Survivor Philippines–Episode 10 Recap featuring Gary Stritesky!


Survivor Philippines continues with episode 10 this week, and time to once again have a closer look at the episode and give our ‘expert’ opinions from not only Jarryd in another amazing recap, but also hear from Ben & Lancey as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in Gary Stritesky from the 14th season of Fiji!

(For the Australian viewers who haven’t watched episode 10 yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of the next season, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my Survivor: Philippines recap! Join me as I breakdown episode ten, including the final four alliance, comedic relief and the castaways favourite way to pass time – Abi bashing

We begin the episode with Dangrayne returning from Tribal Council. Abi and Pete immediately begin to discuss what their next plan will be to stay alive in the game. We cut to a confessional with Abi who swears (and I mean literally), that she has no idea what happened because they were meant to be Tandang strong. We then see Skupin, Penner and Denise celebrating their “victory” at Tribal Council by discussing their improved chances at the money. Before the night is out, we get a confessional from Skupin talking about strategy! Yep! You better believe it; the invisible returnee has dug his head out of the Filipino sand and is ready to move on into the deep end of the game. Skupin points out that to win Survivor, you need to make several big moves and voting out Artis was his first. He then onto say to Penner and Denise that they should concentrate on getting to the final six, then shake hands and let the games begin. At this stage I’m think Skupin really is just the “nice returnee”, however I’m dead wrong when he blurts out in a confessional that he wants to be in control in the game and his own destiny.

The next morning we find Abi and Lisa deep in conversation about their “alliance.” In a confessional, Lisa explains that all during her life, she has been controlled by others and finds that the easy option. She continues to say that when she has to break-up with someone she finds it very difficult. So we have our promised break-up between Abi and Lisa from last weeks preview. It’s not that exciting, Lisa tells Abi she has lost trust in her and that the other alliance makes her feel more welcome. Abi makes a humorous comment about how they are only making Lisa feel welcome because “they are smart” – (This girl just keeps getting more and more bizarre). After some more talk, Abi gives up on trying to convince Lisa to say loyal after Lisa admits that she’s happy going out sixth if she’s playing the game with “good people.”

Before I continue, I just want to rant about how pathetic Lisa’s argument is. I don’t care how “happy” you are about going home in sixth; you are going to want to finish higher than sixth! It’s the most irritating thing in Survivor when someone says to someone else they are happy being at the bottom of an alliance at the pointy end of the game… because the truth is, nobody wants to go home so close to the end!

Enough about how pathetic some people can be on Survivor because it’s Reward Challenge time.

For the challenge, the castaways are split into two groups of four. In the playing area are three circles, each containing a team coloured drum. Each round, a castaway will battle a castaway from the other team trying to have all three of there team coloured drums flipped over so that the symbol is facing up. Each time a team wins a round, they get a point, with the first team to three points winning reward. For Reward, the winning team will be taken to a separate island where they will enjoy a spa day, complete with bath, massage, pedicure and manicure and of course some food; in this case a bunch of different meats and some cocktails.

The castaways are broken up into team teams; the red team features Abi, Carter, Malcolm and Pete, leaving the yellow team consisting of Denise, Lisa, Penner and Skupin. On paper, the red team has the physical advantage (even though they have Abi), so I go into the challenge expecting them to win.

The first round see’s Penner taking on Carter. After going back and fourth flipping over drums, Carter gets all three symbols the right way up because the “big fat guy” (I’m sorry for using Penner’s quote again but it’s hard not to use it), was just to slow.

The second round see’s Malcolm taking on Skupin. This time, the yellow team takes the point after Malcolm fails to flip over one of Skupin’s drums, thus giving him an advantage.

Round three see’s Abi up against Lisa. It what could have been the most interesting match up of the challenge, (based purely on their lack of physical ability), it is a complete flop when Abi flips Lisa’s drum over within the first five seconds, which leaves Lisa to claim the victory. Perhaps the most entertainment moment of this challenge was Probst asking Abi is she had any idea what was going on, which she admits she doesn’t – I’m surprised Jeff didn’t return to his favourite pastime this season; ridiculing Abi for sitting out of challenges, so I was slightly annoyed he didn’t make a joke that she was clueless because she never competes.

Back to the challenge where we see Pete take the win against Denise, not because Denise sucks in challenges, but simply because Pete is quicker than her. This sets us up for a grandstand finish. With the teams tied on two points a piece, we head into the final round where we get a re-match between Malcolm and Skupin. Both start solidly, however when Skupin flips Malcolm’s drum over instead of his own, he gifts the red team victory.

