Russell Hantz Interview


Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying Russell’s impact on the game of Survivor in the last 3 years. Competing on Samoa, Heroes vs Villains and Redemption Island, there hasn’t been a contestant that has been talked about as much in the entire history of the show, and his strategic brilliance and lack of social skills in closing the game are usually the two big talking points. Never backwards in coming forward  about where he thinks he stands amongst the ‘all time greats’, Russell definitely makes you hold on to every one of his words in one of our most entertaining chats yet. And when it comes to listener questions involving Mikayla, how tall he is and his teeth, well let’s just say there was a bit to say!


In his first season in Samoa, Russell deliberately caused havoc amongst his tribe in order to ‘control the way they think’ as well as finding hidden idols without any clues. It looked likely to be working all the way for him right to the end, until his social skills let him down and he finished as runner-up.

He would return for a second time in Heroes vs Villains, playing a similar game and helping take out some big name players, before once again falling short at the final tribal council and this time finishing in third place.

On his third attempt he was targeted from the beginning, and his tribe would through a challenge deliberately just to vote him out.

In our chat with Russell, he talks about his new show Flipped Off and why he doesn’t get along with the Producers, turning down other reality shows such as ‘Redneck Island’, how his tribe in Redemption Island throwing the challenge still annoys him to this day, why he would’ve voted for Rob to win RI, the big advantage of playing before, being ‘scared’ everytime he played, what he would do to mess with people if he was to play for a 4th time, how he was stronger and better than Parvati in HvV, wanting to come to Australia,  Natalie winning still irking him, what Jeff Probst sent to him after his loss on Samoa, Sandra and her ‘cats’, which two players he would combine with himself to create the ‘ultimate player’ as well as how he works out from day 1 which people to allign with and control the game, people not having respect for his gameplay and discussing some more ‘intimate moments’ with Mikayla and talking about Brandon.

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