Ben Waterworth Interview


In every episode and interview of Survivor Oz there is always one voice you hear, and generally one voice you complain about the most. Your host Ben Waterworth. Sure you hear him, sure you hear his opinions and you even hear him ‘suck up’ in every interview. But how much do you know about him? What really are his opinions? And just why does he love Russell so much? It’s time for the Ozlets to turn the table on their host, and make him open up to really find out what is behind the side burns and the Aussie accent.

From addressing issues against the show and the ‘rivalry’ with Rob Has A Podcast, his personal preferences from favourite foods to favourite sport as well as even discussing the ideal size of a dog, right through to his varying Survivor opinions from his favourite twist, favourite male and female player, his beloved ‘what if’ scenarios as well as the chemistry between him and his guests, it’s all here. Ben of course must answer his own 5 questions, face a ‘test’ on his own fiancé and even have to play a few ‘games’ created by his Ozlets, including one ‘borrowed and changed’ from the previously mentioned Rob Has A Podcast.

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2 Comments on Ben Waterworth Interview

  1. are you clowns serious with the interview? who let all of the farm animals loose in the studio? ben has no worries about an uprising taking over him

  2. Ben,

    how can you call yourself an expert. Tad bit arrogant considering you are putting yourself amongst Mark Burnett.

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