Survivor Philippines–Episode 6 Recap featuring Brian Corridan!


Survivor Philippines continues with episode 6 this week, and time to once again have a closer look at the episode and give our ‘expert’ opinions from not only Jarryd in another amazing recap, but also hear from Ben & Lancey as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in Brian Corridan from the 11th season in Guatemala!

(For the Australian viewers who haven’t watched episode 6 yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of the next season, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to our Survivor: Philippines recap! Join us once again as we dissect the latest episode, from the “forfeit” to Malcolm’s recruitment to the MLB.

We start off this episode with Kalabaw returning from their first Tribal Council. We get the usual comments from everyone about how horrible it was, and how they never want to return. Katie expresses her feelings in a confessional. Knowing she is now on the bottom of the totem pole, her sole focus is now to “work her magic” to turn the tides on her bleak outlook in the game.

Katie doesn’t let us down. Next morning we find her talking to Denise about how dangerous Penner is and how she believes he has the Idol. She expresses to Denise that Penner needs to go because he is to bigger threat than her. Other than Denise agreeing that Penner has the Idol, she doesn’t comment on Katie’s plan, probably because she doesn’t agree with it. Nevertheless, early in the episode, we have two potential castaways who look like they might be sent packing at the end of the episode.

We cross over to Tandang, who in this episode are relatively invisible. Everything isn’t peachy after going fifteen days without attending Tribal Council, (or in Skupin’s case, ten years). Tandang are running low on rice, with only enough left for one or two days. This is largely due to the fact that they have been eating too much and because Skupin is taking the meaning of Tandang, (rooster), way to seriously and is snacking on raw rice.

The clear theme of how annoying Skupin is continues when Pete criticisms him, calling him “the most useless player to ever return to Survivor” in a confessional.

Unfortunately Pete, we’re going to have to disagree with you. We’re also going to get off topic for a while whilst we give you some pointless trivia about returning players in Survivor.

Overall, there have been forty-three returnees in Survivor history, spanning seven seasons. Out of those forty-three, Skupin has currently lasted longer on his second chance than fifteen other returnees did in their second or third attempts to win the title of Sole Survivor. Whilst Skupin might not be the brightest cookie, (No Angie, that’s a metaphor), statistically, he’s by know means the worst player to ever return. Clearly Pete hasn’t thought very hard about some of the returnees we have seen that might not have deserved a second chance – but we won’t be naming names!

Back on track and it’s time for the reward challenge. The challenge is a variation from a challenge we saw in Survivor: China. It requires three tribe members at a time to race out into a mud pit and attempt to push a giant ball through their goal. Each time a tribe gets a ball into their goal, they score a point, with the first tribe to three points winning an afternoon away from camp enjoying sandwiches, soup, brownies and chips.

The challenge has been slightly tweaked from the variation we saw in China. This time around, there is only one ball compared to two and there’s no topless Amanda Kimmel.

Tandang are required to sit out a male and a female so R.C. and Artis sit out of the challenge. The first match up consists of Lisa, Pete and Skupin for Tandang, up against Carter, Denise and Penner from Kalabaw. We’re treated to a fascinating match up. With everyone vying for the one ball this time, strategy plays a much bigger role in the challenge. Lisa and Denise take each other out, Pete and Carter wrestle, and Penner puts his hands through Skupin’s legs, which eventually results in Skupin sitting on Penner, which Skupin describes as “heaven”.


Is that Penner practicing a move on Skupin that “Cao Boi” taught him in the Cook Islands? (Image credit CBS)

We doubt this challenge was as exciting as production planned. After a time warp, Probst informs everyone that the first round match up has been going for one hour! It’s the only time we can remember a non-endurance challenge going for so long. It’s a stale mate; everyone is exhausted at holding one another down, so Penner decides to take things into his own hands.

Penner barters with Skupin to allow Kalabaw to win the Reward Challenge in exchange for the remainder of Kalabaw’s rice. There’s a big reaction to this, with a lot of different view points. Skupin and Pete want to take the deal, whilst Artis is very much against it and Lisa leaves the decision up to others. Carter seems wary of the decision however Penner convinces him that he just needs time to fish and he’ll provide it for the tribe. After some more talk, Probst confirms with both tribes the arrangement and declares Kalabaw the winners of the challenge.

