Betsy Bolan Interview


As one of the oldest contestants on the 19th season in Samoa, Betsy Bolan never got a true chance to show what she was capable of. A mixture of the losing streak of Foa Foa and the ‘evilness’ of Russell Hantz, Betsy was the third person to go from the game. She still however went down as an early ‘Jeff Probst obsessed’ pre-Dawson player (reunion comments) and was one of the first ever players to be suspicious of the devious ways of ‘evil Russell’. She also tells an interesting tale of her first meeting with Jeff Probst, and quite possibly provides us the best quote we’ve ever heard on this show.


Betsy immediately was on the outs on her tribe, and formed a close bond with Mike Borassi who also was on the outs. After Mike was medically evacuated, Betsy tried her hardest to remain in the game but couldn’t make enough headway and was voted out.

In our chat with Betsy, she talks about how it ‘kills her’ to hear she finished in 18th, her kids being sick of hearing about her time on Survivor, applying 13 times before she was accepted, why she couldn’t stand Ben in the game but loved him out of it, hearing about hints that Russell was given clues to the idols, the holiday to Fiji after her time in Samoa, comparisons to Denise from Philippines and why she is ‘one big muscle’, her interest on why there was a tribal council despite there being a medical evacuation, her fear of phones and trying to track down Shambo as well as why she had to leave the police force and what she wanted for her birthday from Jeff Probst.

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1 Comment on Betsy Bolan Interview

  1. Loved Betsy’s quote about wanting a spanking from Jeff…that was hilarious. Wish she had lasted longer

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