Survivor Philippines–Episode 11 Recap featuring Coby Archa!

CobyArchaRecap Survivor Philippines continues with episode 11 this week, and time to once again have a closer look at the episode and give our ‘expert’ opinions from not only Jarryd in another amazing recap, but also hear from Ben & Lancey as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in Coby Archa from the 10th season of Palau! (For the Australian viewers who haven’t watched episode 11 yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of the next season, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my Survivor: Philippines recap! Join me as I breakdown episode eleven, including the Survivor Auction, the proposed fake Hidden Immunity Idol and the result that nobody thought would EVER happen!

We begin the episode the day after Pete was sent home. After the events from the previous Tribal Council, Abi is very much on her own and her emotions are past breaking point following the criticism she took at the previous Tribal.

Skupin plays the ‘father figure’ role and heads over to check on everyone’s favourite little Brazilin. The remainder of Dangrayne listens in as Abi spills her feelings to the man she tried to murder with a coconut a few days previously. Abi continues her “I didn’t know people didn’t like me” way of thinking and complains that what went on at Tribal was “brutal.”

Denise uses her secret sex therapist skills to come to the conclusion that the ordeal hasn’t changed grumpy old Abi. She is joined by Penner, where the pair talks about how bad Abi is socially. Before the break, Denise lets us in on the plan of her alliance – if Abi doesn’t win Immunity, its lights out for the Brazilin Bomb, if somehow she uses all her experience on the bench in challenges, to pull off an incredible victory, Penner goes home instead. So once again, we’re revisiting the lovely beaches of Samoa where Kim and her gang of goats are preparing to take down Troyzan – Instead this season, Troyzan is Abi, and the “gang of goats” are playing the game.

Next thing we know, Abi and Malcolm are off collecting tree mail – only its second appearance this season. Malcolm admits to Abi that he feels sorry for all the heat she took at Tribal, even going as far as saying what Denise did was over the top. All the love from Malcolm, as well as the prospect of “letters” for each castaway in tree mail is too much for Abi and she breaks down. Thankfully, Malcolm is there to give her a hug (Is Angie jealous?) and Abi is spared the dreaded “Survivor Breakdown” hash tag.


Malcolm listens to Abi as she tells him how she feels following an intense Tribal Council. (Image credit CBS)

Abi obviously doesn’t watch much Survivor because as any fan would know, letters from home are usually not delivered via tree mail. Instead, seven envelopes, each containing five hundred US dollars are awaiting each castaway… which, as fans, we know it’s time for the Survivor Auction!

We arrive at the Auction and after a reminder of the rules from Jeff, (Penner must tune out at this point in time because he certainly doesn’t need to be reminded how an Auction works, he won big time at the Survivor: Cook Islands Auction), we begin.

First up, Denise buys a stack of pancakes and bacon for five hundred dollars! I couldn’t believe it, but it happened. Why she wasted all her money on the “first item” (remember editing comes into play), I have no idea. The splurging isn’t over though, as Skupin is void of all of his money after buying a plate of cheese as well as a glass of wine. – Another classic Probst Auction moment occurs when Jeff offers to drink Skupin’s wine when the latter confesses he doesn’t drink (Leaving Malcolm shattered).

Next up, Malcolm outbids Carter for a plate of five donuts, costing two hundred dollars. Carter wisely informs us that each donut costs fifty dollars each. A word for the wise, if Carter ever becomes an accountant, don’t hire him, he’s bad with numbers.

Penner than continues his good fortune in Survivor Auctions when he coughs up one hundred dollars for a covered item. It turns out to be a plate of fried chicken and chips. Penner takes a bite and his eyes do some crazy things. Probst notices and must wonder if Penner is about to “do a Dawson” and plant one on his cheek. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen and I won’t pretend that I think Probst might have been secretly disappointed.


Just like Dawson, Penner eyes off Probst. (Image credit CBS)

Next up, Carter buys a baked potato for two hundred dollars. Probst offers him a deal; trade in the potato, from enough rice and beans to last for the remaining ten days. Carter of course accepts the deal, putting him in favour with the tribe. What I don’t understand is how they need more food! The last few episodes they seem to have a plentiful amount of food, do they really need more? Apparently so.

Continuing with the auction, Lisa finally makes a move and outbids Carter to buy a giant sandwich for three hundred and twenty dollars.