Whilst many of you will think I’m being unfair by not criticizing Skupin for making the same mistake Abi did, Skupin made the mistake a lot later in the match-up than Abi did.

Before heading out to reward, Jeff suggests Carter should try a pedicure. Carter agrees showing his fingernails to Jeff. Bless him. After sorting out the confusion, (for those of you who are unaware, a pedicure is on your toenails, whilst a manicure is for your fingernails), the red team heads off to their reward. It’s fairly dull, largely because of Malcolm’s powerful influence over the others. He immediately suggests they all take a break from the game and not discuss strategy. Surprisingly both Abi and Pete, who are now the underdogs, agree with this. There’s hardly any interesting footage of the reward to show, and within no time the reward winners are back at camp.


Malcolm, Pete, Carter and Abi enjoy their Reward.  (Image credit CBS)

The peaceful afternoon at camp is cut short with the early return of the self-titled “Queen Abi” – I’m sorry Abi, but there’s only one queen of Survivor and that’s Ms Parvati Shallow!

Abi falls into the old habit of going into to much detail about the reward. Abi talking about the reward almost gets more screen time than the reward itself as she goes onto describe the food in great detail. At one point, Denise asks Carter about the food only for Abi to talk over the top of him, taking away more of his limited airtime. She then states “I was eating like a crazy women,” which some would argue, she is.

Once they get a moment to themselves, Denise, Malcolm, Penner and Skupin discuss Abi’s terrible social skills as well as her inability to be gracious. Malcolm describe Abi’s social skills “worse than a Mack Track” in a confessional. Abi overhears this conversation and doesn’t like it. Instead, Abi continues to dig her own grave when she announces she will no longer be helping cook, however she will continue to eat. Before the break, a confessional with Denise plays talking about how much she hates Abi complaining.

After the break, we’ve skipped a day ahead to find Malcolm and Skupin discussing their plans for their future in the game. Malcolm proposes a final four between the two of them, Denise and Lisa. Skupin hurries off to find Lisa and the pair discusses the proposal. It doesn’t go smoothly as Lisa admits she trusts Penner more than Malcolm – (It looks like Penner’s done a good job at getting Lisa’s trust.) So the pair rushes off to find Penner to plan a final four with him. Surprisingly, Penner isn’t interested in making a final four alliance, preferring to wait until they get to the final six before investigating options.

As a Penner fan, this worries me greatly. I’m not sure what Penner’s thinking is, however I have a feeling he’s trying hes very best this season to not backstab people, and thus… didn’t agree to a final four alliance incase he has to change his plan. In a way, it could be a smart move, however right now, it seems incredibly stupid.

With Penner not interested in a final four alliance, Lisa and Skupin agree to Malcolm’s proposal and the two former Matsing members and the two former Tandang members agree on the alliance.


Malcolm, Skupin, Lisa and Denise link hands as they agree to take each other to the Final Four.  (Image credit CBS)

Skupin shows again that he really is playing the game when he informs us in a confessional that he’s not comfortable in the alliance because Malcolm “is a huge gamer.” Once again, Skupin reiterates that he wants to call the shots in the game and vows to win Immunity. – Is it just me, or is the “Kucha version” of Mike Skupin appearing in patches this episode?

The Immunity Challenge is an old classic; navigate an object around and through other obstacles. For this challenge, there are three rounds, the first round see’s five people move on after successfully maneuvering a buoy through tangled rope. The second round requires the castaways to race along a balance beam whilst moving their buoy through a rope, the first three to finish move onto the final. For the final round, the three castaways start out in the water and have to manoeuvre their buoy around a canoe, around a platform and then through a final knot.


The castaways prepare to begin the first stage of the Immunity Challenge.  (Image credit CBS)

The scene is set prior to the challenge as a confessional with Pete plays about how important it is that he wins Immunity. Round one kicks off and everyone is doing fairly well. Unfortunately, the challenge losses a bit of interest when both Abi and Pete fail to progress past the first round. Malcolm, Penner, Denise, Skupin and Carter all move onto the second round and it’s impossible to not notice how happy each of them are about Abi and Pete failing in the challenge.

The second round begins and immediately Penner falls off. That doesn’t seem fishy at all? If I was a betting man, I’d probably throw some money into the “Penner deliberately struggled to avoid being labeled a physical threat” category. With Penner out of it early, it looks like one of the four others will miss out on a spot. It’s a fairly even round; however Malcolm falls off the beam, losing momentum and time, costing him a place in the final.

