Survivor Philippines–Episode 5 Recap featuring Billy Garcia!


Survivor Philippines continues with episode 5 this week, and time to once again have a closer look at the episode and give our ‘expert’ opinions from not only Jarryd in another amazing recap, but also hear from Ben & Lancey as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in Billy Garcia from the 13th season in the Cook Islands!

(For the Australian viewers who haven’t watched episode 5 yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of the next season, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to our Survivor: Philippines recap! Join us once again as we dissect the latest episode, full of twists, drama and a very special Jeff Probst moment!

We start the episode off at Matsing. Denise and Malcolm return to camp after voting out Russell. After four consecutive tribal councils, there isn’t much to talk about, so instead we hear about how bad the situation sucks, and the pairs make predictions that they will be split up and become members of either Kalabaw or Tandang.

The next morning, after receiving tree mail about an upcoming challenge, the pair decides to do what countless Matsing members should have done earlier – look for the idol! Working together, they think logically about the places it could be hidden. After a minute of searching, and a confessional from Malcolm about how stupid they are for not being able to find it, they have a brain wave and begin looking at the rice container. After Denise searches inside and out for a sign, Malcolm grabs the machete and detaches the tribal symbol on top of the lid, and the idol is found.

Something that we found interesting after they find the idol, were the differences in the comments from Denise and Malcolm in confessionals.

Denise – Now that WE have the idol…

Malcolm – Now that I have the idol…

Whilst this could just be a simple slip up on Malcolm’s behalf, he is the one in possession of the idol, and if they pair are split up during the game, Denise won’t have an idol to fall back on.

Malcolm is elated about finding the hidden immunity idol. (Image credit CBS)

We’re off to a challenge! Wait already?

Thanks to our hash tag friend in the corner, we’re told it’s a reward challenge! We’re excited; it means we have two challenges in this episode, which is always a bonus, because, who doesn’t love daydreaming about competing in the challenges?

Probst informs the two victorious tribes that Russell was sent home at the last tribal council. Skupin looks surprised at the decision, but maybe he’s just thinking about the challenge and has come up with another way to get injured?

Anyway, Probst tells Denise and Malcolm to drop their buffs. He informs them that Matsing is no more and one of them will join Kalabaw, the other, Tandang. They each draw new buffs from a bag, Malcolm reveals a yellow buff, thus joining Tandang (like they need more strength in challenges), and Denise joins Kalabaw. Essential it was the fairest way to divide the pair, however personally, we would have loved to have seen a showdown between Tandang and Kalabaw in a challenge, with the winner deciding which Matsing member they want to join their tribe.

clip_image002[5]Malcolm and Denise draw new buffs. (Image credit CBS)

We get down to the reward challenge. Up for grabs today is a sugar reward, a hamper of coffee, tea, biscuits and cookies – If only Angie was still around, she would have got her wish.

The challenge is simple, one at a time, tribe members will face off against each other in a mud pit, each holding a perch with an idol sitting on it. The goal is to knock off the other person’s idol, which scores a point for your tribe, first to five points, wins reward.

Whilst it wasn’t the most physical challenge, it made up for it in the mental component. Eight rounds were played, with Tandang securing the win, five points to three. Without going into immense detail about each match up, Malcolm and Jeff battled twice, sharing a point each. Artis easily beat Dana, Katie took the points against Lisa, Denise got the better of R.C., Pete took the points against Carter in the showdown of the two young bucks and Abi competed in only her second challenge and took the points against Dawson. – Oh, and Abi told Dawson to “play like a man, not a bitch” after Dawson pulled her hair in the challenge (that girl really has no idea when it comes to watching what she says.)

The match up of the challenge was Skupin against Penner. Yeah we know, you think we’re only saying that because it’s returning player, against returning player… but that’s not the reason.

Skupin blatantly exploited the rules of the challenge. In his pre-challenge explanation, Probst stated that the person who’s idol first touches the ground loses. What Skupin did really surprised us. Instead of trying to protect his idol, Skupin threw his idol high into the air then launched at Penner, knocking his idol to the ground. Even though Skupin’s idol hit the ground, Penner’s hit the ground first, thus Tandang scored the point. From Penner, we could believe it, from Skupin… not so much, so we were impressed.

The other noteworthy thing that occurred in the challenge was a quote from Penner before the match up between Dawson and Abi.

“Send her up Dawson’s creek” – Just another reason why Penner is so good to watch.

With the reward challenge done and dusted, we head over to Tandang to watch them celebrate and see Malcolm’s arrival at his new home.