Next up, an advantage in the game, which is immediately snapped up by Abi for everything she has. To us ‘Survivor super fans’, it’s fairly obvious the advantage is to do with the next Immunity Challenge, so it surprised me that nobody tried to outbid her for it, drawing me to the conclusion that Abi really must suck in challenges.


Abi buys an advantage in the game at the Survivor Auction. (Image credit CBS)

To close the Auction, Carter buys a plate of veal shanks for two hundred dollars. Production must love screwing with Carter because the twist is he bought them for the tribe. After a wild sixty seconds, where everyone eats as much veal as they can, the Auction ends.

The castaways head off back to camp and I’m slightly disappointed that there were no “bogey” items in the Auction. (Note: Refer to the castaway’s tweets just below the recap, production decided to edit out the disgusting stuff).

Once back at camp, everyone begins to enjoy a lazy afternoon with their stomachs full of food. This doesn’t last long when Penner decides it’s time to talk to Abi about the situation that occurred at Tribal Council. Nobody else seems interested as the pair bicker about who is right and wrong. In the end, Penner reveals to Abi that she should have been friendlier in the game. Lisa states the obvious when she says in a confessional that it’s hard not to laugh at some of Abi’s comments. – You’re a bit slow on the uptake Lisa, I’ve been laughing since episode one. Penner then reveals that the more toxic Abi gets, the better for him.

Abi heads off to find out what sort of advantage in the game she purchased. She mentions in an interview that people should be trying to communicate with her because she has an advantage that only she knows about. I give Abi credit, she is thinking, yet she failed to mention that others should be talking to her because her vote can help others out.

Anyway, Abi reads her note, which of course gives her a free pass to the final round of the Immunity Challenge, (great, other elimination style challenge). Abi is thrilled by this, yet I can’t help believe that it’s not going to help her immensely; she’s still pretty terrible in challenges.


Don’t get to close Skupin! (Image credit CBS)

Fast forward to the following day where our young Brazilin friend is up early and on a mission. Her goal… to turn into a younger, (and much more attractive), version of Bob Crowley and create a fake Hidden Immunity Idol. I must say, Abi’s finally starting to become aware of the game she’s playing. Unfortunately, she mustn’t have been very successful as her “Idol” isn’t shown on camera. In saying that, she does put the idea in Malcolm’s head that if she fails to win Immunity, she does have a fall back plan. Abi tells Malcolm there is a “fourth Idol” and that she has it. Malcolm seems sceptical of the information and not much comes from it.

After returning from break, it’s Immunity Challenge time! Once again, we have another rope course, which seems to have been used about three or four times already this season, nevertheless, I’ll write about it for you all.

The challenge has three sections. The first stage involves the castaways working their way over, under and around a tangled rope attached to their body. Five people move onto the second stage in which they have to manoeuvre themselves along the rope through a jumble of large sticks. The first three to finish move onto the final, where they have to untie rope, thus opening “gates” of a multistorey platform, leading to a pole, which, once they have descended will lead them across the finish line.

All in all, the challenge is very similar to one previously seen in Survivor: Tocantins except it has one small twist. Before each round, the castaways have to answer a multiple choice question. If they get it incorrect, they not only have to manoeuvre themselves through the course, but also five percent of their body weight. A question is asked before each round with every incorrect answer, adding a further five percent of weight.

Before we begin, Abi reveals that the advantage she purchased at the Auction has “two sections” and she can choose whether she wants to read the “second part” out. After reading that she will begin on stage three of the challenge, she tears up the paper, so that nobody can read “part two” of her advantage. If your name is Carter, or you just haven’t worked it out yet, there is no part two.’


Abi reads the note she bought at the Survivor Auction to the rest of the Dangrayne tribe. (Image credit CBS)

Abi takes her place on the bench, (this time, for a different reason), and round one begins.

With only one person dropping out after the first round, it goes as many would predict. After Denise and Lisa both take a weight penalty, they finish at opposite ends of the spectrum, with Denise finishing first and Lisa dropping out.

The second round sees Skupin and Carter incur a five percent weight penalty, and Denise increases her weight to ten percent. The weight penalty takes it toll on Skupin and Denise and with Malcolm struggling in the challenge; Penner and Carter book their places alongside Abi in the final.

Penner and Abi remain ‘weightless’ in the final, with Carter’s weight penalty increased a further five percent. – Which in reality, is probably only a few kilograms, the guy doesn’t weigh a thing?

