Michael ‘Mikey B’ Bortone Interview


Our 9th ‘fan’ to appear on the show from Micronesia, Michael Bortone, or Mikey B, seemingly thought things were going to go his way right from the beginning of the 16th season. Unfortunately though due to misconceptions and other events, things definitely didn’t go his way and he found himself leaving a whole lot earlier than he ever anticipated. Post game he has gone on to remain very close friends with numerous contestants and is a frequent part of the strong Survivor social scene, and has found success with his very own web TV show devoted to Fantasy American Football. And for the first time ever during an interview, another former castaway and guest on this show makes a surprise cameo appearance!

8DB52E12-BFDA-4D62-9F29-2BB7D0DB067F Forming what seemingly was a strong 7 person alliance, Mikey B assumed control of the fans tribe. However there were cracks in the alliance, with players forming side alliances and perceiving relationships to be more serious than they were, and after the vote out of his apparent ‘showmance’ Mary, Mikey B was next and was sent home.

In our chat with Mikey B, he talks about the bad memories of finishing 17th, how proud he is to be apart of one of the best ever seasons, why he wasn’t excited to see any of the returning players, his tribe being a ‘tribe of misfits’ who ‘didn’t talk’, more on the split vote the night he went home, what was the worst move he made, the truth behind everyone hating Jason, his fantasy football web TV show as well as why the editors of Survivor need hugs today and bringing in a fellow Micronesian contestant for a surprise cameo appearance!

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1 Comment on Michael ‘Mikey B’ Bortone Interview

  1. Henry Kotila // June 6, 2014 at 11:39 am // Reply

    One of my favorites. Should be invited back forsure

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