We must say it’s one of the strangest endings to a challenge we’ve ever seen. One tribe convinces the other to let them win reward but gives up their rice? We’re not one hundred percent sure it was the best decision as yet. In saying that, Penner knows what he’s going. It’s his third time playing the game, he’ll know that in the next week a merge is coming, which usually means the merged tribe will receive more rice. We believe his thinking was that if we can have a decent meal, we’ll have a better shot at the next Immunity Challenge. If Kalabaw won, it would have been brilliant, they didn’t so know they have to go several days relying on Penner’s fishing ability.

Anyway, Kalabaw head off to their reward and Tandang head back to camp after Probst tells them that they will receive Kalabaw’s rice through tree mail.

Kalabaw attend their reward and Penner explains his challenge strategy to the tribe.

“If they won, they’d be seven people sitting at the same meal as this… five people, we get a lot more food.”

We’ll agree with Penner on that, its simple mathematics. However, with no rice left, Kalabaw now have to rely on Penner’s fishing abilities in order to eat.

Jeff and Carter continue to express their worry about the possibility of not catching fish as they continue to eat. Penner discovers that they each have letters from home waiting for them. Whilst we love it when they include letters from home, (because it allows us to see a different side to the castaways), we think fifteen days in is a little early for some love from home? It usually occurs at the Survivor Auction, or later on in the game once the merge as occurred.

We cross over to see Tandang arriving back from the challenge. Artis applauds Penner for the decision he made, and then goes on to blame Skupin for making the decision to forfeit the challenge based on his opinion instead of consulting himself and the tribe. Artis must have short term memory problems because Skupin did ask how he felt about the decision! Whilst Artis made it clear that he wanted to win the challenge, he didn’t press the issue for the challenge to continue. Maybe he’s just upset because he didn’t get his way.

Kalabaw’s rice is delivered and Tandang begin to discover they might have been on the wrong end of the deal. Kalabaw have roughly the same amount of rice left as Tandang, meaning that Tandang have only doubled their rice. Whilst R.C. and Malcolm try and put a positive spin on the situation, Abi begins to complain again, going as far as saying that the move Tandang made at the Reward Challenge could be “one of the dumbest moments in Survivor.” – Whilst we don’t agree, we have to remember this quote came from Abi.

Before we leave Tandang, we’re treated to a Skupin and R.C. gossip session in which they talk about the negativity displayed by Abi, Artis and Pete.


“Abi’s obviously doing her ‘Abi thing’” – R.C. describes Abi’s behaviour to Skupin following the Reward Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

We cross back to Kalabaw on day sixteen to see Penner preparing to go out fishing. Carter spots a stingray close to shore, Penner races in but after a few unsuccessful attempts to stab it, it fleas. So Penner heads out to try and catch some fish. What happens next is some really cool editing. With some dramatic music playing and several shots of large fish swimming around in the ocean, Penner returns to camp. We were convinced by the editing and thought Penner was bringing back a big fish for the tribe, instead he brings back two very small fish that they don’t even bother cooking.

We’re not surprised that Penner didn’t manage to catch anything. Not once during his time in the Cook Islands or Micronesia can we remember Penner volunteering to go out and fish. It’s no surprise that he failed to bring back anything significant. We’re still struggling to understand where his fishing credentials came from because he’s defiantly no Richard Hatch, Ozzy or Rupert. After Penner returns, Katie and Carter aren’t impressed with the lack of food, whilst Carter suggests that if they have to starve through the game, he won’t make it to the end.


