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There was a moment when nobody ever thought Brian Heidik would be heard from again. The elusive winner of the 5th season in Thailand has had his fair share of negativity follow him since his victory, and despite being regarded as one of the greatest players to have ever played Survivor, he has stayed away from the spotlight and seemed harder to find than a fat kid in a salad restaurant. However as our group of sniffing dogs once again came through with the goods,  Mr.Heidik was found and as soon as he exclusively agreed to chat with the show renowned for finding the big names, the Survivor world went into meltdown. But just what exactly has he been up to since his win? Where has he been? What does he think of the game today compared to when he played it? And just what is the deal with him and THAT puppy incident and THAT ‘porn’ career? Ladies and gentleman of the Survivor world, all  your answers and more are about to be answered in our longest interview with a Survivor winner yet.


Despite the fact that his season is often voted amongst the worst, Brian’s win should never be overlooked in terms of one of the greatest single games ever played. Controlling his tribe mates early, Brian made ‘suggestions’ rather than fully taking control and always found himself close with everyone he played with and allowed himself to avoid been seen as a target. As the merge came he ensured all his former tribe mates stuck together and put the after burners on with an immunity streak right when it mattered to secure a spot on the final tribal council. With three different final 2 deals in place, he took the person he thought he would beat, thus becoming the first person to take ‘the goat’ to the end and setting up a scenario that would be copied numerous times throughout the history of the show. In the end he won by the narrowest of margins, but walked away a millionaire and as the coolest ‘Mr.Freeze’ perhaps in the history of the show.

In our chat with Brian, he talks about why he has been away from the Survivor world for so long, trying to get away from Survivor but how it always follow him, the amazing experience his season was, having a bit of a dig at Richard Hatch, his thoughts on being compared to Richard, the different playing strategies of the players today, what people found around camp that they didn’t use as they thought it would get them voted out, just how he got into playing the game and how he was one of the first ever recruits, his key strategy of ‘suggesting’ rather than demanding, just why both John & Tanya were voted out so early, the Ghandia/Ted situation, the fake merge and Shii Ann, how he thinks Survivor can be seen as ‘confusing’ now, just why he took Clay to the end, how he ‘earned’ the money instead of ‘winning’ it, not going back to All-Stars and wanting to chat to Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst about it now, interesting revelations to do with THAT puppy and his ‘porn’ career, what really happened in the challenge to win the car as well as admitting if he was in a commercial people have mistaken him for and his thoughts on another infamous ‘villain’ in Russell Hantz!

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4 Comments on Brian Heidik Interview

  1. Lord Heidik! Great to hear from him. Thank you for this interview!

  2. Great interview with Brian. So many interesting tidbits. STILL don’t like the guy…too narsisstic for my tastes, but glad to hear he has a good life and is concentrating on family. Would love to watch him anihilate Russel. Great job, Ben……my favorite “guilty pleasure.” 😉

  3. thecomicgeek // December 11, 2012 at 2:01 pm // Reply

    Great interview. He finally cleared those issues about his participation in “softcore porn” films and that puppy issue. Hope he becomes more visible now.

  4. Just finding this; love how you get the hard to peg down survivors (loved the interview with Greg Buis too!). Thanks for this.

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