Shannon Elkins Interview


For somebody who only lasted two episodes, Shannon Elkins still went down as memorable contestant from the 21st season in Nicaragua. Brash, opinionated and not afraid to speak his mind, Shannon’s mouth got him a large amount of criticism after comments made at fellow contestant Sash in the tribal council that would ultimately send him home, a fact that really doesn’t bother him. In fact Shannon is not one to shy away from saying what he really means, from everyone to Jeff Probst and Boston Rob right through to Purple Kelly. Chicken certainly though brings out the kind words in Shannon.

Survivor: Nicaragua Starting off as a strong physical competitor on the ‘younger tribe’, Shannon tried to stamp his authority by forming alliances early. However his opinion’s and strong personality soon painted a target on him, and in a heated tribal council he was the first younger member to be voted out of his season.

In our chat with Shannon, he talks about his life since the show, everyone on his season being ‘boring as hell’, why he would’ve faired better with the older people, his admiration for Jimmy Johnson, being back at ‘high school with a bunch of idiots’, his thoughts on the current season of the Philippines, Fabio’s win, Parvati and Russell, why he wouldn’t have won and who he would’ve taken to the end with him to make sure they did win, his love of chicken as well as his thoughts on Jeff Probst’s hosting style and his admiration for Colton from One World.

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2 Comments on Shannon Elkins Interview

  1. Sad to say, but after hearing this, I say here’s one guy that actually got a generous edit on the show.

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