Christine Shields Markoski Interview


You would expect a player who is voted out early to quietly go off into the background and sometimes never be heard from again right? Well given Christine Shields Markoski competed on the 23rd season of South Pacific and found herself on Redemption Island for longer than she was in the actual game, Christine didn’t find herself in this position. Challenger after challenger she defeated until she came up against the all conquering Ozzy, but left with her head held high. Since her time on the show her life hasn’t changed that much, except she still has to call a certain player ‘Benjamin’ no matter what.


Christine was thrust into the limelight on her season immediately after labelling returning players Coach and Ozzy as ‘temporary players’ which put a target on her back straight away. She would be voted out early but her story saw her win challenge after challenge on Redemption Island before falling just short of returning to the game and the jury.

In our chat with Christine, she talks about not knowing some technologies, how her life hasn’t changed in the 12 months since her season aired, Survivor being like her regular family vacations, getting drunk during the first episode when it aired, ‘hating Ozzy’, referring to Coach as Benjamin, the comment she made in regards to ‘temporary players’ and how she still to this day hasn’t lived it down, her thoughts on Brandon and Sophie, whether or not she took any inspiration from Matt from Redemption Island as well as the frustration of coming so close to making it back in the game and letting us know about a contestant from her season who unfortunately lost nearly everything in the recent Hurricane Sandy.

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