On the menu for tonight… Penner’s idea of “fish of the day” (Image credit CBS)

Time for the Immunity Challenge. We’ve since this challenge before to. It was first used in Survivor: Thailand, and if our memory serves me well, was again used in Survivor: Guatemala, Fiji, Tocantins and Redemption Island. One member of each tribe is the “launcher” and must launch balls into a field where four other tribe members are. The tribe members in the player area each have a stick with a basket attached. Their goal is to catch a ball (either colour), in their basket and score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to five points wins immunity. We’ll just point out that whilst we might have seen this challenge on multiply occasions, we’re a fan of it. If you don’t remember the challenge well, it’s the same challenge that cost J.T. part of his tooth in Survivor: Tocantins.

Once again Tandang are required to sit out a male and a female. Once again, Abi sits out of the challenge, (Probst can’t believe it), and after losing the rock, paper, scissors match with Malcolm, Skupin takes the other spot on the bench. Lisa and Denise are the launchers, and the match up’s in the field are: Malcolm versus Carter, Pete versus Jeff, Penner versus Artis and R.C. versus Katie.

Penner scores first for Kalabaw and Tandang hit back the following round when both R.C. and Pete score. Probst then returns to his new favourite pastime, and calls out Katie’s inability in the challenge, followed by Carter’s weakness. It becomes the “Jeff Kent show” when he uses his baseball skills to catch three balls in a row, giving Kalabaw a demanding four-two lead. Things turn back around to favour Tandang when Malcolm takes two catches to level the scores at four apiece. With immunity on the line, Jeff and Carter swap positions with the ex-MBL player now guarding Malcolm.

With Penner missing the ball Denise launched, Lisa aims for Malcolm once again. Jeff and Malcolm wrestle as the ball gets closer, and then Jeff’s seventeen years in the MBL go to waste when Malcolm catch’s the ball! Not what we were expecting. From what we’ve read about Jeff, he was a very good baseball player, so we thought he’d easily be able to make the catch over Malcolm, what we didn’t expect was that Malcolm would score the final point on him. Does that mean that Malcolm will get a MBL contact himself after Survivor?

Anyway, enough about our lack of knowledge on baseball. Tandang wins immunity once again. We’ve also worked out what Abi’s role is in Immunity Challenges – it’s to carry the immunity idol! We’ve noticed the past few weeks that Abi usually carries the Idol into the challenge, and when the challenge is complete, whoever Jeff gives the Idol back to passes it straight to Abi. So whilst Abi might sit out of every challenge, it’s nice that Tandang are making her feel involved in the challenges.

imageAbi carries the Immunity Idol into the challenge. Following the challenge, Lisa immediately passes the Immunity Idol to the ‘Idol Bearer’” (Image credit CBS)

We’re finished with Tandang with this episode, so we’re back at Kalabaw following the immunity challenge. After another poor performance in the challenge, Katie is once again in the hot seat. Katie might be in luck though as Jeff begins to have second thoughts about his alliance with Penner. – What ever happened to giving your word with you “five fingered handshakes? –

Jeff talks to Carter and the pair agrees that Denise needs to stay, and whilst Katie might deserve to go home, Penner is the bigger threat. Carter isn’t fully convinced though, and shows us he has some idea about strategy when he mentions that Penner will be a good person to take to the merge because he’ll be the one with a target on his back. (Looks like Carter is learning a thing on two from Penner).

Carter undoes all his good strategic work when he asks Penner “What do you want to do? Katie or Penner?”

Penner’s reaction shows he’s played the game before. Instead of jumping on Carter and wanting him out, he doesn’t take much notice of the slip. In saying that, we’re sure Penner will find a way to use it later on. So Penner tries to convince his alliance to stick to the plan and vote Katie. The trio is interrupted by Katie returning to camp. Penner tells her they are voting Denise but Katie doesn’t buy it. Once Penner has left camp, Katie tries her best to convince Jeff and Carter that voting out Penner is in all their benefits. They seem quite interested, with Jeff mentioning the original Kalabaw plan of taking out the veteran first.

We go off to Tribal Council with the big question… will it be Penner or Katie? Jeff starts Tribal by asking the tribe who feels they are in danger. Katie and Denise volunteer that they feel they are in a bad spot. Penner informs the tribe that whilst he didn’t own up to being vulnerable at the vote, he did so to give the impression that he is comfortable in the game. Jeff Kent then informs the tribe that every vote from here on out will be a blindside because of how close everybody has become. At this stage, we’re worried that Penner might be sent home. Before the vote, Penner tells the tribe that he won’t take a blindside personally because it’s part of the game, however he says he wouldn’t be happy about it.

