Parvati Shallow Interview


Is there a bigger female contestant in the history of the show than Parvati Shallow? Three time player, winner in Micronesia, runner-up in Heroes vs Villains and 6th in the Cook Islands have seen her go down as one of the all time greats. In fact she was voted third by you in our recent poll, and is easily one of our most requested guests. But what is there to Parvati you don’t already know? How about her thoughts on her first time out in the Cooks, how her strategy changed and just why she returned for a 2nd time and a 3rd time after previously saying she would never return? There’s even a small factor of giving Russell some love, something which may just anger some Parvati fans. And what about the ‘feud’ with Amanda and ‘bad things’ said by Ben against Rob Cesternino?


On her first season in the Cook Islands, Parvati did enough to make it to the merge and have a good shot at the end. However with some moves made by Jonathan Penner she soon found herself out of favour and going home in 6th place.

Her second time around in Micronesia cemented her position as one of that all time greats. After initially looking like she was going home first, she managed to wheel and deal her way into the game deep, finding herself in the final tribal council and walking away with the $1 million after a strong strategic and physical game.

Things looked likely to be going down the same path her third time around for Heroes vs Villains, as once again she found herself at the final tribal council. This time around however she would fall just short, and miss out on becoming the first ever two time winner in the history of the show.

In our chat with Parvati, she talks about being thankful for our Ozlet Jarryd hooking this chat up, so called ‘bad things’ said about Rob C, the shock at the race twist, her thoughts on Penner on the current season of the Philippines as well as Skupin, the fact she has never been to Australia, why more people need to have respect for Russell, her alliances on Micronesia and her strategy changing, Jeff Probst and his recent comments on women as well as him not liking her or Amanda, why she played for a 2nd time and 3rd time, the Boston Rob vote out as well as the relationship with Russell and Amanda, her thoughts on Kim and her very surprising choice at sexiest contestant of all time.

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2 Comments on Parvati Shallow Interview

  1. Gotta comment on something: People vote with their feelings, get over it!

  2. I would do naughty things to parvati.

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