Sydney Maughan Interview


For a person who didn’t survive as long on the 18th season of Tocantins as she would’ve liked, Sydney has certainly remained memorable. So memorable in fact that you voted her as the third sexiest female contestant of all time in our recent poll. But since the show, Sydney has gone on to not only meet the man of her dreams, she is also now expecting her first child. She also just happened to come on the show at the perfect time and become our 150th different Survivor contestant on the show!

 Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands

Sydney found herself working closely with Joe and Spencer and it appeared as though potentially it was an alliance that would get her to the merge. However despite her strong relationships, it wasn’t to be for her as she was voted out just before the merge and the jury.

In our chat with Sydney, she talks about Tocantins being a ‘slow season’, being told it was meant to be similar to the ‘old days’, being compared to Elisabeth Hasselbeck from the Australian Outback, being hard to forget she was being filmed, her issue with her edit, not wanting to ruin her character, JT not being perfect and having a ‘mean side’, how she knew she was going home, the season being ‘awesome’ after she left, being happy that she wasn’t on the same tribe as Coach as well as why she felt her season was a case of ‘good vs evil’ and why she intimidated by Jeff Probst.

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