Abi and Pete confess they were hoping Malcolm stuck around during Matsing’s losing streak. (Seriously guys, just ask him straight out to join your alliance). Lisa also has positive things to say about Malcolm, claiming he will help add Tandang’s tribe spirit.
R.C. on the other hand isn’t thrilled. She was hoping for Denise to become a Tandang member to help solidify herself a position in the tribe. R.C. is worried that Malcolm and Pete have already bonding, and have formed an alliance. She refuses to back done, promising to fight and get Malcolm on her side by flirting with him, however, she then is seen swimming by herself.

Whilst we refuse to say a negative word about R.C. we will be impressed if she can win over Malcolm by flirting with him. Malcolm spent eight days snuggling with Angie at Matsing, we think he’ll have learnt from his mistake at Matsing and be able to resist R.C.

Pete pulls Malcolm aside, offering him a place in his alliance. He tells Malcolm that now he has joined them; Skupin is even more expendable – calling him an idiot. However, Pete left us confused when he tells Malcolm he has the idol. We think Pete is the idiot now! Firstly, you don’t have the idol, Abi-Maria does, secondly, why would you tell the new guy all the information so soon? Pete has a lot to learn.

Malcolm doesn’t make immediate decisions about his future, and it’s very much up in the air about which Tandang alliance he will join.

We cross over to Kalabaw to see how Denise is settling in. Once again, it’s raining; however Denise is upbeat and happy about having a new home. Denise confesses her goal is to prove her value to the tribe. Penner isn’t too happy that Kalabaw got stuck with Denise. He worries about the physical advantage Tandang now has. Katie on the other hand is thrilled that Denise has joined them. Believe it or not Katie gets a confessional and some screen time! Katie’s plan is to try and get Denise to side with the girl’s alliance so they have the numbers advantage over the guys. A good plan from a relatively invisible player.

However, nothing ever goes to plan on Survivor. Last week we were teased with a possible evacuation, and it is that which screws up Katie’s plan. Dana is struggling; she can’t shrug off a cold or hold down food. She also has pains in her stomach which are becoming increasingly worse. Medical is called in, along with Jeff Probst – which Dawson is extremely excited about.

Penner gives us an insightful confessional how hard it is to live out in the Philippines. He claims that even himself (“a big fat guy”) is hurting, so Dana, (who according to Penner is as big as his little finger), so she’s bound to struggle. Whilst we don’t want to draw your attention away from Dana, Penner once again delivered a classic Penner line like only he can.

Jeff (Probst) gets medical to check Dana out. The medic (His name doesn’t appear on screen and we don’t believe we’ve seen him before), declares that Dana doesn’t have a life-threatening illness and she can stay in the game, for twelve or more hours to see how she goes. Dana however decides the pain is too much and says she wants to leave. Jeff gives her his jacket (we’re sure he’ll charge her the dry cleaning bill) and calls Kalabaw over to say goodbye. An apologetic Dana is taken out of the game, leaving Katie (yes, she talks again), to confess her game is screwed with Dana leaving.

Dana’s exit is interesting. Was she medically evacuated or did she quit? Jeff was very clear to her that it was her decision, that medical gave her the all clear to continue. For now, we’re going to say that she quit due to being ill. Whether that classifies as a quit we’re not sure. Since the infamous ‘double quit’ in Survivor: Nicaragua, the rules have changed in regards to quitters, so it will be interesting to see what the produces classify her exit – either as a medical evacuation or a quit. However, Dana didn’t get her parting words played (similar to when Osten Taylor quit Survivor: Pearl Islands), which makes us think that the producers deemed it that she quit the game. clip_image002[7]Dana leaves the game. (Image credit CBS)

Time for the immunity challenge! When the tribes arrive, Tandang learn of Dana’s fate. Jeff takes back the idols and announces only one of them is now in play, and then a big black, flying bug threatens to kill R.C. (Yes, we did just want to give her a mention).

The challenge comprises two sections; an obstacle course and then a puzzle. Each tribe has to navigate a ramp, get across a mud pit and up a sand bank and then make their way over a cargo net. They then need to untie four ropes, releasing a drawbridge. Once through the drawbridge, one tribe member has to cut through a piece of wood, which has a rope inside, (note: Jamie Newton from Survivor: Guatemala would be able to cut through this rope because the castaways are giving a machete instead of a sharp rock), which releases a crate of bamboo puzzles pieces. The tribes then need to find the nineteen lettered pieces scattered in the bamboo pieces to complete the word puzzle – “live to play another day.”

Tandang has a one member advantage over Kalabaw, forcing Abi to sit out. Jeff questions her as to how many challenges she’s competed in, (two – the first challenge of the season and the reward challenge earlier this episode), before she takes her place on the bench.