The final sees Carter, Denise and Skupin battling for Immunity. At some point of the challenge, everyone takes advantage of a lead over the others. Carter pulls away as they approach the platform, but encounters problems giving Skupin the lead again. Skupin has a big lead as he begins working on the final knot; however it isn’t enough as Carter stages a nice come back win to give him his second Immunity. (Welcome back to Survivor Fabio Birza?)

On return to camp, Penner uses his past knowledge to let the new kids know what they have to do about the vote – split the vote’s three-three between Abi and Pete, if Abi doesn’t play the Idol, send her home in the re-vote, if she does… Pete goes home.

Ever since Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, splitting the votes has caused major panic in Survivor thanks to Tyson Apostol completely screwing himself and his alliance by messing up the “split votes” plan. Penner admits this could be the case, so is on edge all afternoon. This time, the split votes plan is no different as Abi and Pete look to exploit the situation by trying to recruit a number to vote with them in order to send Malcolm and his Idol to the Jury.

The pair does some scouting but things don’t go as planned as Lisa, Carter and Penner all turn down the plan as it’s non-beneficial to them. On the other hand, when Pete talks to Skupin about the plan, he doesn’t rule out the idea, citing that even though Malcolm is in his final four alliance, he is a huge threat in the game because of his physical ability, likeability and because he still posses the Hidden Immunity Idol.

It seems as though things take a turn for the worst when Penner fills in Malcolm about the plan, thus tipping him off that he’ll need to be wary tonight incase he needs to play the Idol.

We head off to Tribal Council with the big question being… will Skupin stay loyal to his alliance or will he rejoin Pete and Abi? Strategically, it makes a lot more sense to stick with his alliance, if he doesn’t Skupin could once again be on the bottom of the totem pole.

Tribal Council sees the return of “Abi bashing.” After Jeff questions Abi’s enthusiastic greeting to the Jury as her “playing the Jury,” Malcolm admits that’s not overly important as this stage because everyone is still trying to stay alive in the game. Skupin is then questions about the power of the Hidden Immunity Idol and admits that things are going to get crazy again. At this stage, I’m worried Skupin hasn’t thought things through and will be voting with Pete.

After Pete mentions the plan to take out Malcolm, Tribal Council becomes the “Abi show.” Jeff questions whether Abi’s insecurities could be a cultural issue. Abi agrees with Jeff, stating that because English is her second language, people often perceive her attitude as “not the most gentle.”

This leads everyone to break out smiling, or laughing. Denise then takes a fierce swipe at Abi when she says that she has interacted with other culturally different individuals before who have been much nicer than Abi. After some more surprised looks after Abi admits she has friends, Abi confesses she does feel lonely and misunderstood in the game.

Jeff then questions Denise about whether taking Abi to the end is a good strategic move. Denise states that you see the “unlikable player” taken to the end a lot in Survivor, gifting their opponent the win, however it comes down to how you want to play the game.

This comment upsets Abi even more and she admits that she wasn’t aware she was hated by the tribe so much. Denise then tries to reassure Abi that they don’t hate her; she just frustrates them because of her personality and actions. Not much more comes out of Tribal as Abi refuses to let Denise speak, accusing her of playing the ‘psychologist role’ and she successfully has a minor “#SurvivorBreakdown” (although, we don’t get the friendly hash tag.)

On the Jury, R.C. continues to equate herself as the most expressive Jury member since Eliza Orlins as she celebrates her nemesis finally receiving the treatment she endured for fifteen days.

The vote occurs and Abi plays her Hidden Immunity Idol, leaving the door open for Skupin to switch his vote.


Abi hands Jeff her Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image credit CBS)

Skupin doesn’t vote for Malcolm, staying true to his alliance and Pete is sent home as the split votes plan works out well for the majority.


Pete… the tribe has spoken.  (Image credit CBS)

Jeff leaves Abi with some words of wisdom, and then dismisses Dangrayne. Abi waves goodbye to the Jury as she leaves (nobody returns the gesture), then walks out of Tribal before doing a double take because she forget to take her torch.

Next episode’s preview looks like another cracker as alliances and friendships seem to crumble, Penner looks to be in trouble and Abi has a big breakdown. Don’t forget to check out the Ponderosa videos on the web. We should see some fireworks this week when R.C. is reunited with Pete.

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during Tribal Council. Along with his “girl voice” and his expression, Artis might be slightly scared of Jeff after this.

“Hi Artis…”


This weeks top and bottom three are:

1. Malcolm


Malcolm is in the best position of anyone. He’s a dominant force in challenges, he still has a Hidden Immunity Idol and he’s made a final four alliance. To think that just under twenty days ago, he sent his cuddle buddy Angie home and Matsing were in a desperate situation; Malcolm has come a long way in this game.

