Survivor Philippines–Episode 8 Recap featuring Matt Quinlan!


Survivor Philippines continues with episode 8 this week, and time to once again have a closer look at the episode and give our ‘expert’ opinions from not only Jarryd in another amazing recap, but also hear from Ben & Lancey as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in Matt Quinlan from the 24th season of One World!

(For the Australian viewers who haven’t watched episode 8 yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of the next season, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my Survivor: Philippines recap! Join me as I breakdown episode eight, including Penner’s first Individual Immunity win, the Hidden Immunity Idols and Jeff Kent getting the boot before the “veterans”.

We begin the episode with Dangrayne returning from voting out R.C. Penner is immediately up in arms about what took place at Tribal Council, questioning Jeff, Carter and Denise as to what happened. Surprisingly, Penner stays calm and doesn’t go around abusing his former tribe members (I’ll admit, Cochran was an easier target for Jim Rice to pick on, Jeff Kent is far more menacing.) We get a confessional from Penner, whose bitterness is shown on camera. (Now I think he knows how most of the Rarotonga tribe felt in Survivor: Cook Islands).

We get another confessional from Jeff about “taking out the veterans next,” (drop it already Jeff, that’s all you ever say!), before Penner and Skupin come together with the latter telling Penner not to lose hope.

Penner then promises us he’ll now be playing an ‘under the radar’ game, swears payback on everyone before going on and threatening the lives of everyone. (Did Criminal Minds start an hour early tonight?)


Penner: “I have no alliances, I have no allegiances, I don’t care, Everybody’s equal, they’re all ready to die!” (Image credit CBS)

The followed day we find Penner finishing, (he’s unsuccessful again), and Lisa talking strategy! She gives us a confessional, telling us the obvious – that everyone is against Penner and Skupin and they want them out. However, Lisa is thinking strategically, coming up with a plan to break up the “evil” Tandang trio of Abi, Artis and Pete.

Strategy gets put on hold as it’s time for the Reward Challenge.

The castaways are divided into two teams, (yellow and blue). One at a time a member of each team must swim out with a rope, hook the rope onto a fish trap, dive down and unhook the trap, leaving their team to pull them back to shore. After collecting four traps, one tribe member has to dig in a designated section of sand to find a key. Once they have the key, they have to unlock the lock on the puzzle board. Two team members will then untie the fish nets, releasing eight scrolls. The first team to correctly assemble the scroll puzzle on the board wins an afternoon river cruise complete with barbequed ribs, salads, cornbread and apple pie.

The challenge is pretty cool. It’s similar to one we saw in Survivor: Micronesia and South Pacific. In this challenge, the fish nets replace giant puzzle pieces and the team pulls their own team member in, instead of using a giant wheel to drag them in.

The yellow team consists of Denise, Jeff, Lisa, Malcolm and Penner who are taking on Abi, Artis, Carter, Pete and Skupin for the blue team.

We’re treated to another close challenge. During the fish net collection stage of the challenge, the blue team falls behind early after Jeff and Penner collect their fish nets faster than Abi and Pete. On the third leg, Lisa, (yellow), heads out to collect a fish net and she loses a big lead when Carter, (blue), overtakes her. The lead changes again when Skupin has problems unhooking the fish net, allowing Denise to get her team back into the lead going into the second stage of the challenge.

Malcolm begins to dig first, however Artis recovers his the key first. Going into the puzzle, the blue team holds a slight lead over the yellow team. However, any tribe or team associated with the colour blue are destined to fail this season. With the puzzle master (Penner) working alongside Jeff for the yellow team, they put their puzzle together a lot quicker than Pete and Skupin.

Once again I have to take a moment to mention Penner’s puzzle solving ability. He was brilliant in this challenge, and has to be up there as one of the best puzzle solvers in Survivor history.

Denise, Jeff, Lisa, Malcolm and Penner win Reward and head off to enjoy, as the losing blue team head back to camp to “enjoy” rice and beans. (They have both rice and beans now? These guys really do get to much food!)
Back at camp, Abi and Carter “talk” about the alliance. Actually, Abi does most of the talking. She tells Carter the key alliance is herself, Artis, Pete and Lisa… then adds that she guesses “you guys” (Carter, Jeff and Denise), are part of the alliance to. She then goes onto add that there are no “placements” within the alliance.

Abi running her mouth annoys Pete. He tries to warm her, but like always, she doesn’t take the criticism well. Pete then goes on to describe Abi as “the puppet you have to take care of” because she can easily leak information, whilst also saying she won’t get any votes if she made it to the Final Three. (I don’t know about that Pete… if Phillip Sheppard can receive a Jury vote, Abi can to.) After venting about aligning with Abi, Pete goes onto speculate that after getting rid of Penner, that keeping Skupin around, in order to “take out Kalabaw” might be in his best interests.