Tandang take an early lead, as Katie struggles to get up the sand bank and across the cargo net – something Jeff makes continual reference to during the challenge. Tandang release their drawbridge and Malcolm cuts the rope releasing the puzzle pieces before Kalabaw are through their drawbridge.

Once through, Jeff and Penner share the rope cutting duties and then Kalabaw get set to work on their puzzle. Both tribes struggle with the puzzle, Penner nuts it out for Kalabaw and R.C. works it out for Tandang, leaving both tribes in a race to complete the puzzle to win immunity.

Denise takes a moment during the challenge to practice her “sex face” (Image credit CBS)

Kalabaw look to have it in the bag, however, some miscommunication between Dawson and Penner slow them down long enough for Pete and Lisa to finish the puzzle mere seconds before Kalabaw finish their puzzle. Tandang claim immunity, and return to camp, whilst Kalabaw face tribal council for the first time.


Abi-Maria, the tribe cheerleader, celebrates Tandang’s victory. (Image credit CBS)

In a confessional, Penner blames both Katie and Dawson for the loss, whilst also commenting on the possibility that this could be the end of the Kalabaw tribe – come on Penner, calm down before jumping to absurd conclusions.

Kalabaw returns to camp where Katie apologises for her performance in the challenge. Katie and Dawson then joke about Katie’s poor showing in the challenge and Dawson reassures her that Denise will be sent home because she isn’t an original Kalabaw member.

Jeff Kent has other ideas. He approaches Denise, asking her to align herself with himself, Penner and Carter as the fourth member of their alliance. Whilst Jeff could have done serious damage by telling Denise she’s be at the bottom of the totem pole, she has very limited options, so Denise sides with the men.

The decision now is now between either Katie or Dawson. Along with Carter, Penner wants Katie out, however Jeff wants is adamant Dawson should be the one to go. Whilst we feel the decision won’t have a massive impact on the tribe, Jeff has a motive for voting out Dawson. He is becoming increasingly annoyed of Dawson talking about sports, making Jeff feel uncomfortable about his hidden identity.

We head off to tribal with the vote very much up in the air. We feel at this stage that Katie will be going home because of the edit she’s received in this episode.

Tribal council is a smooth affair. Jeff questions how Dana leaving has affected the tribe, and Penner states that if she was still in the game they would have won the challenge. Denise’s strength is bought up, as is Katie’s poor performance in the challenge. Dawson tells the tribe that they should keep her because of her optimistic spirit, whilst Jeff states he will be voting based on a number of different aspects such as loyalty, camp life and challenge performance.

We get to the vote and Dawson gets sent home in a five-one vote. We think Kalabaw made the right move; Katie may have struggled in the immunity challenge however Katie has performed better than Dawson in previous challenges.

clip_image002[13]Dawson… the tribe has spoken.  (Image credit CBS)

Next week looks like another good episode. From the preview it looks like there’s some drama at the challenge and nobody is happy about it.

Keep in mind that recent seasons of Survivor have seen the tribes merge at twelve. Whilst a preview usually alludes to a merge, from the birds eye view of next weeks challenge, we can’t see the immunity idol, meaning it could be a reward challenge and the tribes merge later in the episode. Who knows… either way it’s going to be good.

Jeff’s sexual innuendo comment is on standby for this week, as you’ll soon find out for obvious reasons.

After the votes were read and Dawson approached Jeff with her torch, he snuffed it. However, she doesn’t immediately leave, prompting Jeff to tell her it’s time for her to go. She has a strange look on her face, which leads us to believe she’s going to inform the tribe about Jeff Kent’s baseball career. We are dead wrong. Instead, she throws herself at Probst, planting a kiss on his check and giving him a hug! We were in shock! Not since Johnny Fairplay in Survivor: Micronesia has a contestant hugged Jeff after being voted off and Fairplay asked for that hug. We’ve got to give credit to Probst though, he took it in his stride and if you look closely did have a smirk on his face.


Dawson gives Jeff a departing kiss and hug, whilst Jeff takes a moment to reminisce about the days with his former Survivor flame, Julie Berry (Image credit CBS)

This weeks top and bottom three are:

1. Penner


Re-claims top spot this week after another strong performance in the immunity challenge. Had Dawson been quicker, he would have secured a come from behind victory for Kalabaw. Add in the fact that he’s in a powerful position and gave us some quality one liners, it wasn’t hard for Penner to take back the number one spot.

