Peih-Gee Law Interview


When it comes to the 15th season in China, it’s often hard to find a single contestant who isn’t memorable. Easily one of the most memorable was Peih-Gee Law, the last remaining Zhan Hu member in the game who battled her way right down to fifth and never gave up. Overlooked for both her physical and strategic game, Peih-Gee rubbed a few people the wrong way and caused some conflict, but in the end she narrowly missed out on a top four place. Turns out she was very nearly on another season, and she also had a bit of food given to her at one point from someone outside the game.


It appeared early on that Peih-Gee was not well liked by her tribe and that she potentially was an early target. However due to forming strong early bonds she was never really in trouble and even found herself attempting to work her way into the Fei Long tribe. She would win a couple of immunity challenges when the going was tough and despite her best strategic efforts, she couldn’t find a way into the final four and was sent home in 5th place.

In our chat with Peih-Gee, she talks about the reasons why China was a good season, why she nearly voted for Courtney instead of Todd on the jury, why she wanted to ‘ring peoples necks’ for not realising Todd was so in control, Amanda blowing it at the final tribal council, why she is usually happier and friendlier but wanted to vote everyone off, not believing how Erik could be so nice, what made her pissed off after the game that made her speak to the producers, James not being able to swim and who had to help him in some challenges, which seasons she watched to catch up on the show before going out there  as well as having her father sneak her food and which former winner rang her personally to try and form an alliance with her for a future season should they be paired up together.

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