We join up with the winning yellow team as they enjoy their reward. Everyone is in high spirits; Denise explains this is because the group on reward are much better to be around than the negative group at camp. (Does anyone have anything nice to say about Abi, Artis and Pete?).


Denise, Lisa, Malcolm, Jeff and Penner toast their victory in the Reward Challenge.  (Image credit CBS)

Penner uses this to his advantage, telling them to bring him along as a number in a new alliance between the five on reward and Skupin. He tries half-heartedly to convince them he doesn’t think he can win. Malcolm easily identifies that Penner is trying to direct heat off himself and put ideas in people’s heads. However, in Survivor, paranoia is ever present, so playing with peoples minds is about all Penner can do at this stage. We get a bit more strategy from Lisa, as she says that Penner’s idea about taking the ‘deserving people’ to the end is what she wants, however when playing for a million dollars, she wants to win, not finish fifth.

We skip ahead a few “nothing” days and find out we’re now up to day twenty-two. Lisa works out a plan for a post-Penner alliance, and confides this to Skupin. The pair discusses what will happen if Penner wins Immunity… which leaves Lisa to spill the beans about Malcolm’s Idol to Skupin. Lisa tells Skupin that if Penner wins Immunity, she’ll drop the bombshell on the tribe, hence saving Skupin and blindside Malcolm. Conveniently, Penner walks up at the moment and begins to boast about how they have no shot at Immunity because he’s going to win.


Penner interrupts Skupin’s and Lisa’s strategy conversion. (Image credit CBS)

Before going off to the challenge, a confessional with Penner plays explaining how he’s never won Individual Immunity before so this is his big chance.

We go off to the challenge and I have to say I’m convinced that Penner will win Immunity. So far this episode, a lot of air time has been given to Penner and the importance of winning Immunity.

We get to the challenge and Jeff discards one of the Immunity Necklaces. For the challenge, the castaways have to race over and under obstacles, collecting three puzzle pieces, the first three to finish move onto the final. The final involves the three castaways going head-to-head against each other in a puzzle, (very fitting for Penner that a puzzle is involved).

The challenge begins with everyone fairly even as they untie bag number one. Pete, Malcolm, Skupin, Penner and Jeff pull ahead as they reach bags two and three. Pete collects his bags first, followed by Jeff, leaving Penner, Skupin and Malcolm to battle for the last place in the final. Penner beats Skupin over the finishing line by about a second, to book his place in the final.


Pete, Penner and Jeff prepare for the final of the Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

The puzzle begins and Pete and Jeff get off to a good start, with Penner falling behind early. Pete and Jeff continue going piece for piece as Penner struggles to get any momentum going. Whilst watching from the bench, Carter comments to Artis that if Penner wins, it’s going to be “crazy”. That’s all the support Penner gets from those watching, with everyone hoping for either Pete or Jeff to win. Guess what Carter… you jinxed it! Penner pulls off a fantastic come from behind win, placing his final pieces into place just ahead of Jeff Kent. Penner celebrates his win respectively (In other word’s he didn’t do a Troyzan) before making sure Probst knows this is his first Individual Immunity win.


Penner wins his first Individual Immunity. (Image credit CBS)

I have no idea whether Penner deliberately was terrible at the puzzle early on, or whether the editors pulled out a trick of their own. Before I continue, I just want to say how ironic I found it that the puzzle that had to be put together was that of a snake. Penner being the “snake” of the tribe, and completing the snake puzzle was a nice little touch.

Back at camp following the challenge, Penner is speechless regarding his victory. After finding voice, he declares it as best thing he’s ever done in his life – On behalf of Penner, I’d like to apologise to his wife for forgetting their wedding day and birth of their children as being the best thing hes ever done.

Scrambling beings, with Skupin quickly becoming the new target for the vote. After another confessional from Jeff about how Skupin and Penner are interchangeable because they are both “veterans”, we see Lisa holding up her promise to Skupin.
Lisa tells Pete about Malcolm’s Idol, informing him the best plan for tonight is to blindside Malcolm in order to flush the Idol out.

Pete is shocked by the news, however, instead of listening to Lisa, he seeks out Malcolm. After asking Malcolm about the Idol, (Malcolm lies), Pete informs Malcolm that Lisa was the one who spilled the beans about his Idol. I’m fairly confused as to how Pete went about this, he could have easily gotten rid of a huge physical threat and a Hidden Immunity Idol in one go… however, his thoughts are made clear when he admits he doesn’t believe Malcolm has the Idol. Instead, the pair plans to take out Jeff instead of Skupin.

Back at camp, Malcolm jokes about being accused of having Matsing’s Hidden Immunity Idol, whilst Pete lies to Lisa about calling her out as the rat to Malcolm. At this stage, it looks like Jeff is going home, however when he overhears his name is on the chopping block, he recruits his old tribe members, along with Malcolm and Skupin (why didn’t you do that last week!), in order to blindside Pete.