2. Jeff


Drops back to second spot this week. Part of the dominant alliance at Kalabaw and securing Denise as part of his alliance. His challenge performances were strong and he managed to have his biggest threat in the game (Dawson) voted out before she could reveal his true identity.

3. Malcolm


Malcolm benefited from the tribe absorption a lot more than Denise. He’s in the middle of alliances at Tandang and depending on which alliance he joins, it will affect the outcome of his and others game. Securing the final point to win a food reward for his new tribe and the fact he now has a hidden immunity idol only helped him climb his way back into the top three.

Bottom Three

12. Katie


Whilst she might have lost her nickname of “Purple Kelly” she now as no alliance left at Kalabaw. She might have voted with the majority, however she’s on the outs and if they were to lose the next immunity challenge, her head will be on the chopping block. She did enjoy some air time this episode so it was good to finally get some insight into her.

13. Dawson


With Dana leaving and Denise siding with the men, Dawson become the first booted from the Kalabaw tribe. Annoying Jeff Kent with leading questions about his baseball didn’t help her and she was sent packing. Dawson will be remembered for giving Jeff a kiss after being voted out.

14. Dana


Couldn’t hack the pain and quit the game after medical gave her the all clear to continue. A disappointing way to leave especially after Denise became a Kalabaw member giving the women an advantage over the men. Could have gone a lot further if she’d stuck it out.

Lastly, we’re introducing another segment to the recap! Each week we’ll include a few tweets from what the castaways are saying!

You can get involved to! Next week whilst you’re watching the episode, send us a tweet (@survivoroz) or use the hash tag #survivoroz and you’re tweet might just get selected to appear in the recap!


Ben’s Opinion


Another well rounded episode it has to be said! Although am I the only one who is missing Russ? Maybe it’s his wacky talks to the man upstairs, or referring to Jeff as ‘Lord’, but that’s something I thought was ‘missing’ from this weeks episode. Other than that, I enjoyed it.

Sad to see Malcolm and Denise being split up and absorbed into the other tribes. Would’ve loved to have seen it go completely Ulong, but I guess Matsing will go down in history like Ulong and Ravu as tribes that never won a challenge. Malcolm though immediately ate up his chance on Tandang though! Fresh with his idol, he certainly found himself fitting in very nicely. RC once again got a lot of screen time and you had to feel for her with her story from growing up. Abi-Maria on the other hand continued on the train to crazy town, with a few stops in Lazyville for good measure (how many challenges do you want to sit out of?! Seriously!). Lisa continues to mould into her ‘Holly/Dawn’ role (let’s just call it Hawn) well, whilst Pete went from being super smart to being a bit too ballsy in showing off his idol to Malcolm. I have to say, I think Malcolm is in the best position of anyone in this game right now. He has an idol that only Denise knows about, he has worked his way up high in his new tribe, he is strong in challenges and already looks likely to potentially be getting a ‘winners edit’. I honestly can’t see anything stopping him at this stage. But remember, this is Survivor! Artis managed to realise what a camera looks like in this episode and have a few things to say, while I’ve decided to give Skupin the nickname of ‘Purple Kelly’ seems as Jarryd took it away from Katie. Seriously, where the hell is he? Is the only thing all season he is going to be remembered for is getting hurt in the first 3 episodes? Although having said that, his move in the reward challenge was nothing short of genius, and he won that challenge for them hands down. I hope things change, because I want to see my man Skupin going deep now that Russ has gone!

Over at Kalabaw, Denise brought the blues over with her (get it?) and I have already dubbed her the ‘Stephenie’ of this season. That caused me to get a bit of flack on Twitter from a few people, but honestly, let’s look at the facts people! Every tribe Denise has been on has lost! She also immediately saw Dana leave as soon as she arrived, so two people left within a day of turning red! It’s called facts people! I hate to be negative against her or even Stephenie, but facts don’t lie! I was sad to see Dana go, she was one of my tips to go deep this season (my tips are going well aren’t they?) and she left before she could really prove herself. Do you class that as a ‘quit’ or a ‘medivac’? Well I would class it as a medivac personally, just to add some irony to a season celebrating returning players who were medevac’d! I actually assumed it would Katie going home tonight given she went from not being seen to all of a sudden being the centre of attention, but she saved the axe and it was ta ta Dawson. Dawson actually was great to watch, her personality almost screamed ‘stalker’ and watching her stare at Probst as he snuffed her was awkward, before it became even more awkward with THAT hug. God help us if Boston Rob returned for a 5th time, was voted out and asked for a hug. I swear there would be some gay man love happening at tribal council for the first ever time if that was to happen! It concluded a very awkward moment and made it memorable with Dawson’s closing comments.