2. Denise


Denise is by far the strongest female left in the game. Her alliance with Malcolm is a huge bonus because it comes not only with a number but also with an Idol. She’s showed she can do well and win challenges; her only downfall is that she’s extremely likeable and is going to be a big threat to win if she makes it to the end.

3. Skupin


Skupin takes the third spot for various reasons. The first is that he stuck with the majority alliance and voted out Pete and the second is that he’s created a final four alliance. However, it seems like Skupin can be easily wavered this season, so I would pencil his final four in just yet.

Bottom Three

6. Penner


Penner takes this spot because no one else could – Carter won Immunity and Lisa created a final four alliance. Penner isn’t exactly in a bad position, however he did forgo making an alliance past the final six which may come back to haunt him.

7. Abi


The Brazilian Bomb is now officially on the bottom of the totem pole. Tribal Council hit home big time for Abi, so let’s hope it wakes her up to the person that she is. The only thing going for her is that she’s not well liked and is pretty terrible in challenges so she could be dragged along as this seasons “goat” to the final three.

8. Pete


The man who thought he had it won got burned big time. His “alliance” with Skupin fell through last week after Skupin realised he could do better, which left Pete with nowhere to hide. He couldn’t pull off a Penner and win Immunity which sealed his fate. He rallied hard to re-align with Skupin, however with the numbers against Skupin if he flipped, Pete had no chance of surviving past tonight.

What the castaway’s and our followers said about the episode.

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Ben’s Opinion


What an episode of varying contrasts.

Abi seems finally to have fallen on her sword. Sorry to say to the Abi fans, but I for one was quite happy to see everything that happened this episode happen. I have never been an Abi fan and I think what happened was karma finally coming back to her. Like most contestants who treat people mean before getting a taste of their own medicine, the tears flowed and the ‘shock’ of the truth coming out certainly hit her hard. She had no choice but to play her idol, and given she never even seemed likely to try and use it on someone else, it just really shows the type of player she is. Her reaction to Artis was strange. Did we ever see those two together besides a random passing shot? My memory seems to have fallen away, but we’ll have to wait and see how she goes next week with the whole tribe against her.

Moving on to Penner, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! You get an offer to go to the final four and you pass on it? You say “not yet” and “let’s wait”. Did I just step outside the game of Survivor and into an episode of The Twilight Zone? This coming from a three time player? A strong character in the game and one many people are predicting to go very far?! Sorry Penner, but that is just a stupid stupid move. You don’t pass on an offer for final four, especially given that it’s now down to 7 and it’s at one of the real key power points of the game where having the numbers is extremely important. With Abi a ticking time bomb that could prove more valuable to keep around than get rid of early and Carter seemingly finding his ‘inner Fabio’ even more to win more immunities, Penner is in an extremely dangerous position in this game now with a solid four forming between Skupin, Denise, Malcolm and Lisa. It really wouldn’t surprise me to see him gone next week, in fact for the first time this game I have a strong feeling on who will go in the next episode. I like Penner, always have and will still like him after this season. But he has a very bad habit of making short sighted moves that cost him a potentially strong position in the game and to me that’s why I could never rank him as an all time great. I will eat my words if I am wrong, but I think he just signed his own death notice.

The ‘final four’ gang is such an intriguing one at this point, as looking at it on paper it would be hard pressed to find a winner. Skupin really has found his legs in the last few weeks, and I have to agree with Jarryd’s assessment of his ‘inner Kucha’ coming back from the Australian Outback. While season 2 Skupin was not really that strong on strategy, there’s something about his ‘swagger’ and performance now that is probably what I was expecting of him before this season started. And I’m liking it. He is in a strong position right now and still has options should he decide to go in a different direction. He doesn’t like Malcolm? Bring Penner in close and keep him to the final 5 and then blindside Malcolm at that point with Lisa on your side. Get yourself in a stronger position and who knows where that will take you? Speaking of Malcolm, the guy just never gives in and is always there. He hasn’t been as strong in the individual challenges as I thought, but he is just there. No matter what, he is around. He still has an idol, he too has options and I think he is easily going to end up in that final 4. Denise too. She really has been in a strong position for a while now and to me if I had to pick a winner, she would be my tip. She is well liked, she is strong and she hasn’t really caused much trouble to be considered a threat to go home. Lisa in that final four is obviously a bit of an ‘extra wheel’, but if she can sneak into the final four, have Malcolm and Skupin gun for each other and then find herself at the final tribal council, chances are she could leave the game a millionaire.