Malcolm grabs his Idol and we head off to Tribal. I can honestly say I have no idea who is going home, that many names have come up. One thing I know for sure, Penner is going nowhere!

Tribal begins with Probst asking about the fate of the returnees. With Penner immune, Skupin confesses he was worried about the vote until the scrambling began. Malcolm then admits Lisa threw him under the bus by telling people he had an Idol. Lisa begins to argue that Tandang need to stick together, whilst also admitting she was playing both sides. Abi then puts her foot in a sticky situation when she doesn’t list Malcolm’s name when naming the members of her alliance. Sick of the confusion, Malcolm pulls out his Idol, showing it to everyone and telling them not to vote for him tonight because he’ll be playing the Idol to get the target off his back.

Probst then asks whether anyone else would like to play “show and tell” with their Idol. Whilst everyone laughs about it, Abi speaks up, pulling out her Idol and showing it to the tribe. (On the Jury, R.C. is extremely surprised). In showing her Idol, Abi adds another reason to the list of why she could potentially be one of the worst players ever. Penner’s comments lighten the mood as he expresses his enthusiasm about the new information

“This is awesome… fantastic!” – (Penner)


Abi-Maria and Malcolm reveal their Hidden Immunity Idols. (Image credit CBS)

Lisa then implores Tandang to stick together, and Penner chips in, imploring “six people” to vote how they planned. We head to the vote and I still have no idea who is going home, however I have a suspicious that it will be Pete. Surprisingly, Malcolm doesn’t play his Idol, neither does Abi. Both don’t need them. Abi receive one vote against her name, with Pete again getting votes against him, (this time three). That leaves Jeff Kent with five votes against his name and sending him to the Jury.

After his twenty-two day campaign to take out the veterans, I personally think it’s hilarious that Kent was sent home before Penner and Skupin. Probst dismisses the castaways, informing them that it has been one of the most entertaining Tribal’s ever and that the vote could go down as the biggest blown opportunity in Survivor history.


Jeff… the tribe has spoken.  (Image credit CBS)

Whilst Kent might not have kissed Probst on his way out, his final words will go down as some of the best. Kent takes a shot at Mr. Obama complaining about the taxes on the prize money… oh and he also mentions he used to play baseball – I think that the fifteenth time.

Before I get to the other stuff, I’ll point out that we finally saw tree-mail being collected! It’s a dying part of Survivor this season, much like the intro in recent seasons.

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during the Immunity Challenge.

“Get your fingers in there!”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

1. Pete


Pete is in control of the game. He has Abi and Artis in his pocket, he’s a physical threat and he’s smart enough to work out the moves he needs to make to get to the end. The only thing that’s going against him is his dislike to tribe members which could cost him Jury votes.

2. Lisa


WOW! Lisa is actually playing the game. There is no way anyone can take Lisa to the end because she’ll probably win. She’s performed really well at Tribal Council’s and I have a feeling she could easily pull in some Jury votes. She isn’t a physical threat, which will work in her favour as the game goes on.

3. Penner


He might not have a solid alliance, and his name is still on the chopping block should he not win Immunity… but he was fantastic in the two challenges. His puzzle solving ability won reward for the yellow team and also won him Immunity. An extra three days in the game is only going to give him more time to plan a move to keep himself in the game.

Bottom Three

8. Denise


An interesting choice, however she voted against Pete, meaning she might not be in the numbers alliance anymore. Malcolm has claimed Matsing’s Hidden Immunity Idol for himself, meaning if the alliance who voted for Jeff stays strong, Denise is on the outs.

9. Carter


The most out-spoken… oh wait, Carter doesn’t speak. Carter’s biggest ally was sent packing, leaving him without a solid number two in the game. The other members of Kalabaw didn’t vote with him either, so he might be alone and friendless.

10. Jeff


Jeff “I’m a Major League Baseball star who doesn’t want a veteran to win” Kent gets sent home before two of the three “veterans”. His move to switch alliances last week places him in the category for “Silliest Survivor Moves” – In all honesty, he’s rich anyway so it doesn’t really matter he’s gone, plus we won’t have to hear about his “don’t let a veteran win” campaign or his baseball career anymore.

What the castaway’s and our followers said about the episode.

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Ben’s Opinion


That could possibly go down as one of the greatest episodes of Survivor ever! What drama! What intrigue! Did anybody know what on earth was going on at the end there? That was one crazy ride!

