Gordon Holmes Interview


We love chatting to a good Survivor expert and one of the biggest out there is Gordon Holmes from XfinityTV. A long life fan of the show since the beginning, he started working on the show around Gabon and has managed to travel out to several of the locations to experience the game first hand. He was also one of the driving forces behind the Survivor Hall of Fame which continues to induct new members each year, and even has been given a nickname but a certain person called Jeff Probst.


Far more than purely a Survivor expert, Gordon has a strong knowledge of all things TV and his passion and love for Survivor helped propel him into what many would consider a ‘dream job’ writing about the show and witnessing it in person. The Survivor Hall of Fame adds to his passion for the show and is a great talking pot for Survivor fans around the world.

In our chat with Gordon, he talks about having a bad memory in the Survivor world, how the idea of the Hall of Fame came about from a ‘Mt.Rushmore’ idea, how he came about working on the show, his predictions during pre-season interviews and how he is ‘bad luck’ for a season, why he was such a big fan of Malcolm before Philippines, his thoughts on players such as Artis, Carter and Denise, the Mike Skupin injury count as well as why Jeff Probst called him a certain name during a challenge run through and learning about a Survivor relationship that he didn’t know about!

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