Sarah Dawson Interview


When it comes to making a mark on the game, what better way than kissing the host! Sarah Dawson did that and more when it came her time to leave the 25th season of the Philippines, leaving her stamp right on Jeff Probst’s cheek. There was of course more to Dawson’s game than simply a kiss, but being remembered as the first person to leave the game kissing Jeff Probst is clearly not something to be ashamed of! And that’s definitely something she agrees with!

Survivor: Philippines

Dawson was part of a strong female alliance that had the potential to go very deep in the game, however when Dana was sick and quit, her alliance crumbled and she was the first member of Kalabaw to be voted out of the game.

In our chat with Dawson, she talks about this being her first ever Australian interview, how ‘surreal’ it was to be a fan and get to play Survivor, how many times she applied before making it on the show, knowing that she would always be kissing Jeff Probst no matter what, which returning player she wanted to be on a tribe with, her social game and what she would’ve done with Jeff Kent had she made the merge, Dane leaving and how bad it was for her game, thoughts on Carter and Abi-Maria, more on her crush on Jeff Probst and how it became the ‘kiss heard around the world’ as well as just why she wore the swimsuit she did and which former cast away she would take on in a fight.

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