I had to laugh at the start with Penner going on about being ‘betrayed’. Sorry Jonathan, but let’s rewind back to Cook Islands shall we? You were like a fish on the ground flip flopping around for air that season, working out which way you wanted to go before going home. You were referred to as ‘cancer’ that season due to your indecision, yet as soon as the shoe is on the other foot, well, we saw what happened! Bit of irony perhaps? It didn’t last long though. Congrats to him for taking home individual immunity. Hard to believe it’s his first time in three attempts. But better late than never. And because he won it, we were witness to an epic TC. But I’ll get to that soon.

Skupin struggled in the reward challenge and I’m still just stranged out by his edit. He goes from being injured every episode, to not being in any episode, to being a bit involved, to being a target, to being just that random background guy. The way I see it I could almost see him making the final tribal council and walking away as runner-up or third or something. I just don’t see it as a ‘winners edit’ but then again I thought the same for Sophie in South Pacific, and still watching that season again I don’t think she had much of an edit. Look at Natalie White too. So who knows. I’m rooting for Skupin all the way, but he’ll need to pick his game up.

Lisa! Seriously girl! What the hell! You came out of nowhere on this episode! From being the ‘Holly Hoffman’ to now being the ‘Cirie Fields’, girl you have come full circle. I liked your game, and the fact that you have so much botox in your face and you can’t read your emotions, it makes you slightly freaky yet slightly amazing at the same time. I feel a pony ride coming on here if she continues playing the way she is playing. I was also thrilled to see Malcolm finally show a bit of spite and anger, there is the person I’d heard things about! I want to see a full stretch of anger all the way home!

And where do I start on the tribal council?! I still don’t know what went on! The playing of the idols in public only for nobody to play them!? Abi giving hers up?! Man, it was epic. Abi is easily the new NaOnka. Hands down. I’m already hearing whispers of ‘the worst Survivor player ever’ going around too. Is this true? Who knows. But she still grinds my gears. Oh and did you see Artis this episode? Me neither.

All I can say is bring on next week! This season is living up to be a brilliant season!

Jarryd’s Opinion


WOW! What an episode! It had everything… the underdog taking the win, revelations about Idols, everyone throwing each other under the bus, the strangest vote ever from Penner, not to mention a cracking Tribal Council.

Tonight was one of the best episodes since Heroes vs. Villains, so much happened that I have no idea how the producers fitted it all in. Last week I was shattered, my girl (R.C.) became the first Jury member, Penner was on the outs, and the evil “step siblings” (Abi, Artis and Pete) where running the show. Now, everything has been turned completely on its head.

Firstly, Penner is one of the best puzzle makers in Survivor history. He dominated the puzzle section on both challenges, so the more puzzles the better for Penner.

Both the Reward and Immunity Challenges were great. Whilst we’ve seen aspects of them before, what we got were two entertaining and nail-biting challenges.

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing at Tribal. Just about everyone (except for Carter because he’s lost is voice again) threw somebody under the bus. Lisa is becoming a fantastic player. If Pete had of been smart, he wouldn’t have questions Malcolm about the Idol and instead just sent him home. One thing about Lisa is that she’s a fantastic speaker; if she is sitting at the Final Tribal Council… she could easily pull votes because of her ability to convince the Jury with her reasoned arguments.

Abi. I have no doubt in my mind you are quite possible the worst player to ever play this game. You’re getting carried along by others, you run your mouth like no tomorrow, leaking information all over the place, you slip up and say that Malcolm isn’t part of your alliance, failing to correct yourself… then, you reveal you have a Hidden Immunity Idol. She’s a loose cannon, she won’t get any votes at the end, however she’s the riskiest person to take to the end because she speaks her mind.

All in all, I was over the moon that Jeff was sent home before the “veterans”. His speech after the vote oozed both arrogance and bitterness, so I’m glad he’s gone. – Someone who’s made that much money in their life, doesn’t need another million dollars (or as Jeff tells us, $600,000 after tax) to sit around in his bank account.

Finally, what planet was Penner on when he voted for Abi? I have no idea whether he didn’t want to force a tie, or knew that Skupin was voting with his original Tandang tribe because it didn’t make sense. I don’t care though, because Penner is still around!

Next week’s preview looks like another cracker. I hope Lisa joins Penner, and they can recruit some numbers to take out Abi, Artis and Pete. With Jeff gone, Carter might have to start thinking for himself, which could be problematic, because he doesn’t seem like the brightest kid in the world

Once again, go Penner!

Survivor Re-capper: Matt Quinlan


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our eighth special guest is Matt Quinlan from One World, as he discusses the crazy episode that was episode 8, his thoughts on the idol playing by Malcolm and Abi, how close Abi is to NaOnka from Nicaragua, where on earth Artis is, just what is going on with Penner and Skupin, which contestant from his season Denise reminds him of as well as the editing providing the viewers with a different perspective on who is going to win each week! Matt’s ‘Philippines Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Denise
NEXT TO GO: Penner

Join us next week for our recap of episode 9, featuring special Survivor guest Joel Anderson from Micronesia!

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