Mary Montane Interview


From a season that is generally considered the greatest ever, Micronesia contestant Mary Montane (previously Sartain) might not have set the Survivor world alight in terms of her strategy and air time, but as with a large portion of early boots there was a whole lot more to her and her gameplay than we ever got to see. Known for her ‘relationship’ with Mikey B and her post Survivor marriage to Pearl Islands contestant Ryan Opray, there is a lot more to Mary than meets the eye. Just don’t talk about a fellow Micronesia contestant any time soon!


Starting off on the fans tribe, Mary seemed to bond closely with Mikey B and get ties into the game that potentially could see her go far. However Joel didn’t like the bond the two of them had and decided to break it up, and it was the first blindside of the 16th season.

In our chat with Mary, she talks about still being close with several players, which contestant she ‘isn’t a fan of’ and doesn’t want to catch up with anytime soon, her relationship with Ryan Opray, which contestant she was excited to see most from the Fans tribe, what really happened with Mikey B and who from her tribe she was actually aligned with, how much of a shock her blindside really was as well as what she is doing with her life now and why it is still tough to swallow being the 2nd person voted out of her season.

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