Next week looks interesting, are we having another Phillip Sheppard moment with Artis? Guess we’ll have to see. The math would also say that next week will see the first member of the jury as well, so bring on next weeks episode and continue this exciting season!

Jarryd’s Opinion


I don’t know what I’m more excited about, a separate reward challenge or the fact R.C. lived on to fight another day!

I was literally on the edge of my seat during the immunity challenge, hoping that Tandang won so that R.C. was around for another episode. When the puzzle master, (Penner) worked it out, I thought it was all over. Thankfully, Dawson and Penner weren’t a good combination together and Pete and Lisa got it done!

Matsing being absorbed was what had to happen from a production standpoint. Whilst it’s interesting to see whether the underdogs can pull off a win, challenge wise and drama wise it’s not the best. I’m hoping that R.C. can work her charm on Malcolm (she’s already worked on me), because I want her to stick around.

Another thing I liked this week was that no R.C./Abi fights occurred (or at least on camera). I was getting tired of hearing Abi complain and blame R.C. for her insecurities. Though, it wasn’t a wise move on Abi’s behalf to call Katie a bitch at the reward challenge, impressions mean a lot in Survivor and that’s something Katie won’t forget.

Speaking of Katie, she got confessionals! Initially I thought because of the edit she got in this episode, she was going home, (similar to Roxy in episode two). Whilst she might not be the smartest player, at least we know a bit about her now. I am happy she didn’t get sent home though; I think there still a lot of game left in her.

I’m still unsure whether Dana quit or was medically evacuated. I wrote in the recap that she quit due to illness. My opinion is she quit, however it’s a similar incident to Kathy Sleckman in Survivor: Micronesia. She was in a lot of pain, on camera, that lasts around five minutes, so without being there its hard to define her situation. The medical team might have taken hours to come out, and when given the option, Dana didn’t want to wait another twelve hours to see whether she improved. We’ll have to wait and see what happens at the reunion.

I still can’t believe Dawson gave Jeff a departing kiss and hug! What happened to the no contact rule between him and the Survivors? After her torch was snuffed, I honestly thought she was standing their waiting to spill the beans on Jeff Kent, instead she jumps on Probst!
Finally, Penner’s quotes only make this season worth watching. Calling himself – “A big fat guy” – was hilarious, and whilst I felt sorry that Dana had to leave, Penner did steal some of the limelight with that comment.

Overall, another solid episode. I feel things will improve a lot from here on. With no more Matsing, where’re back to two tribes, which means more screen time, and hopefully more separate reward and immunity challenges!

Lancey’s Opinion


What a sad day for Kalabaw, who last week looked like they couldn’t be touched. Dana was the first the go in both a literally and figuratively painful exit, before the tribe lost and sent Dawson packing. I am so gutted at the blindside that took place, particularly when I think we could all relate to Dawson’s creepy love of Probst (shown beautifully in her farewell smootch), and she seemed to have a lot of potential that was wasted. Jeff is a lucky man, because I know personally I would’ve yelled at the top of my lungs, ‘HEISAMILLIONAIREVOTEHIMOUUUUUUUT’ after pashing Jeff. Goodnight and good luck Dawson!

The lovely Denise AGAIN found herself in a bad position, after Malcolm found the idol and was separated from her. While I am relieved she lives to fight another day, at best she looks to be the fourth member of a tight alliance.

Malcolm was so well received at Tantang it was a little bit cringe-worthy. Pete and Abi-Maria seem to think they’re running the game, but I’m not so sure. I have a dream that Artis, Skupin, Lisa and R.C. take control, form a power alliance and tear a path all the way to the merge. There is so much tension at Tantang and they haven’t even seen Tribal yet, so I can only imagine what their first one will be like (I’m thinking Pete flexing his ordinary muscles and Abi-Maria screaming non-stop).

Funnily enough, Probst appears to have the same disdain towards Abi-Maria as the rest of us, and certainly isn’t afraid to remind Katie how easy portions of the challenge were. Keep stirring that pot Probst!

Survivor Re-capper: Billy Garcia


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our fifth special guest is Billy Garcia from the Cook Islands, as he discusses Dawson’s exit and her ‘pimping out his shirts’, people not getting a lot of airtime this season and the ‘token black guy’ and ‘token boob girl’, why he thinks Penner is on a fast track to a million dollars, awkward tribal council moments, Jeff Kent winning more on Survivor than he ever did on baseball, whether or not Abi-Maria is losing it and just where the hell is Skupin? Billy’s ‘Philippines Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Penner

Join us next week for our recap of episode 6, featuring special Survivor guest Brian Corridan from Guatemala!

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