So that’s everyone right? Oh hang on, Carter is playing! Carter once again proved to me that he is Fabio 2.0. Another challenge win, enough background “dudes” and “bros’” to get a few airtime minutes and then he is still around. If Abi or Penner goes next week, you can guarantee that Carter will be the target the week after. But if he keeps winning and winning and winning then he will be the person to screw up any major plans that the power alliances have. I actually am warming to Carter I have to admit. Yeah he is just like a tree in the background half the time, but there is just something about him that I like. I think he also has a bit of a Brett Clouser in him, but maybe with not the same strategic sense.

The weeks are getting closer till the end of this season and I’m very much looking forward to how it all plays out! What a perfect way to spend Thanksgiving by pondering the outcome of such a great season!

Jarryd’s Opinion


I loved tonight’s episode purely because the bully finally copped a taste of her own medicine.

I cannot stand people treating others badly for no particular reason, so to see Abi get hammered by everyone at Tribal was fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Abi as a person, I just don’t like the way she’s treated Lisa, Skupin and R.C.

The comic relief that Abi gave us this episode was coming from everywhere. From having no idea in the challenges, to leaving her torch behind at Tribal and revealing she didn’t know she wasn’t well liked… what can I say, she’s more delusional than Alicia Rosa.

Skupin made the right move sticking with the majority. If he had voted with Pete and Abi against Malcolm, he was basically signing his own death certificate.

As for the Reward Challenge, it was downright terrible. The odds for the red team winning were so low it wasn’t funny. What was going to win that challenge was speed, whoever could get to their next drum first would most likely win which we saw on multiple occasions.

I would have loved to have seen a variation of that challenge where all four team members were on the field at the same time and they had to fight to secure their drums – similar to a game of capture the flag. In my opinion, it would have made it ten times more interested and a lot more enjoyable. (Quite frankly, if I turned up and that was the Reward Challenge I’d probably walk straight back to camp.)

The ‘final four alliance’ is interested. The two people I’d hate to bring to the end would be Denise and Lisa, simply because they will get a lot of Jury votes. The problem is, nobody in the majority alliance has had issues with anyone, making it difficult to want to take a particular person to the end. One thing the remaining players need to be aware of is that Jeff Kent is on the Jury and judging by his game play, probably won’t vote for Penner or Skupin at the Final Tribal Council.

Lisa is starting to annoy me. Personally, if you can’t distinguish between the game and real life, you should be a first boot. Survivor has progresses so much since the early days that you need to be able to betray people in order to win the game… Lisa can’t do that.

Speaking of betraying people, what’s got into Penner? In the Cook Islands, he would have stabbed everyone in the back and made and then broken alliances with everyone in order to get to the end. Now, with eight people left he doesn’t want to make a final four alliance? What’s got into you Penner!

I liked the Immunity Challenge, it’s another Survivor classic. However, I’m sick to death of not having water challenges! Sure… the challenge took place in the water, however, as a whole; the majority of the challenge took place on land. I’m praying for one next week! Everyone loves them, why do you continue to deny them from us!

All in all, I think it was another solid episode to back up arguably the best season since Heroes vs. Villains. Everyone left in the game is likeable (except Abi), so I’m really intrigued to see how it plays out, because whilst I do have my favourites (you know I’m a Penner fan), I can’t say I’d be disappointed to see Carter, Denise, Malcolm or Skupin win the game.

Looking forward to next week! Let’s go Penner!

Lancey’s Opinion


Cry me a river Abi-Maria! Finally she has been given a taste of her own medicine, yet Jeff Probst seems to be in her defence! Denise was merely pointing out that claiming it was ‘cultural difference’ is offensive to the millions of other perfectly normal immigrants, and that Abi-Maria is simply a nasty person. I really don’t see how she can recover.
If things go as the major alliance hope, things will soon get very interesting. With Penner turning down Lisa’s final three offer he may be looking at elimination sooner rather than later. You can’t blame his frustration toward Lisa however, given that she tried to vote for him and is clearly unsure of what she should do, but I’m not convinced he made the right call. I just hope Denise wins immunity to the end and takes home the million – have I mentioned I love her?

Survivor Re-capper: Gary Stritesky


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our tenth special guest is Gary Stritesky from Fiji, as he discusses why he likes this compared to some of the other newer ones, Abi’s ‘meltdown’ and why she was asking for it, Penner pulling off the ‘dumbest move in the history of Survivor’, Skupin’s smart strategy, how he would be going had he been one of the returning medevac’d players as well as Pete’s ‘legacy’ and his awesome idea for the final season of Survivor! Gary’s ‘Philippines Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Carter

Join us next week for our recap of episode 11, featuring special Survivor guest Coby Archa from Palau!

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