Survivor Philippines–Episode 12 Recap featuring Christina Cha!


Survivor Philippines continues with episode 12 this week, and time to once again have a closer look at the episode and give our ‘expert’ opinions from not only Jarryd in another amazing recap, but also hear from Ben & Lancey as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in Christina Cha from the 24th season of One World!

(For the Australian viewers who haven’t watched episode 12 yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of the next season, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my Survivor: Philippines recap! Join me as I breakdown episode twelve, including the family visit, how genealogy can affect the castaways and Abi’s psychological state.

Before I begin, I just want to wish everyone in the Philippines all the best after Typhoon Botha has swept through the area in the past week. Stay safe guys!

We begin tonight’s episode with the six remaining Dangrayne members returning from voting out Penner. Abi makes it clear that she’s still going to continue to fight in the game, play along that she still has a Hidden Immunity Idol and do some more complaining. She seeks out Carter, where she explains that Denise, Lisa, Malcolm and Skupin are in a solid four person alliance, meaning they are on the outs. Carter listens but isn’t interested in aligning with Abi. – Not the smartest move on his behalf, he at least could have leaded her along.

Malcolm then reassures Lisa that she has done the right thing. This leads Lisa to give a confessional about how Malcolm has played a great game. (I hope for the sake of the game, that if Lisa is sitting next to Malcolm at the Final Tribal Council, she doesn’t “do a Chelsea” and tell the Jury to vote for Malcolm). Lisa then goes onto say that she believes it’s a bad decision to go to the end with the two former Matsing members. However, betraying them isn’t something she wants to do because that’s not who she is. – I think I’ve now worked out why Lisa hasn’t appeared on our television screens in over twenty years… because she is driving me insane with her “I can’t do that, it’s not me” attitude.

Cue #rewardchallenge

Yep! It’s Reward Challenge time already. Upon arrival, Probst informs the castaways they will be paired up in the challenge with their loved ones.

The loved ones are bought out and I hate to say it but Probst has gone soft. In the early days, there was minimal contact between Survivor and loved ones, these days; it’s like a game of British Bulldog.

Skupin’s son, (aptly named Michael Skupin), comes out first, where his father labels him as “the best human being I know” – I sincerely hope Skupin didn’t watch this episode at home with his family because he’ll have some explaining to do to his wife and other kids.

Next Carter reunite with his mum (who’s name I can’t decipher) and Denise’s husband (Brad) is there to see her. Carter reminds me even more of Fabio as he gets slightly upset about seeing his mum, whilst Denise’s husband tells everyone how great Denise is.

Probst then brings Lisa’s brother (Justice) out, whose twenty years younger than her. Lisa completely breaks down, crying her eyes out so much so that Sugar (Survivor: Gabon & Heroes vs. Villains) would be proud.

Next up, we meet Abi’s mum (Vera), who can’t speak or understand much English, so Abi takes on a translator role for the audience and Probst.

Finally, after teasing Malcolm with his usual “now that everyone has seen their loved one’s trick”, Probst gets Malcolm’s brother Mike out. Whilst running out to hug his brother, Mike almost kills Malcolm and has to be warned to slow down on his approach. We were teased last week that Malcolm’s brother could put him in hot water so I listen closely as Jeff questions the brothers, however no dead grandmother stories are revealed, making it extremely likely that Malcolm will be involved in the Reward.

After a few more comments from everyone about how good it is to see loved ones, Probst explains the challenge. Each castaway has to throw a muddy bag to their loved one. The loved one has to catch the bag, then turn around and throw it at a bunch of five bamboo targets. The first pair to knock down all five targets, win’s Reward – An overnight stay with their loved one back at camp. (Unfortunately the same rules don’t apply like the loved one’s challenge in Survivor: Panama where the winner got to divide up the loved ones ranging from an overnight stay at a resort, to an overnight stay at Exile Island.)


The castaways and loved ones before the Reward Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Anyway, the challenge kicks off and very quickly it’s established that Carter, Denise, Malcolm or Skupin will be victorious. Lisa doesn’t get much air time during the challenge (probably because she’s struggling again), whilst Abi’s challenge inability seems to have been handed down to her from her mother who manages to catch only one bag in the challenge, (at least that’s what we were shown).