We get to the vote, Katie and Penner both receive a vote each. As Jeff unfolds the third vote we’re on the edge of our seat, hoping its got Katie’s name on it… which is does. Katie is sent home in a four to one vote. It was the most logically decision from Kalabaw, Katie wasn’t performing, wasn’t part of an alliance, it wasn’t necessarily all her fault, but it was time for her to go.


Katie… the tribe has spoken.  (Image credit CBS)

What’s interesting about Katie being voted out is that she didn’t become a member of the Jury. Now that Katie is gone, there are eleven castaways left in the game. That means that we will either see a Final Three facing a seven person Jury or a Final Two facing a seven or nine person Jury. It might not seem much, but if you aren’t in sync with Survivor, it’s something you might not have noticed.
This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes during the Immunity Challenge. We’ll leave what pole Jeff is referring to for you to decide.

“Katie, hand on the pole”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

1. Malcolm


Malcolm is fitting in well at Tandang. After his amazing performance in the Immunity Challenge he secured the win for Tandang, he takes top spot away from Penner.

2. Penner


Stays in the top three again after another solid performance. His brilliance to convince Tandang to give up reward in exchange for rice (knowing a merge was coming), was brilliant. His alliance with Jeff, Carter and Denise was tested for the first time and they stood by him.

3. Jeff


Jeff fought gallantly in the Immunity Challenge and came very close to single-handedly wining Immunity for his tribe. By sticking to the plan and voting out Katie, he solidified his alliance with Penner.

Bottom Three

10. R.C.


Whilst I hate to do this, R.C. slots into tenth spot because she isn’t in a good position in her tribe. Whist she’s still contributed to winning Immunity, if Artis, Lisa and Malcolm all side with Abi and Pete, R.C.’s time in the game might soon be over.

11. Skupin


Similar to R.C., Skupin has been on the outs with his tribe for several weeks. Winning Immunity seems to be the only reason he’s still in the game. Giving up Reward to Kalabaw didn’t leave him in Artis’ good books.

12. Katie


There isn’t much we can say about Katie. She only featured in two out of six episodes. Her game was cruelled by Dana quitting in the previous episode. She did her best to stay alive by pleading for Penner to go home, however her poor performance in recent challenges contributed to the decision to send her home.

What the castaway’s said about the episode.

Remember, if you’d like to see your opinion feature in this section, tweet us during next week’s episode (@survivoroz) or use the hash tag #survivoroz and your tweet might get selected!


Ben’s Opinion


I think it’s quite impressive to find out that even after 25 seasons new records are being created. First time there has been six unanimous vote-offs in a row is an amazing stat to consider! And also Tandang has now gone on to be the third most successful tribe in terms of wins in immunity challenges behind only Moto and Koror. Records are still falling in Survivor.

And so is the rain! Has there been one episode this season where it hasn’t rained? I feel for those people, I really do. I have never played the game but man, just watching each week makes me want to stay inside and rug up under a blanket. I can only imagine how bad it is for them. I was happy this episode to find out that Skupin is still in the game. I mean he has been missing since episode 1! We had been calling Katie the ‘Purple Kelly’ of this season, I think we can now officially call our man Skup the ‘PK’ of this season. And he ain’t no chewing gum! I feel for Skupin, I really do. He is playing differently to what I ever imagined he would play like but for some reason he is still pissing people off in his tribe. He just doesn’t seem to ever get into a position where he is really in the drivers seat. Not sure if he is struggling with the strategic side of the game that has developed over the years or that is his strategy, but I just have to feel sorry for him. He and RC are easily my favourites on Tandang, and I’m sure the only reason they are both still in the game is the fact that Tandang are just that good. I’m hoping that we’ll see a merge next week, have both of them flip to Kalabaw and then BAM they become 2 very powerful people, swing in Malcolm and side with Denise to form their own little band of four. That would be a great final 4 to me, and one I hope will happen. I doubt it will though. One thing I have to bring up on Skupin, did anyone else get serious deju vu with the scene where he came out of the water below?


