2012 Survivor Oz LIVE Christmas Party!


To celebrate the amazing year that was 2012, we decided to get together Ben & the Ozlets and broadcast our very first live episode and invite some Survivor contestants along for the ride! What followed was the most exciting, surprising and down right hilarious three hours you have ever heard! And now is your chance to relive the entire episode in full!

What happens when you get the host of one of the most popular Survivor radio shows, add in three Australian Ozlets, two American Ozlets and then add an eclectic mix of former Survivor contestants with a mixture of Survivor fans? Well, you get a Survivor Oz Christmas party apparently! Originally scheduled for two hours, the broadcast went well over three with 11 former Survivor contestants joining us live on the air spanning 9 different seasons!

We kicked things off with a chat to Billy Garcia from the Cook Islands, Rita Verreos from Fiji and Yau-Man Chan from Fiji and Micronesia who soon got re-acquainted with each other as well as the Ozlets on the line. After a few questions from the floor, it was soon down to some very interesting discussion, particularly when it came to Yau-Man’s bucket list and a very patient boyfriend on Rita’s end! We were then joined by Tina Scheer from Panama, Kathy Sleckman from Micronesia and Gabon winner Bob Crowley to discuss how they all knew each other as well as their thoughts on the Philippines! There was even more interesting questions being thrown out to all three of them before their time was over! It was then time to connect with One World winner Kim Spradlin, who discussed everything from aligning with Ben  (despite not knowing what he looks like) right through to whether or not she is a better winner than Denise! She even got the opportunity to answer some questions from the fans who called in! It was then on to Sarah Dawson, fresh from making out with Jeff Probst during the Philippines finale! From discussing what he tastes like right through to where her hands were during the interview, it was 80% Jeff Probst lips, 20% extra goodness! From Dawson it was on to our very good friend Gillian Larson from Gabon and John Carroll from the Marquesas to talk about Reality Rally as well as their respective seasons, and we were even joined on the line by the first ever boot in the history of Survivor Sonja Cristopher who just happened to have her Ukulele with her for an impromptu sing-along!   She was even able to tell us about a Good Morning America special that very nearly aired featuring Borneo cast members in a reunion event! Added to this some other fan call ins, Ben disappearing and Lancey taking over as well as some Survivor impersonations, there wasn’t a dull moment in our first ever live event!

To watch it, simply click the link below! You can see the interaction that occurred during the chat and all the fun that was had!

Alternatively you can download the audio file of the entire live Christmas party and take it with you wherever you want to go! Simply click the download button below!

We’ll bring you another live Christmas special next year, and we plan on bringing more live episodes as we enter the new year! Thanks for all your support in 2012 and we look forward to an even bigger 2013!

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