who is going home. After a few meaningless questions from Jeff to Denise and Malcolm, we are given Survivor’s version of the American Presidential Debate – Russell Swan vs. Angie Layton.

Angie initially calls out Russell for giving up in the challenge, and states that she never said she couldn’t do that challenge – (yet during the challenge, it was made clear that she said those very words).

Russell responds by saying it was a strategic move to allow Denise and Malcolm to focus on the puzzle piece collection stage of the challenge. He then states that he has a lot more to offer to the tribe over Angie. Angie disagrees, believing she can fight harder than Russell. Russell laughs, tells the tribe he almost died the first time he played the game, then belittles Angie, (reducing her to tears), about why she isn’t cut out for the game. Malcolm defends an upset Angie, trying his best to boost her confidence by comparing her to the other “little girls” in the game and how much more she has achieved.

We get to the vote and I thought we would be going to some sort of tie-breaker challenge between Angie and Russell… but we’re not. Matsing once again unanimously vote out another member with Angie sent home in a three-to-one vote. A smiling Angie has her torch snuffed and with that, the episode wraps up.

clip_image002[10]Angie… the tribe has spoken (Image credit CBS)

The remaining Matsing members are dismissed from tribal council by Jeff, who reminds them they are still are a tribe and they have the opportunity to turn there fortunes around. This along with next week’s preview, indicates a tribe shake-up is unlikely to happen.

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from his challenge commentary. Take it how you will…

“Russell… finally up”

This week was tough to select a top and bottom three… we’ve decided to go with:

Top Three

1. Penner


Retains top spot this week after another dominate display in the challenge which helped lead his tribe to victory. Has created somewhat of an alliance with Jeff, and still have the idol in his back pocket as security.

2. Malcolm


Even though his tribe haven’t won a challenge, he performed well today, doing his best to get them back in the challenge. He has a tight alliance with Denise, and now that Angie is gone, Russell has no choice but to align with Malcolm.

3. R.C


She might have come under fire from Abi, however she dominated in the challenge, retrieving the most puzzle pieces of any castaway. Whether she is still in a good position with Abi remains to be seen, however she has a close relationship with Skupin which can work to her advantage.

Bottom Three

14. Katie “Kelly Shinn” Hanson

There were a few people that could fill this spot. Many will be asking why R.C. and Skupin aren’t in the bottom three because they are being targeting by Abi. However, Katie fills the spot because once again she didn’t have any screen time again this episode. Sitting out of the challenge didn’t help her gain a higher spot, let’s hope she gets some more screen time next week.

15. Russell


If Matsing lose the next immunity challenge, Russell is gone. He also needs to watch his mouth. In all three episodes his mouth has almost gotten him sent packing. He definitely has changed his demeanor a bit since he playing in Samoa.

16. Angie


The little cookie monster was sent home after another loss to Matsing. It’s a shame, I would have liked to have seen the “Matsing four” turn the game around, but unfortunately not. She might have been an early boot, but she’ll retain her place in our minds for her “cookie comment” and maybe for other (cough, cough) physical attributes.

Ben’s Opinion


Episode 1 to me ranked at about 98%. Episode 2, around 89%. Episode 3, 83%. I really hope we don’t have another One World on our hands here.

Matsing? Well I think we can happily call them the new Ulong or Ravu. Three in a row, boy oh boy, they are in trouble. It’s a shame too, because looking at all the tribes, they pretty much had a tribe filled with people that were all likeable. I’m sad to see Angie go. Besides being something good to look at, she was also a likeable chick. And now with no cookie references, what will we have to tweet about during the episode?! Russell once again snuck on through after looking fairly safe the week before, and if the preview has anything to go by next week then perhaps his fate rests on one challenge. It looks likely that a switch or absorbing of the tribes next week might not actually happen, so Russell will be hoping for a miracle. Malcolm and Denise look strong, and both will be very important in any switch/merge scenario if the other tribe members are smart enough.

Penner all of a sudden has found himself playing the game and realising he has other people on his tribe, so let’s all celebrate! Jeff too has woken up, amazing that nobody still has really recognised him. Those two make an interesting duo, it’ll be interesting to see how they go together or whether or not things will fall apart pretty quickly. Not a whole lot really going on other than those two over at red camp, so not much more to comment there!

Things are going a bit yellow for Skupin aren’t they? Seriously, did the guy piss off the Survivor gods or what? I almost see a drinking game every episode: one shot for every time he hurts himself! You would be drunk before the first ad break! He is still surprising the hell out of me though, playing very much behind the scenes and really now looking like he is in trouble. It’ll be a shame to see him go if he goes home early because although I predicted he would go out first out of all the returnees, I thought it would be because he rubbed people the wrong way and not because he didn’t do much. Still early days, I hope he can turn it around!

I’m loving me some RC though! Not only is she gorgeous, she is essentially the ‘female Ozzy’! Who knew an investment banker could swim so well?! I’m rooting for her all the way I’m telling you that now! With Angie gone, the eye candy is slowly going but RC can by my ‘goddess’ of this season!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Abi-Maria is growing on my nerves. I don’t know what it is but she’s frustrating me, she reminds me a lot of Alicia for Survivor: One World and we don’t need another character like that.

I jumped on board the R.C. train on day one, so Abi finding the idol and conspiring to vote her off is something I’m very hopeful doesn’t happen! I like R.C. a lot, she’s a fresh face in the game, she knows what she’s doing, she isn’t going around biting people’s heads off like Abi and she’s a physical threat. I’m hoping Abi’s paranoia goes away soon, because we need R.C. in this season!