Denise and Skupin fall behind, however two successful throws from Skupin Junior, get the pair back into it. Carter’s mum just misses their last bamboo pin, leaving the door open for Malcolm and his brother, who knocks over the final pin – I bet Russ Swan is sitting at home wishing Malcolm could have destroyed that last pot as easily as his brother destroyed that pin.

As always with Challenges, Malcolm gets to pick someone else to join in on his Reward. He picks Lisa because of how hard a time she’s having, then, after asking Probst for one more person, selects Skupin. Malcolm’s choices make sense; both Lisa and Skupin are in his alliance, although I’m surprised he didn’t pick Denise. They have been together since day one, so their alliance must be rock solid, or they have spoken about it and agreed that Skupin and Lisa should be chosen to reaffirm their loyalty.

After Abi, Carter and Denise say goodbye to their loved ones, the six castaways and the three loved ones return to camp.


Skupin, Lisa and Malcolm earn the right to take their loved ones back to camp. (Image credit CBS)

The loved ones arrive back at camp. The usual tour takes place followed by confessionals from the castaways about how great it is to have their loved ones back at camp.

Mike Skupin Junior then decides to try his luck at climbing a tree and cutting down some coconuts. He is successful, however grazes both of his arms as he falls off. You know what the saying is… like father, like son.

Lisa brother then subs himself into the game as Lisa’s brain. He’s much smarter than Shawn Hantz, and instead of threatening another player, he convinces Lisa to start playing the game the way it should be played. (I’m hoping that if they ever want to bring Lisa back, she’s turns them down so they pick Justice instead.)


Lisa’s brother, (Justice), explains to Lisa the moves she needs to make in order to win the game. (Image credit CBS)

Justice gets several confessionals (probably more than Artis and Carter in the entire season), before pressing his plan on Lisa – align with Abi, Carter and Skupin to blindside the biggest threat in the game, Malcolm. So it sets up the story, if Malcolm doesn’t win Immunity, it looks like his brother cost him the title of Sole Survivor by wining the family challenge… maybe it’s going to become the new car curse?

Fast forward to the next day where we see Coach and Edna… ah I mean Skupin and Lisa praying. Malcolm begins to worry that choosing Lisa and Skupin’s loved one may backfire because they will connect with Jesus. The same subject is on the pairs mind, however, it’s a comical comment that catches my attention when Lisa states that “Jesus would look something like Malcolm and play the game like Carter.” The loved ones are then bid goodbye by the castaways and they are sent back without some of their clothes – Lisa obviously isn’t used to the limited wardrobe that is supplied on Survivor.

Enough about family members because it’s time for the Immunity Challenge. It looks like I’ve got my wish as we’ve got a “semi” water challenge. For the challenge, the castaways have to balance across two bamboo balance beams to a floating platform. There, they have to use a hook to retrieve three bags submerged in the water below them. Once they have all three bags, they have to swim back to shore where after untying the bags, they will use the rope and sticks inside the bags to create a long pole in order to hit a target, which drops their coloured flag, symbolising the win.

It’s another classical Survivor style challenge, collect materials and then build a giant stick. Whilst it’s not the most intense and physical challenge going around, it does provide us with countless sexual innuendo comments from Jeff.


Lisa, Malcolm, Carter, Abi, Denise and Skupin prepare for the Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

We begin the challenge with Malcolm getting out to an early lead and Denise struggling. Malcolm falls behind as Carter collects his three bags in no time. He’s quickly followed by Skupin, then Lisa (No, I’m not joking) and Malcolm. Denise manages to get back into the challenge after making quick work of the hook, which of course leaves Abi in last place.

I seriously think that the production team should drug test each contestant after a standout performance in a challenge because after her performance in this challenge, I can’t believe Abi won last week. She was never in it and Probst laid into her, making sure everyone knew she was pathetic. She barely managed to reach the beach with her three bags before the challenge was completed.