Abi gets away to an early lead, with Carter trying to stay with her and Penner falling out of it. All throughout the challenge, I’m waiting for Carter to pull out his “come from behind” card again, though it never happened. Instead, the unthinkable happens… Abi wins Immunity. No, you’re not hallucinating, you read that correctly… Abi won Immunity!

So Abi pulls off a Troyzan and lives to fight another day, leaving me abusing every one of the six person alliance for being more worried about their stomachs than stopping Abi buying the advantage at the challenge.


This isn’t one of Abi’s crazy dreams, it’s for real! (Image credit CBS)

Back at camp, another Auction begins; this time, it’s for who finishes in seventh place. With the Kalabaw six having to turn on each other, Penner is in the firing line to be sent home. Whilst I don’t like the idea of him leaving, he’s the smartest player still around, so it makes sense to send him home.

Lisa doesn’t particularly like the idea of sending JP home, so uses her “I’m not cut out for this game” idea when talking to Penner. Lisa confesses that when Penner refused to make a Final Four alliance, she, along with Skupin, aligned themselves with “others.” She goes onto add that Penner will be leaving tonight unless he can “work his magic.”

After a few frustrated confessionals from Penner, he goes off and manages to secure Carter and Abi is vote off Denise. Then he goes off to find Skupin and tries to work his magic on him. Penner manages to convince Skupin that he is the swing vote, whilst also reminding him that he’s never lied to him during the game.

So once again, Mike Skupin is the swing vote going into Tribal Council. He admits in a confessional that he thinks he can beat JP in the finals, however concedes that whatever he does, he will most likely lose three Jury votes.

The ‘talking’ part of Tribal Council is a fairly boring affair. It quickly turns into the Penner vs. Malcolm debate about why ‘said person’ should be sent home. They both try their best to appeal to Lisa and Skupin, with Penner mentioning that neither of them will beat Malcolm or Denise for the money, whilst Malcolm appeals to Lisa’s heart.

Lisa then turns on the waterworks when Jeff asks how hard the vote is for her, refusing to elaborate what personal situation was as hard as the position she is currently in. – I’m sorry Lisa, but voting a complete stranger out in Survivor, is a lot easier than going through a terrible personal tragedy.

The vote occurs, which is where the real gold of this Tribal Council is. Abi becomes the new “Purple Kelly”. Instead of not being able to take the lid off the pen, Abi can’t fold her voting slip correctly… after several attempts, she succeeds. Penner than announces to everyone in the vicinity that he’s voting for Denise, by yelling her name out whilst voting – at this point I know he’s going home because if he had the numbers, he wouldn’t be shouting about it because Malcolm could give Denise his Idol. .

My prediction is correct as both Lisa and Skupin stay loyal to their Final Four alliance with Denise and Malcolm and Penner is sent home. He might have been voted out, but Penner isn’t finished playing yet. On his way out, he hugs Carter, refuses a hug from Abi, (much to R.C.’s enjoyment), has a final crack a Probst, then heads out of Tribal Council, whistling the Survivor theme song, before doubling back to finish off. It even leaves Probst speechless, so all in all, one of the best ways to leave the game I’ve ever seen.


Penner… the tribe as spoken. (Image credit CBS)

In his final words, Penner is far from bitter. He points out the flaw in his game, whilst also expresses his gratitude for getting the chance to play the game for a third time.

Next week looks like a cracker. Lisa does some more crying however it’s because the families have come to visit. By the looks of it, Malcolm’s brother has put Malcolm in hot water after he lets slip some information. It’s going to be a good one!

Once again, don’t forget to check out the Ponderosa videos on the net, they are always worth a look – especially this week because Penner will be in his element… a entire camera to himself!

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from his Immunity Challenge commentary

“It’s sticking out somewhere”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

1. Malcolm


Malcolm is in the best position of the six remaining players. He’s still got is Hidden Immunity Idol, he’s got a tight alliance with Denise, he’s a good physical player, he’s likeable and he hasn’t got caught up in much drama. In other words… the Jury will love him.

2. Denise


Takes the second spot again because of her alliance with Malcolm. She shown all season long she can complete in challenges. The only negative for her is her treatment of Abi. If she’s on the Jury, she can cross off Abi as voting for her.

3. Skupin


This was a tough one. The third spot was always between Lisa and Skupin and I only went with the latter because I don’t think it’s a good idea to have Lisa sitting in front of the Jury pleading her case. If the four person alliance makes it to the Final Four, I’d love to see a tied vote, with Skupin having to compete in a fire challenge to keep his dream alive, the irony would be fantastic.

