Dave Ball Interview


For somebody that maybe wasn’t as seen as much on camera as they deserved to be, Dave Ball definitely was one of the funniest and biggest characters in the 19th season of Samoa. Known as ‘Danger Dave’, he was part of the strong Galu tribe that crumbled post merge, something he believes would’ve been completely different had Russell not fallen in the fire. And when it comes to the other Russell in his season, he has plenty to say about him too. Oh, and of course there is the ‘S word’ in Shambo that we should talk about as well…


Dave was a strong member when it came to Galu and their dominance and was a strong challenge threat as the game entered the merge. However due to the strong strategic gameplay by the ‘Foa Foa four’ Dave was unable to make a bigger impact in the game and was voted out and sent to the jury.

In our chat with Dave, he talks about not being recognised in LA but where he does get recognised, his ‘fame nugget’ and it wearing out, how easy it was for Russell to find the idols, being an alternate for China and how he thinks he would’ve gone on that season, how editing plays such a key factor, whether or not the season would’ve been better or worse with out Hantz, how he was the most well fed person in Samoa, what aspect of Russell’s game he gives massive props for, not watching the show since his season except for ‘rooting for the chief’ in Philippines as well as his relationship with Shambo, red leather pants and the truth behind the feud with Laura and Shambo.

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