Sticking with the Tandang theme, Skupin is playing the ‘go with the flow’ role well. The last few episodes he’s kept fairly quiet. I’m hoping Artis sides with Skupin and R.C. so that if Abi and Pete manage to secure Lisa’s vote, my girl isn’t in to much trouble.

Penner is finally playing the game! It’s about time he started planning something, hopefully he can get Jeff and a few others on his side before their first tribal council. The way some of the Kalabaw members are being edited makes me think that Katie and Carter could end up going far into the game. They have both have had virtually no screen-time, so from a viewers stand point, if they were to go to tribal council in the next episode, there’s no reason to vote either of them off, because they haven’t done anything… literally!

Matsing are in big trouble. I liked Angie, so it was sad to see her go ahead of some of the other castaways remaining in the game. Matsing made the right move at tribal council, Russell might have been pathetic in the challenge; however he’s twenty years older, twice as heavier and has experience, which will be a key for Matsing to survive.

The challenge was another good one. Simple, yet physically demanding. I agree with Malcolm, the challenge was tough on Angie, both Dawson and Katie sat out for Kalabaw, and Abi for Tandang. Angie had no chance of matching it with the likes of Carter, R.C., Skupin and Jeff.

As for Russell, he needs to watch his mouth. I don’t like it when castaways belittle each other; he said some very nasty things to Angie, which I didn’t expect to come out of Russell “Mr Nice Guy” Swan’s mouth.

One thing I hate about the hidden immunity idol this season is the fact people will know the “little thing on top of the rice” is no longer there. For me, the whole point of the HIDDEN immunity idol is that nobody knows for certain if somebody has it. Dana picked up pretty quickly that it was missing and it took all but five minutes for Jeff Kent to work out Penner had it. What it does do is increase the chance of someone going home with an idol in their pocket, which is of course what everyone on the production side of Survivor wants.

All in all, another solid episode. From the returnees, its obvious Penner is the smartest, he’s using his experience to its full potential, whether it be finding idols, or in the challenges.

I love R.C. so I hope everything works out for her and the hot-blooded Brazilian (Abi) is sent home eating her words!

Until next time… I’ve spoken.

Lancey’s Opinion


I am actually loving this season. It is really good!

Let’s catch up with our cranky neighbour Abi-Maria for a moment. First, she aligns with R.C. Next, she sees R.C. say a few words to Skupin and decides she doesn’t trust her. From there, she decides R.C. deserves death. Finally, she reveals the idol clue that R.C. found to Pete, finds the idol and claims she knew it was there all along. Poor R.C. has found herself in a sticky situation, all because she aligned with someone erratic and temperamental. At least we met one new member of Tandang in Pete, but Abi-Maria should watch out for him because already he seems to be taking control over the new alliance. Has he forgotten that Abi-Maria found the idol? What is happening to this tribe?!

I am relieved to see Lisa and Artis potentially safe, but Skupin and R.C. don’t deserve the boot either. I have a feeling alliances will be tested next week, assuming Matsing don’t lose again. I was intrigued by Artis’ ambition when he expressed frustration in coming second, which I’m hoping ends in a fight with Abi-Maria where someone loses an eye.
Jeff is proving to be one to watch this season, quickly realising the idol was atop the rice all along. ‘How stupid are we?’ he sighed. Dawson responded with, ‘we’re pretty stupid.’ Perhaps not as stupid as the members of Matsing, who don’t seem to have looked for the idol once. Penner, in another magical Penner moment, recognised what was going on and approached Jeff. Both of them are cautious but Penner could not have played it better. Watch this space!

I am loving this season, but having three tribes has its disadvantages too. First, we miss out on seeing separate reward challenges. Second, aside from the significant moments where idols are discovered, we are barely seeing anything from Kalabaw and Tandang. Dana, Dawson and Carter have barely had any air time, and I don’t think Katie has even been shown on screen.

Russell, Russell, Russell. It’s a bit embarrassing to fail at walking up steps after yelling at your tribe for ‘not wanting it’, isn’t it? Though the challenge was close, the performance by 50% of the Matsing tribe was appalling. Angie took about two hours to get one piece for her tribe while Russell wasted what felt like two years struggling in the water, to come back empty handed. I was glad to see him stay, even though I would’ve liked to see more of Angie, but he had better stop his religious mumbling and win a challenge.

Denise, could you be any more fantastic? She is stuck in a hopeless tribe yet is calm, strategic and generally magnificent. It’s so refreshing to see strong women in Denise and R.C. Denise, if you go down because of this sinking ship I will be devastated.

Next week is going to be big, I can feel it in my Survivor-filled heart…

Survivor Re-capper: Yau-Man Chan


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our third special guest is our very good friend Yau-Man Chan from Fiji & Micronesia who talks about being a last minute fill in for Joel Anderson (who unfortunately had to withdraw for personal reasons), why he is such a fan of Brazilian women, the Matsing losing streak and comparing it to his time on Ravu as well as why he isn’t too keen on the returning players and ‘four fingered handshakes’. Yau-Man’s ‘Philippines Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: RC/Abi-Maria


NEXT TO GO: Russell


Join us next week for our recap of episode 4, featuring special Survivor guest Clay Jordan from Thailand!

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