Bottom Three

5. Abi


Despite being unloved by the tribe and having no alliance, Abi is less of a threat than Carter so takes up spot number five. In reality, anyone wanting to win the game should take Abi to the end. She’s not going to get many jury votes and she’s not a physical threat, her opponent may as well cash their money into the bank now.

6. Carter “Fabio” Williams


Carter will be next to go if everything goes as planned. Whilst he’s more liked than Abi, he’s a bigger threat in challenges, which means if they keep him around, he could do a Fabio and win a lot of Immunity Challenges in a row.

7. Penner


Ah JP. Why you didn’t make the Final Four allaince with Lisa and Skupin last week is beyond me! It’s your own fault that you got the boot so you can’t blame anyone else this time. It’s a shame Penner is gone, he would have been fantastic to watch in the Final Immunity Challenge. Alas, that won’t be the case, however this season has been Penner’s best because he wasn’t hated by everyone (Cook Islands) and he didn’t get injured (Micronesia).

What the castaway’s and our followers said about the episode.

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Ben’s Opinion


Forgive me for a moment. I just created a bit of history for myself. Let’s rewind back to what I said in last weeks recap:

It really wouldn’t surprise me to see him gone next week, in fact for the first time this game I have a strong feeling on who will go in the next episode. I like Penner, always have and will still like him after this season. But he has a very bad habit of making short sighted moves that cost him a potentially strong position in the game and to me that’s why I could never rank him as an all time great. I will eat my words if I am wrong, but I think he just signed his own death notice.

That’s right, I finally got a prediction this season right! I have the utmost respect for Penner, I think he is a very underrated player of the game and luck has always gone against him. However, much like it did in the Cook Islands, his decision making skills left a lot to be desired this season and last week’s move to not align with the final 4 cost him and cost him bad. Yeah, Abi won immunity, but let’s face it. This is Survivor. Things can happen like that at the drop of a hat. And unfortunately for Penner, his fate was sealed. It was an episode of one liners by Penner though, and that was one of the best vote outs I’ve ever seen. I look forward to his jury speech though, as I’m sure it’s going to be quite heated.

On to the ‘star’ of the show Abi. Seriously, were the first 30 minutes purely devoted to our ‘favourite’ Brazilian bombshell? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one episode dominated so much by one player. Even in Samoa I think Russell didn’t steal that much time away. It was very very interesting, and honestly very very annoying. The reaction on Twitter is universally negative towards Abi, and it’s not just in the game she is struggling to find fans. But again, it’s a game. It’s an edit. It’s interesting to see how things will go from here. From somebody who has remained out of challenges essentially the entire game, to win an immunity came as a shock. But she’ll take it no doubt, and go into the history books. It has to be said though that she is gone next if she doesn’t win immunity. Am I calling it two weeks in a row? Watch this space.

The other five? Well Skupin is again quietly going about his business and in a very very good position. Each episode I respect his strategy more and despite the fact we really haven’t been seeing a lot of him, I think he has pretty much got one foot in that final tribal council right now. Can he win it? I hope so. But if he’s up against Malcolm or Denise I think he’ll struggle. But again, I’m usually wrong here folks so don’t take my word on it! Denise to me is still in the box seat to win. She escaped by the narrowest of margins this week, but still finds herself in a strong position without really having pissed anyone except Abi off. Malcolm too is in a similar position, but if I had to give it to either Malcolm or Denise, Denise gets my vote. Lisa is now officially the new Jeff Kent, saying the same thing over and over again each week. Her go to line? “I don’t think I’m cut out to play this game”. Yes, we get it Lisa. WE GET IT! But look where you are sweetheart? The final 6! Like it or not, you’re doing something right to get you this far! I’m not saying she is a smart strategic player, but  you don’t make the final 6 in Survivor without some form of strategy so props to her. And props to Carter too. The guy got the most airtime he has in a few weeks given we saw an intro this episode, but once again so close to immunity and not in danger, I sniff a final 4 spot for our beloved Fabio 2.0.

Next week is looking interesting with the family visit. As I say each week (perhaps most of the time in my head) BRING IT ON!

Jarryd’s Opinion


It’s times like this that I hate Survivor!

Penner is now gone, which in my opinion, will make the final few episodes of the season decline.