Back on track, Lisa is the first to try out her stick. She’s just short, opening the door for Skupin and Carter. They to are both short, and have to make some repairs and additions to their sticks. Malcolm gives it a crack and Carter quickly follows. Both get extremely close to the target and try and manoeuvre their stick to drop it. Carter just doesn’t have the strength in his stick and he can’t knock the target down. The same can’t be said for Malcolm, who, after taking his time making the stick, knocks down the target, win’s his first Individual Immunity and in turn, ruins the plan to blindside him and his Idol at Tribal Council.

As the castaways set off back to camp, Lisa further get on my nerves when she gives a confessional about how shattered she is that Malcolm won Immunity because she can no longer “play the game”. Ah Lisa, why not just change the target of the vote and send Denise home instead?

Back at camp, Malcolm begins to relax. In a confessional, he congratulates himself on making it to the Final Four. How so? He has Immunity tonight, and then he can use his Idol to make it through the next Tribal. Whilst he is pretty much guaranteed a place in the Final Four, I wouldn’t be putting pen to paper just yet.


Malcolm is over the moon about securing a place in the Final Four. (Image credit CBS)

Lisa and Skupin chat about the outcome of the Challenge. Lisa is disappointed that Malcolm won, telling Skupin that it must have been “God’s will”. Skupin doesn’t seem too interested in what Lisa has to say as he points out the size of an ant on a nearby tree. Was the Skupin’s way of shutting Lisa up? Or was it an attempt to show us how small every individual is in the context of the world? I’d have to go with option one.

Malcolm and Skupin come together to weigh up their options. The pair agree that they would rather keep Carter around than Abi because he deserves it, whilst she doesn’t. This however is without considering their strategy.

Carter interrupts the pair and pleads the “most deserving case” to the pair, who seems genuinely interested. Carter heads off as Malcolm and Skupin weigh up their decision – play with their heads or their hearts.

Abi does her best to make the decision easy when she starts up yet another argument, mainly having a go at Lisa and Denise. When the argument subsides, Abi confesses to her fellow tribe members, that what ever happens, she’s playing her ‘Idol’ at Tribal.

We get a few confessionals and comments about how annoying Abi is. My personally favourites come from Skupin; “What’s Abi’s mum like?” and “She has every psychological condition mixed into one”. Denise then classifies Abi into her own culture, before Malcolm comes out with another ripper, likening Abi to a Dementor in the Harry Potter Series.

Just before Tribal, Abi goes off to collect her fantasy HII (Hidden Immunity Idol) and Malcolm gives another confessional questioning whether Abi’s story about her Idol is real or fake before hating on her some more – “If Abi goes home tonight, it’s cause she’s a bitch!”

Tribal Council is a pretty bland affair. Penner looks almost exactly the same as the day he left the game. Carter pleads that he is more deserving than Abi, which everyone agrees to, with Skupin going as far as saying that voting out Carter is “almost like voting off my kid.”


Penner’s “non-Survivor look” is very similar to his “Survivor look” (Image credit CBS)

Lisa reveals that she wants to sit next to somebody at the end she can beat, (doesn’t that go completely against her morals?), and then Abi talks up the “fourth Idol” – which conveniently, nobody has seen. Come on Abi, people have believed Idol’s were sticks before, you could have come up with something, even if it was just a rock in your pocket!

Denise and Malcolm go onto discuss that nobody has seen the Idol and Abi hasn’t tried to use it as leverage, leaving everyone questioning whether she really has one. Abi does receive some good news when Denise admits their relationship has “improved” however it is still damaged enough for Denise not to want to take Abi to the end.

Abi then continues to deny she’s bringing tension to the tribe, with Probst then calling it baggage. Abi has absolutely no idea what Probst is trying to say and I believe she thinks he’s calling her fat. After explaining himself to our Brazilian friend, Denise admits Abi can’t win the game and we get to the vote.

I’m totally confused because Carter hardly got a chance to defend himself and Abi again copping a lot of heat.

There isn’t much suspense however, after Carter and Abi’s votes are shown, Carter receives a second vote, thus confirming he’s being sent home.


Carter… the tribe as spoken. (Image credit CBS)

Carter leaves the game with the majority alliance making the decision to take out the bigger threat and to put up with the “Dementor.”

