Mike Borassi Interview


Originally slated to appear on Tocantins, Mike Borassi made it to Samoa after radically changing his physical condition to be prepared. Unfortunately he would not last long in the game, and was one of two medical evacuations from the 19th season. Inside the game it was feared by the producers that he may actually hit somebody, and it turns out that he very nearly caused two contestants to make out with each other in order to create a distraction to kill a fellow tribe mate. Oh what could’ve been…


As part of the struggling Foa Foa, Mike was always on the outs with his tribemates and only really found solstice in Betsy. Illness would get the better of him after a brutal challenge, and he was the second person to leave the game.

In our chat with Mike, he talks about why no Galu members want to talk to us, why he was pulled out of the 18th season in the Tocantins, who was the alternate who got his chance on Tocantins instead of him, why Samoa was ‘the hardest season ever’ and how it is ‘easier’ now since his season, Russ Swan complimenting him while Russell Hantz ‘whinged’ to him, which contestant he came close to breaking the jaw of, how much he would’ve paid for a dry pair of underwear, who he wanted to ‘chop the ankles’ off, why Natalie deserved to win as well as his cooking on the show and which contestant he was glad to see in her underwear.

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