Whilst I’m not going to stop watching, or do some other silly, dramatic thing, Penner makes great television, so it will be interesting to see how the editing team counters a big personality leaving the game.

Is it just me, or does Lisa cry more than Sugar? – its getting annoying. I’m seriously beginning to question whether I’d rather see Abi go further than her! I can’t stand the weak, older person who struggles against their morals to play the game, (Holly, Dawn… I’m thinking about you), it just infuriates me that you sign up to play a GAME, knowing that you will probably need to lie to get further in the game and yet you can’t do that.

Penner was going home the moment Abi crossed the finish line at the Immunity Challenge. As we’ve seen, Lisa was never going to change her vote, which meant Skupin wouldn’t either. In terms of drama, once the Immunity Challenge was over, this episode had very little.

Penner said it himself, (and I said it in the recap last week), that not making a Final Four alliance will be the death of him… and what do you know, it was.

Other than pure frustration that Penner is no longer in the game, I wasn’t a fan of this season’s Auction. No yuck meals! (That we saw, Carter has since posted on twitter that he had to eat chicken heads, legs and livers).

I love the auction, but not seeing anyone waste their money on fruit bat soup was disappointing.

What was worse? We didn’t get a water challenge!!!

I’m getting fed up of these silly obstacle courses this season. How many times have we seen a person or object attached to a rope to win Reward or Immunity. It feels like the challenges are all blending into one big ropes course!

I have to give it to Abi, what she tried to do with the advantage she won was smart. However, she’s not playing with a bunch of air heads; there are some serious fans of the show this season, meaning they know what those notes usually contain. It did surprise me that nobody bid for the note. I understand that Abi is terrible in challenges, but to avoid the situation, someone should have “taken one for the team” and sacrificed food for the note. What Abi did was basically what Troyzan did last season, so let’s hope that Abi gets sent home next week, because unlike Troy, she doesn’t deserve to still be in the game.

One thing I want to bring up about Abi (which I mentioned in my cast assessment), is that she was originally cast for Survivor: Tocantins. However, because of her heritage, she was cut because of the location of the season. I bet ever single casting director involved in that decision is kicking themselves because they didn’t get to see Coach Wade take on Abi-Maria! That would have made great television!

One other thing – Please, please, please, please, please give us a water challenge next week!

All in all, not one of the best episodes this season – and no, that’s not just because Penner went home.

Until next week…

Lancey’s Opinion

I think the expression ‘hell freezes over’ is particularly relevant today: Abi-Maria wins immunity and stays another day, thereby creating more hell for viewers worldwide. The idea that somewhere, somehow there may be someone sympathising with her makes me quiver, as she is merely getting the tiniest taste of her own medicine. The entire season we’ve seen Abi-Maria bully contestants, make erratic and ridiculous decisions and not even give people the time of day to defend themselves, and now she has the nerve to suggest she deserves an apology? She needs to go!

Denise, Denise, Denise. What a strong, competitive, strategic yet kind player to watch. By merely stating that Abi-Maria cannot blame her ESL status on her behaviour, it appears she is starting to appear ‘brutal’ and ‘rough’ towards poor Abi-Maria. Pu-lease.

As much as I do love Denise (have I mentioned that?), I was devastated to see Penner go. Aside from the fact that it may very well be Penner’s last chance to play, he seemed to realise that the mistake of not aligning with Lisa was fatal and was obviously regretful. As much as I like Lisa, her journey is becoming cathartic in an almost paranoid way, though I hope the pressure on her is worthwhile in the long run.

So what’s next? Let’s assume Abi-Maria goes back to being horrible at challenges – once she is gone who will be next? Perhaps Carter, but Penner seemed to put a pretty big target on the backs of both Denise and Malcolm, so too may their time be running out. Personally, I sure wouldn’t want to be up against Lisa in the finals. Things are getting interesting…

Survivor Re-capper: Coby Archa


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our eleventh special guest is Coby Archa from Palau, as he discusses why he is liking this season and the characters, everything to do with Abi and why her moves were smart and dumb, Penner and the move that has bit him on the ass, his perception of Skupin this season and how is playing different to what he thought he would play, being the ‘Dr.Phil of Survivor’ as well as Jeff Probst and his comments and the airtime that Carter receives! Coby’s ‘Philippines Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Malcolm/Skupin
NEXT TO GO: Malcolm

Join us next week for our recap of episode 12, featuring special Survivor guest Christina Cha from One World!

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