(Image Courtesy CBS)

Was just a tad freaky! Thought I was in 2001 all of a sudden! But I couldn’t see Elisabeth anywhere. Damn it…

Over at Kalabaw, the dynamic again is intriguing. The whole situation at the reward challenge, well since when has Survivor turned into the UN General Assembly? Good for them for negotiating, but the last time I checked Penner’s last name wasn’t ‘Lusth’ and he didn’t have a Jesus hairstyle and Amanda waiting back at camp for a snuggle snog. I mean, when the hell has he ever caught fish in Survivor? Good strategy? Possibly. He didn’t get voted out. But his name was brought up. So obviously he is in a better position than the edit this episode gave him credit for. Carter? Well my ‘bro’ is just lost. I swear the guy is going to end up sitting on the final three going “bro I had no idea how I got her, but isn’t it awesome that I did?”. He’ll make Fabio look like Boston Rob at this rate if it happens. Denise continues to live up to her Stephenie persona, and Jeff Kent proves that he needs a glove to catch a ball. Is that the case with all Americans though? Put Ricky Ponting, Michael Clarke and Shane Watson out there and we’ll show you guys how to catch! (A bit of a cricket reference there, use Google folks).

No jury for Katie? Interesting. Could we have a final 2? I hope so! But next week there looks to be a twist of some sort. Is it the merge? Well who knows, an even numbered merge would be strange, so possibly another switch of some sort. I would prefer a merge, as I think the switch would just be stupid. But it’s Survivor, and I guess you can expect the unexpected.

Just realise I didn’t really speak much of Katie in my opinion? Well, yeah, she was nice to look at? Sorry Katie but that’s about all I’ll really remember you for! Bring on next episode!

Jarryd’s Opinion


So far, Tandang would have to be up there as one of the best tribes in Survivor history. They just don’t lose!

I have mixed feelings about this episode. Both the reward and immunity challenges were old classics, which I love… however what went down at the reward challenge was terrible. Since when do you do something like that on Survivor? If Tandang had lost the immunity challenge, I wouldn’t have been surprised. No matter if its reward or immunity, you don’t throw the challenge or give up, so I can understand Artis’ frustration.

I’m not complaining though because it means R.C. survives another week! Whilst she might not be in the best position to win the game at the moment, I want her to at least make the jury!

I referred to it in the recap, but Ill mention it again. Why did Penner think he could fish? Unless I’m mistaken, he never finished during his time in the Cook Islands or Micronesia, so why suddenly does he think he’s a talented fisherman?

Abi continues to frustrate me, all she does is complain and sit out of challenges… how is she still around?

I was worried about Penner tonight. Whilst I was sure he wasn’t going home, and that Katie would be leaving, I was still revealed when the second vote for Katie was revealed. Nothing against Katie, she was a likeable person (even though she didn’t get much screen time), but Penner is much more entertaining to watch.

Next week looks like their might be a merge, which I cant wait for. The only players I’m not very fond of at the moment seem to be in solid positions in their tribes (yes, I’m talking about Abi), so if there’s a merge, something crazy might happen and Abi will go home – or R.C. will get to stick around a bit longer!

Survivor Re-capper: Brian Corridan


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our sixth special guest is Brian Corridan from Guatemala, as he discusses his thoughts on this season so far compared to the seasons that preceded it, Mike Skupin and Jonathan Penner and their various edits, the challenge ‘negotiation’ and a similar situation in his season, whether or not Katie is part of the jury, Jeff Probst and his love of men and distaste towards women, his love of Abi-Maria as well as Artis and his reaction and just what will happen next week! Brian’s ‘Philippines Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Malcolm
NEXT TO GO: Carter/Jeff

Join us next week for our recap of episode 7, featuring special Survivor guest Tanya Vance from Thailand!

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