Tonight’s episode did highlight how much of bad edit Carter got. Even in his swansong, he was hardly noticed! He’s now gone down in Survivor history as getting the “Purple Kelly” edit. In his final words, he admits his frustrated by the decision; however, he does see the logic in it.

So there we have it, another episode in the books. I predicted this weeks ago now and now I’m almost sure it’s going to be a Final Two this season. With two episodes to go, there will only be four left after next week’s episode, thus setting up the finale for the usual three Tribal Councils. It’s a small twist in the game; however, if any of the remaining members left notice it, it means Abi is a lot more likely to be taken along for the ride.

This week’s sexual innuendo COMMENTS from Jeff come from his Immunity Challenge commentary. (I couldn’t choose just one this week).

“You need to erect a pole, long enough and strong enough to knock over your target.”

“Malcolm getting close, he’s right on the target!”

With only six people left, there’s no more top and bottom three. Instead, we have a ranking.

1. Malcolm


Malcolm survived a possible blindside and looks set to have booked his Final Four spot. I can’t say much else without repeating myself, however if he gets to the Final Four alongside Denise, Lisa and Skupin, I feel he needs to win the last few Immunity Challenges because otherwise he’ll probably be sent home.

2. Skupin


Takes second spot away from Denise because he performed well in the Immunity Challenge and his son got to visit. His alliance with Lisa seems rock solid so it will be extremely interesting what happens in the next episode. Realistically, one “pair” should align themselves with Abi to take out the other “pair”.

3. Denise


Drops back a spot because she didn’t have much air time in this episode. Her ability to “play” the game gives her third spot ahead of Lisa, as well as her physical capabilities. Can a Matsing member win this game? If so, I bet Mr. Swan will have something to say about it.

4. Lisa


Lisa’s poor physical ability and desire to start playing the game now has her sitting in fourth spot. As the numbers dwindle, it will be interesting to see if she can hold it together and start making the moves she needs to make in order to get to the end.

5. Abi


I feel like she’s been hovering just above bottom spot for several weeks now. She’s like a cockroach that won’t die. Believe it or not, that is a compliment and I’m only referring to her as a cockroach because she refuses to lie down and die. Abi is actually in a very good position, although she won’t get any Jury votes. If she’s smart, she’ll try to align with either Denise and Malcolm or Lisa and Skupin to take out the other pair, gifting her third place.

6. Carter


Carter, Carter, Carter. I can honestly say you are one of those enjoyable characters who suffered from a terrible edit. Unfortunately for you, the one person who won Immunity was the one person who would have spared you from leaving. Carter won’t go down as memorable, however he did play a nice, straight up game.

What the castaway’s and our followers said about the episode.

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Ben’s Opinion


I can’t believe how quickly this season has gone by. It’s amazing. It only seemed like yesterday we were enjoying the opening 90 minutes and now we’re less than 10 days away from seeing who walks away a millionaire. It’s been a fun ride and I’ll be sad to see it end.

One person I won’t be sad to see the end of though is Lisa. I officially dub her the most annoying person on the Philippines. It’s crazy. This woman is the most bipolar contestant I have ever seen. She goes from crying about being there, to working out strategy, to crying about not being ‘her’, to strategy, to crying, to strategy, to crying, to crying, to being happy to see her brother, letting her brother play Survivor for her, crying, listening to strategy from Mike Skupin, claiming her brother is Mike Skupin before crying again and thinking a bit of strategy! My god! MAKE UP YOUR MIND! I would go out on a limb and say Abi is easier to deal with than Lisa right now. No disrespect to Lisa, but come on!

I was sad to see Carter go. My ‘Fabio 2.0’ prediction has just flown out the window, but really wasn’t that surprising. It was surprising for them to take him out over Abi to a point as challenge wise it was smart, but these sort of situations can always bite people on the ass. Abi is a perfect ‘goat’ but you never know how a jury react, so they should be careful. Malcolm surely would’ve been in trouble had he not won immunity, although his hidden immunity I’m sure would’ve seen him safe. As he put it he is guaranteed final four now, and it looks as though Abi would be gone next week if things play out the way they ‘should’. But this is Survivor.

I have to give more props to my man Skupin again this episode. Through showing some real strategic brilliance to providing us with some classic one liners (as well as easily making Lisa shut up with a smooth ‘look at the size of that ant’) the man was the star of the episode. How he wasn’t included in the three ‘players of the week’ is beyond me. Also props to Denise. The woman continues to amaze me and while my heart is rooting for a Skupin win, my head is saying Denise or Malcolm will take the prize. I would be happy if either of those 3 win, and right now I see it almost impossible than one of them won’t walk away a millionaire in just over a weeks time!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Another pretty obvious episode done and dusted. It was built up with so much potential last week, however never really came through – the fire in my street was more interesting after Malcolm won Immunity.

For me, Lisa is now the new Dawn/Holly of Survivor. I can’t stand her, I’d rather Abi stick around than Lisa. Her whole philosophy of “I’m too nice to play this game” is just a load of rubbish. As for her brother helping her play the game, what in the world do you think Skupin has been helping you with for the past thirty-three days!

The family visit wasn’t that great. If I’m really enjoying a season and feel connected to a castaway, I tend to get a bit “little girl like” and feel happy they get to see their family. (Yes I am referring to Micronesia, in particular Parvati and her mum.)

The Reward Challenge itself was fairly average; more mud and knocking more things over. The challenge department is really struggling this season. Sure, they have come up with some new challenges, but they have been no where near as good or exciting as in previous years.

The Immunity Challenge was fairly similar, nothing over-exciting, just a normal Survivor challenge.

It’s about time Malcolm won Immunity. He promised so much in the pre-merge stage of the game that it was a surprise he hadn’t won an Individual Challenge up until now.

The decision to get rid of Carter is smart. Whilst it might cost the final five some respect from the Jury, they have to play smart and Abi is a lot easier to beat in a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I sort of got my wish for a water challenge! Whilst it wasn’t much, at least they had to get wet.

As for the final five, I’m hoping Skupin takes it out. I don’t mind Malcolm; however his arrogance sometimes gets the better of him. Same with Denise, she was great early in the game, but I’m over her now. Abi can’t win, however her antics have basically booked her a place on a future season. As for Lisa, if she wins, this season will drop a long way down in my season rankings.

I was sad to see Carter go; he seemed like a really good kid.

We’re getting close to the business end of the season so next week, leading into the finale, should be good to watch.

I’m hoping for a Final Two, just to change things up!

Lancey’s Opinion


Oh dear, I am not happy with what just went down. For one thing, I’m not sure I can stand seeing Abi-Maria another week, but moreover, I’m disappointed a more deserving and likeable person in Carter was sent packing.

As much as I felt for Lisa in the beginning as we saw how emotional she was, it’s getting a little old. She goes between spilling tribe secrets and weeping about being unable to play the game, to making calculated decisions to further only her position in the game. The conversation had by Skupin, Lisa and their loved ones was pretty painful to watch too, especially as they discussed how HILARIOUS God would be playing Survivor. I’m an atheist, but even so I doubt this God takes time out of his no doubt busy schedule to see what Dangrayne are up to – and how amusing to imagine him PLAYING Survivor?! Wow. Get a grip.
Denise is still my absolute favourite, though I’m not sure who I’d choose to win if it couldn’t be her. As long as Abi-Maria goes next I’ll be content to watch the final four battle it out, but if Malcolm is in the finals I doubt anyone else will have a chance.

At the end of the day, Carter going home is Penner’s fault, given that he didn’t agree to the alliance that surely would’ve secured Carter a fourth place position. Bring it home Denise!

Survivor Re-capper: Christina Cha


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our twelfth special guest is Christina Cha from One World, as she discusses adapting to the ‘hangover’ from One World into Philippines, the loved one visit and the emotions it brings back, Skupin and his son being so alike, Lisa’s game play and realising ‘how to play Survivor’, not being liked out there and how it is to cope with that, the true colours of Denise showing as well as wanting her to give a SHUT UP to Abi as well as all things to do with the ever popular Carter! Christina’s ‘Philippines Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Skupin
NEXT TO GO: Malcolm

Join us next week for our recap of episode 13, featuring another special Survivor guest!

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